Chapter 1: The Brothers, The Hell Flames of the Future.

Mitsuki Bakugou never expected that she would be the mother of twins. She was over the moon with joy when she found out she was having just one. Now that she was having two bouncing baby boys? She couldn't be more excited! Her husband Masaru was a little more apprehensive about this new development. This new one was yet another mouth to feed, he was excited, sure, but he had to recalculate everything.

The day of their birthday came, and Masaru was dashing to his wife's side, he made it just in time. Mitsuki was holding two small bundles, containing their boys.

"Wanna see them?" Mitsuki asked, her smile was warm, her reddish-brown eyes shining bright. Masaru walked up to the bed, looking down at the two boys.

One was grumpy looking, glaring at everything with a, 'I'm fucking here now, what's the big deal?' glare.

"That's Katsuki," Mitsuki cooed at the balefully glaring one. The other one was smaller, his eyes closed and he was peacefully sleeping. They both had their mother's golden hair and eyes, including the shape.

"That's Renaru, they're cute, aren't they?" Mitsuki asked. Masaru smiled.

"Yeah, they are," he agreed.

That's when Katsuki had enough with being ignored and let out a cry, waking his little brother up, making him whimper and start to sob.

Masaru and Mitsuki glanced at each other and sighed, parenthood is not going to be easy.

Renaru was holding his mother's hand standing in front of the kindergarten with tears in his eyes, he wasn't feeling up to socializing. He clutched his Endeavor plush and hid behind his mother's legs. Mitsuki reached down and petted her younger son's fluffy golden hair, he was more like his father in personality, while Katsuki was the exact opposite, running around with his friends.

"Mommy…? I don' wanna go in…" Renaru mewed quietly. Mitsuki knelt, scooping him up.

She held him, "Katsuki is gonna be there with ya, don't worry about your hands, either, who cares if you get made fun of? You got your brother right there with ya!" She said, kissing her son on the cheek. Turns out that Renaru was born with grip and balance issues, making walking and motor skills difficult to master. He let out a little smile and adjusted his little white wristbands and adjusted his brace straps on his legs.

He was ready to go and seize the day!

I was nervous, watching mommy leave, I didn't want her to go, I wanted her t' stay! Katsuki was mean! He always wanted to play with his friends instead!

It's not fair that he got his quirk first! But screw him! I got a chance too! I looked down at Endeavor.

"Do ya think I'll be a good hero, Endy?" I asked I made him nod.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my little bro! Playing with Endy again!" Katsuki said, standing in front of me and holding out his hand, sparks flared up and I flinched. His other two friends were with him.

"Katsu… can ya stop? Leave me alone!" I squeaked out, my eyes tearing up. Katsuki pushed me down, his friends laughing and spitting on me.

"You'll never, ever, get a quirk. You'll have to get another job like Dad!" He shouted, laughing. I gritted my teeth, my eyes shining with tears, he picked up my Endy and burned it. I started to cry harder, 'why wasn't anyone going to help? Why was Katsu so mean?' I thought, my eyes closed.

I felt something inside my chest, it was a warm, bubbly feeling like when Mommy and Dad would read me stories and do all these happy things. Then it turned into a bad feeling, an angry feeling, something happened and I felt something in my head snap. That's when I opened my eyes, and Katsuki was staring at me with a shocked face. My hand was wrapped in sparks, coming out of my hand in a claw shape. It was really weird and made me feel odd.

It was a sparkling claw, and it wasn't alone. Another one joined it and I giggled. It had a head, too! He nuzzled me and made me smile again. His head was shaped like a dragon's.

"Is this my quirk?! Oh wow! It's awesome!" I gasped when the dragon trumpeted, I pet him and picked up my singed Endy. There were sparks in my hands too, but I couldn't burn anything with them.

Katsu scrambled to his feet, shouting apology after apology. My spirit friend loomed over him, then faded into two masses of sparks in my hands. Whistling out when the others started to gather around me. That's when I found out that my shakiness didn't matter. Mommy had gotten to the kindergarten in no time flat, seeing me and my friend together, he was smaller, blowing small spark rings and watching me draw. My hands sparked but didn't burn anything, shaking like they usually did.

