My Hero Academia Z

The Saiyan Hero! Tenmei Midoriya!

A lone pod streaked across the night sky, looking to many on the planet like a shooting star. To Inko Midoriya, she wished on it.

“Please, let my son live a happy life,” she sighed as little Izuku slept in his crib, not knowing that the pod wasn’t a star at all. It looked like it was getting closer. She immediately shielded Izuku from the crash as the pod slammed into the pavement outside. After the crash, Inko decided to investigate. She carefully skirted the crash site as Izuku cried in her arms. Of course, the little baby was scared by the crash.

The object was a sphere, with a small red window on the front. It was still hot from its journey through the cosmos. The pod soon cooled as Inko heard heartbroken and lonely sobbing coming from inside. The sobbing of a baby that lost his parents. The pod opened as the baby inside still cried. Inko stepped closer as she floated Izuku inside and back up to his crib.

The pod’s lonely occupant looked up at her with adorable black eyes, he had a tail that was whipping around as his legs kicked in the air. His hair was a bright flaming red. She looked into the baby’s pod as he cooed up at her, his legs still kicking. She smiled and picked up the child, seeing a fine red blanket that was under him. She floated it up to the child as he squealed and wrapped it around himself, his smile also adorable as she noticed he already had his teeth in.

“Where are you from, little guy?” she asked, noticing something else in the pod. It was a dual visored device, blue and brand new. She picked it up and took it inside with the little monkey child.

She had a note in her hand that had his name on it, “Tamat?” she muttered as the little one looked up at her and grinned. He smiled as his new and reluctant mother picked him up gently as the sun rose.

“I don’t think that name will work… how about Tenmei?” she asked as the baby laughed up at her. This child was strange, but she had strange things happen to her.

The years went by as Tenmei and Izuku grew up together. The boy ate them out of house and home and was always raring to go when they were just getting started in the mornings. He was cheery, optimistic, but always kept to himself. He kept the blanket, tying it around his waist. The pod was an entirely different story altogether. With government scientists taking it to parts unknown.

“Tenten! Tenten! Get up!” Izuku called to his brother as he was napping up in a tree, tuckered out from his intense training. Tenmei Midoriya was taller now, his hair was long, going down to the nape of his neck as his tail hung lazily downward.

“Mmrr… Icchan…” He snored, opening one of his black eyes and staring down at him.

“It’s time for school, Tenten!” Izuku yelled up at him.

“Shuddup, Icchan!” Tenmei growled, yanking his brother into his grasp as he intensely noogied him.

“H-hey! Stop it!” Izuku squealed.

Tenmei laughed as he jumped off the branch with Izuku in tow, he had his gi on, it was a bright white with a yellow sash around the waist, his uniform shoes were on.

He went inside, “Mornin’ Ma!” he greeted, smiling as Inko sternly put her hands on her hips.

“It’s a good morning, Tenmei. But you’re not going to school dressed in that,” she sighed.

“I know that Mama, that’s why I’mma go change,” he said, running to his room and getting on his uniform as Izuku and Inko waited.

In no time at all, Tenmei was ready. His hair was always untamed and no matter how much gel or combs Inko went through, it always went back to that length. He was a strange kid. He and Izuku walked to school. The day was pretty, the sun shone in the sky, the sky is beautiful it was an indigo and azure color.

“Icchan, you gotta stop bein’ so scared…” Tenmei sighed as Izuku looked up at him.

“H-huh?! What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’m meanin’ that you gotta stop bein’ scared of Kacchan. I know he hurts ya,” Tenmei huffed, his teeth grit in rage as his aura flared gently around him.

“Y-yeah... but I have you, Tenten!” Izuku stammered.

“I’m not gonna be around forever… One of these days you gotta stand on your own. Ya don’t have that… quirk thingy. I have one, even though it’s entirely my body bein’ my body. Icchan, you’re my little bro, but you gotta realize that whatever the hell Kacchan is doin’ isn’t right!” Tenmei pleaded, his black eyes shining in concern for his brother’s safety.

