Chapter Four: Saved and Punished. The memory of a Mistake, Chain Metal Runner! Called Back to Action.

I looked into the eyes of the Hero Killer, closing my eyes in acceptance of what happened to get me here. I didn't feel the blade pierce me at all. In fact, I heard an impact.

'What the..?' I thought, cracking my eyes open. It was Nemuri. I had never felt so glad to see her. She looked enraged like she could kill that Hero Killer.

"B... Babe! If that fucker cuts ya, he can paralyze you if he can lick it!" I warned.

"Tch! I can kill two birds with one stone... that's good." Stain growled, advancing.

Nemuri smirked, whipping the blade out of Stain's grasp, he unsheathed two combat knives and sped over faster than my eyes could follow.

'GET UP!' I thought, forcing myself to get in the way of Stain's strikes. I felt twin sears of pain against my sides, seeing Stain on the other side of me, holding up a flashbang. He threw it down, I was shielding my eyes.

"Kayama!" I yelled, stumbling over to where I heard her panicked cries of my name. I felt someone grab me as Kayama's familiar scent filled my nose. I fell into darkness.

"This is for your own good, Giri. You have to stop fighting." Kayama crooned gently, patting my face.

I'm stuck on the ceiling again. Shit. How did she even take me out of there? All I remember is passing out… that guy was fast… Too fast.

"Look, babe, that guy attacked me! I did it in defense! I lost my dad today! Babe, please, let me down." I begged.

"Mmm... I love it when you beg." Kayama crooned. A sharp crack sounding from her whip.

I flinched, ecstasy flowing through me.

Of course, I was used to it, I wasn't in the mood.

I summoned my blades, "I'm not in the mood." I growled.

Kayama smirked, "Sorry, Darling, this is still for your own good. I also know your blind-spots. So you can't hurt me with those."

"Dammit, I hate when you're right!" I snapped.

"Stop being so coy, Giri, you're not a nun... considering how dirty you really are in bed," Kayama commented, smiling.

"C-C'mon, if my family finds out about this, they'll never let me live it down! Also, you should be careful, babe." I warned, the ropes untying.

"Expect the unexpected!" I yelled, landing on the floor.

Kayama stared at me in surprised shock, "You can't just cut it all off..." She whispered in shock as I got up and cupped her cheek in my hand, "My turn." I muttered.

I kissed her gently, "You're the one who tears her clothes off intentionally, doll. It's all gonna be alright, I just don't wanna do anything like that. Just get into some more comfy clothes and we can watch a movie or somethin' okay?" I asked.

"Sure," Kayama said, smirking a bit.

I sat in the bathroom, feeling not so normal. I made a mistake.

I tripped into Kayama Nemuri's breasts! I remember stumbling away from her and everyone, bumping into the bathroom door. I was at a party at the end of the year. I still wasn't used to my blades, and they triggered when I saw her. I tripped over them and she was turned towards me.

I could see the headline on the school's paper:

Kenzaburo Giriko, Fourth Year Valedictorian Rising Hero, and Rockstar, embarrassed to death at a party after tripping into Salutatorian Nemuri Kayama's cleavage LUCKY!

I hugged my knees to my chest, my eyes leaking with tears. Imagining the picture under the headline.

"Giriko! Giriko!" A strong, assured voice yelled from the other side.

"Leave me alone, Kan!" I snapped at him.

"C'mawwwn, Giriko! Get out of here!" Hizashi called from the other side.


"GIRI! GIRI! GIRI!" The crush of his fellow classmates roared.

"They're demanding us! C'mon, Giriko, we need our frontman/lead singer!" Hizashi continued.

I huffed angrily, stomping over to the door and kicking it down, "LET'S GODDAMN DO THIS SHIT!"

I stepped out onto the impromptu stage, taking up my guitar, with Kan picking up his and Hizashi taking up his sticks. Aizawa came on with his saxophone. With some other friends with trumpets just in case, it was Full Metal Showtime.

"So! What'll ya have, guys? LET ME HEAR IT!" I yelled.

"CHAIN METAL RUNNER!" They yelled.

I smirked, "IF THAT'S WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS! HIZASHI! AIZAWA! HIT IT!" I yowled, hearing the bombastic drums and screaming sax.

"LESSGO!" I yelled into the mic as my fingers tore up the strings, strumming the chords as my life depended on it.