"Mrs. Bakugou, your son Renaru's quirk is interesting, we haven't seen one like it before… it's like his brother's. The only caveats are that spirit and the types of blasts he can emit. He seems to like summoning his spirit and talk to him," The doctor sighed, I watched my little boy through the glass, his smile wide as his mouth was moving, the spirit looked like a humanoid dragon, laying on the floor and watching him draw and talk.

I only hoped that the spirit wouldn't see me or Masaru as enemies… Renaru was such an adorable little guy. To have a quirk orbiting him like that, it worried me. Would he make friends the same way Katsuki does? Would the spirit let him make friends at all?

I went in to see him, the dragon-man looking up at me with a wary stare.

"Ren, who is this?" I asked.

"Oh! Hi, Mommy! This is… Fire of Soul! He's my new friend! I also heard that he can go down into blasts and make 'em do all kindsa things!" Renaru chirped, with the spirit cooing gently. It only seemed concerned with Renaru's safety.

I hugged him tightly, "Sweetie, you should've told me about what your brother did to you…" I sighed.

"I didn't want Katsu to get in trouble…" he sniffed, his glasses fogging up from his breath.

"Shh… Renny…" I soothed, picking him up, Fire of Soul faded into my son's body, his sparks in his hands whistling out.

I carried him out, seeing his singed Endeavor plush. I carried him to the car, with just the two of us because Katsuki was at home getting chewed out by Masaru. He still cuddled the singed Endeavor to his chest, smiling and adjusting his armbands a bit.

It was only a year ago when we found out that he had Quirk Palsy, it was a new sort of science garbage.

Not only did Masaru and I have to drain our bank accounts just to get him those armbands, but it had made our son cry because he didn't understand what was happening to him. All of a sudden we were getting him new eyeglasses, new armbands, everything.

His brother just ridiculed him, and he cried more and more, drew more and more, stayed inside more often than not. Now that he had a quirk… he was so happy. It was his and his alone.

"Mommy?" he asked, looking up at me, I looked at him through the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, Ren?" I ventured.

"Am I gonna be a cool hero? Like Endeavor?" he asked, his head cocked to the side.

"Nah, you're gonna be cooler! He doesn't have a cool dragon spirit, or the ability to shoot blasts like no tomorrow, you're gonna be better than him!" I encouraged, and his reddish-brown eyes widened in excitement.

"Really? Yay! I'm gonna be the greatest hero! I'm gonna be the best! So I can take care of you an' Daddy one day! Katsuki better get ready, 'cause I'm not gonna give up!" he cheered, his spirit, small enough to fit in our five-seater station wagon, appeared next to him, trumpeting calmly.

"Damn right, little man!" I snapped, Renaru's smile was bright and happy. I never wanted that to end for him. Keep on smiling, Ren.

I realized that we had to run some errands, and first was the grocery store. Renaru was holding my hand and walking along with me when we heard the explosion. I thought he'd gone off, but it was in the distance, back outside.

We ran out to see what was going on, and Renaru was hopping on the balls of his feet.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look! Look, it's Endeavor!" he squealed, pointing towards the street. I followed where he was pointing and saw him. He was towering and imposing, his eyes fixed on his opponent. His opponent had some sorta metal quirk and was somehow keeping an equal footing with him.

"Go! Go!" Renaru yelled, pumping his little fists in the air, that bright smile never leaving his face. His eyes shining with glee. I smiled gently, seeing my boy so excited to see his favorite hero duke it out with a villain, and getting an almost front-row seat to the action? Nothing could be better than that, 'good job, Mitsuki! Good job!' I thought, looking down to see my son cheering on his hero.

Endeavor was keeping the villain back with twin jets of flame, but the metal guy seemed to absorb it. He was reflective… It seemed Renaru realized it and he was GONE. My youngest was tearing towards his hero, his spirit flying out and absorbing the rays of heat.