Despite the colorful choice of vernacular, Tenmei was one of the smartest boys in the whole school. He never once cheated or provided answers to anyone else. They came into the class as Tenmei set his bag down, he was in the very back.

“Hey there, Izuku!” a gruff, nail-filled voice growled as an ash blond haired boy loomed over him.

“H-hey, Kacchan!” Izuku greeted in fear as the teacher did nothing.

“Whasthat in your hand? Hero Analysis for My Future thirteen?! HAHAHA! REALLY?! THAT IS STUPID!” he cackled as Tenmei marched over, looming over him.

“Kacchan. Back off,” he growled.

“The hell’s your problem, Tenmei?” he asked.

“You’re picking on my brother. I’d like you to stop before I lose my temper. I don’t wanna get physical,” he growled out, his teeth gritted.

Katsuki’s eyes darted down as he grabbed the ‘blanket’ from off Tenmei’s waist.

Tenmei’s eyes turned a bright gold as he grabbed Kacchan’s head, slamming his own into his, making him drop it. He took it up and tied it around his waist, picking him back up by the shirt.

“You bastard… you don’t. Touch. My. sash,” Tenmei growled as the teacher separated them.


Inko was disappointed in her son, “Sir, Tenmei never once snapped like that…” she said as her son looked like he was going to cry. Mitsuki and Katsuki sat next to each other, with Katsuki’s nose all bandaged up.

“Well, let’s have the offender walk us through what happened… shall we?” the principal said darkly.

Tenmei took a deep breath, calculating his words carefully, “He went up to Izuku and mocked his notebook and I intervened to stop him… I asked him very nicely to stop… then he made a grab for my sash. One second, I was calm… but the next he was on the ground and I was looming over him, picking him up and telling him not to touch it, he then encouraged the pair of us to take a swan dive off a roof… I’m sorry for takin’ the path of violence, but if he thinks violence is the only answer… then I shall take that as his only language.” Tenmei eloquently recounted as Katsuki glared at him and Mitsuki glared at Katsuki.

“You better believe we’re gonna have a talk!” Mitsuki growled at Katsuki.

They left as Inko patted his hand gently.

“And here we thought your record was going to be so clean…” The principal sighed as Tenmei cried, his tail clenched and his nails cutting into his palm.

That resulted in a suspension and Tenmei stayed in his room, training only sparsely. His ennui grew like cancer in his mind. His fire was gone, all of it was gone.

“Tenmei?” Inko asked as she opened his door and saw her son huddled in the middle of his bed, crying pitifully.

“M-Ma? Am I… Am I a monster?” he asked, his tail whipping around.

“What?! No! No way, Tenmei!” Inko said, hugging her muscular monkey child.

“I just… just snapped! I just imagine you or Icchan gettin’ hurt and I just snap! I hear this loud roarin’ in my head and I just explode with power. Like Godzilla's atomic breath… I just explode. Then when I come out of it… everything’s just chaos…” Tenmei sighed as Inko realized that he must’ve been a special kind of whatever he was.

“Have you snapped before?” she asked.

“No… no, not before… but have you looked at how people at school look at me now when I go to get Icchan? I get odd looks, maybe even the occasional heckle. They call me Gojira…” Tenmei sighed.

“That isn’t so bad,” Inko commented.

Tenmei hopped up, grabbing his gi and shrugging it on.

“What are you doing?” Inko asked in a panic.

“Icchan’s in danger! His power is fading!” Tenmei snarled, running out of the house and using his ki to fly over to his brother’s fading power. He got there just as his power was gone somewhere else.

“How the heck is he so fast?” Tenmei wondered aloud.

“Lord Freeza! We have a report on the Saiyan survivor on Earth!” a man with teal skin and green hair reported.

“Oh? Speak, Zarbon.” the being known as Freeza said.

“His power has spiked, past what we thought our scouters could scan!” Zarbon informed, shaking externally and internally.

“He will soon know what true power is… that damn prince and his brother… and all of those stupid heroes on that planet…” Freeza laughed as his red eyes shined in the artificial darkness.

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