Chain metal! Chain metal! Free yourself to run!

Towards the sun! Towards the sun!


Roulette spins, casino wins, all are Runners! SO RUN, RUN, CHAIN METAL!

Life is a race, and many lose, but some get back up! SO RUN ON, CHAIN METAL!


The guitar solo, feel the beat, close your eyes. Then...

TWISTED RUNNER! TWISTED METAL! Crush all your limits now...

Now soft, this is a message to Kayama, after all.

Run, toward the future, run towards your love, 'cause... she might just be in front of you...

By then, we'd caused a mosh pit, with people running into each other and head-banging, Aizawa yanked me aside, but due to the crowds, I only heard, "Something something Police." and in my mind, which was added by drink, I yelled.

"FUCK THE POLICE!" Not seeing a cop right there in front of me.

I paled and motioned to Kan to cut it.

He nodded, grabbed his guitar, and smashed it, yelling, "SCATTER!"

We all scattered in different directions, with me coming before a chain link fence.

'I have never climbed a fence like that before!' I thought, waking up at home.

I had a monster of a headache. It seemed our blow-out, the drag-out party was a huge success, which was all anybody I saw would talk about at school.

Kayama stopped me in the hallway, "Your band was so cool. Sorry about the whole 'falling in my cleavage' thing..." she sighed, smiling weakly.

"Uh... no prob? Also give Kan, Hizashi, and Aizawa credit, they were the ones who dragged me into it..." I sighed.

"I'm free on Saturday at eight, if you want to go somewhere," Kayama suggested.

"Wait... are you...?" I sputtered.

"Yeah, I'm asking you out." Kayama teased, grabbing my face and yanking me forwards in a kiss.

All of the people around me and her were freaking out. My blades accidentally triggered on my arms.

I separated faster than light from her, "S-sorry! Did I cut ya?" I asked, checking her face and I saw a small cut on the side of her cheekbone, tiny, minuscule. She gingerly touched it, blushing as her smile was wide.

"What... you..." she breathed.

"AHH! I-I'm sorry! I'll getcha to the nurse!" I yelled.

"You don't have to, here we go..." Kayama said, rubbing some Neosporin on the cut and picked up a band-aid, sticking it on there.

Her blush was intense as I just turned away, my blades fading.

"I- are you into stuff like that?" I asked, a little surprised that she would be into things like... hurting for pleasure.

"Huhuhu... you're so innocent, see you later, we can work on it then!" Kayama called, making me blush again, looking down at the floor.

And that is how we became a couple. She slept against my chest. Snoring softly.

Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

"Peter... no..." I sniffed, tears falling from my eyes as this scene still got me.

"Mmm... you're crying over that scene again..." Kayama groaned in her sleep.

"N-no I'm not! Just got something in my eye!" I snapped, recovering my composure.

"You're a stupid, innocent, dorky, man. That's why I stay with you, 'cause you're so... simple." Kayama said, smiling and looking up at me.

"The reason why I stay with you is that you keep me on my toes, some days you tie me to the ceiling, and other days you don't," I said, smirking wryly.

"That's not the only reason, the other reason is that I'm hot, and you like me for that..." Kayama snarked, smirking just as wryly as I was.

I'd be lying if I said no.

I'd also be lying if I said yes.

"I... stay with you because well, our personalities bounce off each other quite well, and our feelings about each other are mutual." I said in my 'Business' tone of voice.

"Who are you and what have you done with Giriko?" Kayama asked, dead serious, she started to tug at my face. Tickling me.

"Hehe... Cah- Cut it out, babe! I'm- hehe... TICKLISH!" I laughed.

"There you are!" Kayama cooed, laughing and embracing me.

"You're dorky too..." I sighed.

Kayama and I just stayed on the couch and slept there that night, waking up to my phone ringing.

"Yo, Kenzaburo here." I greeted.

"Hello Giriko, it is Enji." A growling voice like a roll of thunder said.

"Enji, I already told you, I'm RETIRED." I huffed.

"Look, we need you back. Or you can just cuddle up with that wife of yours and let your powers go to waste." Enji growled.

"It's not your place to decide! I live how I decide!" I snapped at the phone.

"This isn't just about me calling you back, it's a government order, see you tomorrow," Enji ordered.

I hung up, biting my lip.

'How am I gonna tell her?' I thought.

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