His fist was reared back, cloaked in sparks, I tried to get to Renaru, but of course, the police kept me back. They were just doing their jobs, but damn whoever tries to keep me away from my babies.

That's when the explosion sent us all tumbling with a yell of: "LEAVE ENDEAVOR ALONE, Y'BIG ASSHOLE!" When Renaru's fist collided with the mirror guy, the world just went white, and the guy was on the ground, a huge, twisted glass and metal pile with the actual guy dispelling his quirk.

Renaru was standing, his hand smoking and shaking. His other hand was busy tightening his armband. Fire of Soul stayed right next to him. His shirt was shredded from the force of his blast.

"Oh my god!"

"That kid just ran in!"

"What kinda explosion was it?!"

"Dunno…" The chorus of gathered citizens commented, my panic mounting.

Endeavor forced himself to his feet, striding over to Renaru, and I hoped to get myself over to my baby before Endeavor verbally nukes him. I've heard rumors among my model friends that he was rough and terse.

"Ma'am! Please, get back!" the police officer yelled as I tried to vault over the partition.

"Hell no! That's my baby out there!" I snapped back.

'Please, Endeavor, don't be angry at him, he was just trying to help…' I thought, finally relenting and stepping back, Endeavor could bring Renaru back to me. I bit my lip, trying not to try to vault over again.

I didn't know what happened, all I did was dash forwards once I saw Endeavor go down. I saw my spirit friend right next to me, nuzzling me. My hand shook, and I tightened my bands. I just looked down at it, it was gently smoking. I heard footsteps behind me, "You there," a rough, deep voice said. I turned and saw my hero striding towards me, scowling, he looked so scary. I took my glasses off and cleaned the lenses as Daddy taught me to.

"S-sir! S-sorry for getting in the way!" I squeaked, backing away. Normally I'd be cheering and freaking out. But seeing him all lit up was scary in person! He was taller than Daddy and even Mommy! He put out his flames, smoke curling through the air. I clenched my hands, they were shaking so much, and I was scared. He just… was staring down at me. He knelt, smirking. His shadow was over me.

"You're reckless, but… why?" he asked.

"You… you went down… and I kinda lost it…" I admitted, my eyes looking down at my feet.

"Ah, what's your name?" he wondered.

He wanted to know… my name?! Why would he want to know it?

"M-my name is… Bakugou Renaru, s-sir…" I answered. I felt a weight on my head. I looked up and saw that Endeavor was ruffling my hair.

"You did so well, Renaru Bakugou, I'll be watching your coming career in interest," he said, and I started to cry.

"Y-y-you w-will?!" I gasped.

He smiled and stood up, taking my hand and leading me over to Mommy. I was still crying in joy, I was noticed by my hero! And he was nice to me! Is this what it felt like to be a hero? Mommy vaulted over the partition and tackled me over, her hug tight.

"Mommy! Endeavor's so awesome!" I cheered, but she was crying.

"Don't do that again… please don't…" she sniffed, holding me.

"But I won! Right?" I asked.

"Just don't. Okay?" she snapped.

I went quiet, Mommy was scared… she was still in tears when stating to the police. Endeavor was busy talking with the camera people, trying to keep them away from us.

"Sweetheart, that was dangerous, you could've gotten hurt…" she sighed, we were in the car and driving back home, I cuddled a new Endeavor plush to my chest, my hands shaking.

"But no one was gonna do anything! What if he got hurt? If I hadn't stepped in… Endeavor would've passed away…" I huffed, looking down at my hands.

"Renaru… still, don't be reckless, okay? I want you to follow your heart, but saving lives isn't about giving yours…" Mommy sighed deeply.

"You're wrong, that's EVERYTHING. You give your all because you want to save something!" I snapped, my eyes narrow.

Mommy bit her lip again, silent and looking at my shaking hands.

"I wanna… I wanna be a hero! Not just because I want to take care of you and Daddy! I wanna prove that… that guys like me can be them, too!" I hiccuped.

"Being noticed by my hero… it felt good… like someone finally saw what I could do! Soul and I are gonna do great things! Just watch!" I wiped my tears, and I smiled.

My story begins… now!

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