I woke up to Mei bustling about, with about twenty of her 'babies' in my dorm. She was bobbing and weaving around it all, working quietly. She looked up from her work to see me rubbing my eyes with jerky steps and shaking hands. I blinked, grabbing my glasses and putting them on.

"Morning! Hope y'don't mind my babies!" she chirped. I looked at all of them in veiled shock. How many does she have in total?! I mean, she's prob'ly gonna blow my dorm to hell and back!

"Can these blow up? Please don't tell me that they can!" I demanded.

"What? No, silly! These are the costumes for the hero department! Here!" she said, tossing a case at me marked with ARS HER: FoS.

"That's yours! And your sleeves can be used with it, in fact, I put the blast boosters into the gauntlets... but wait... how does your arsenal work?" she asked.

"I just yell out what 'shell' I'm using... like C-4, Minefield, and even Missile! I gotta charge up a sweat for the sparks, hence the tank gauntlets," I explained.

"Ooo... I like your style, Renaru!" she complimented. I blushed and smiled sheepishly.

"W-well... you learn to adapt..." I mumbled. I found her to be feisty and adorably hard-working. The way she got so excited when it came to all the support items she made was cute, but I was a little guarded this time. I put on my hero suit, which consisted of a black bodysuit and silver gauntlets to protect my lower sleeves. The tanks closed over them, siphoning sweat from them with small funnels.

What went over it was a long orange duster coat with metal pauldrons. It was lightweight and durable. The real attraction was the thick goggles that went over my eyes, shaded to assist with the blast glare. Also, my thin earphone-like protectors that went over my ears to protect from the sound.

I still could hear through them, it was just adjustable, it would listen for the coming blast and adjust accordingly. My hands still shook, barely noticeable by looking at me. I still couldn't use chopsticks, but I could write much better than usual. Mei smiled and smoothed my sleeves out.

"How does it feel? Feels good, yeah?" she asked.

"Yeah, thanks... Mei," I said. I liked her more as a friend, like Ibara and Tsu. Fate has a very roundabout way of bringing me romantic partners... or my future one, anyway.

I stretched, my muscles straining, the aching pull of stretching muscle comforting. Today was the Battle Training, and due to my condition, they let me show up early. I didn't go through the battlefield, I'd know too much with that information. I had my goggles on my forehead and my tanks on. I already felt some sweat pool in them. I smiled, seeing the others show up, with All Might at the head of them.

"Young Renaru! Hello!" he greeted.

"All Might, everyone, hey," I greeted. Katsu and Kirishima showed up.

Katsu put his hand on my shoulder, "You alright, bro?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah,"

"You got your stretchy strap, right?" he asked.

"Uhm..." I faltered off, Katsu took it out of his pocket and deposited it into my hands.

"Sleeves off, go stretch," he ordered. I went off to the side, removing my tanks and boots, sliding the sleeves off my legs. I looked around and placed the strap on my foot. *Krrr...* it stretched out as I laid back. I laid there for about five minutes. Then switched to the other leg.

"Uhm... excuse me?" a female voice asked, I looked up to see a girl with dark hair tied up in a ponytail, her eyes were a shining silver and sparkled in the light. I reacted by hurriedly pulling my sleeves back on, beet red and stowing the strap away.

"Yes? What is it?" I asked.

The girl smiled, and I felt my legs turn to jelly, my words died in my throat. She got a concerned look on her face.

"Are you okay? Why were you doing those?" she asked, motioning to the small indent on the grass where I was laying only seconds before. My face heated up even more.

"W-well... I have Quirk Palsy..." I mumbled, and she cocked her head to the side.

"It's something like a quirk-related disability, due to my blasts, my hands shake. That's not all, my leg muscles tighten and I want them to get loose. That's why I stretch. 'S nothing to be afraid of, it's not hereditary, it's just something that happens," I sighed, shrugging. The girl smiled again, and my whole body melted into jelly. She was extremely pretty, but what she said next was what sealed the deal for me to become her friend.

"I don't think that it's bad," she dismissed.

"My name is Bakugou Renaru!" I responded, blurting it and flinching a bit.

"Yaoyorozu Momo," she answered, shaking my hand in her dainty, but strong hands. I was smaller than most of the kids in the class. Hell, I was downright scrawny. No matter how much I ate, I still was scrawny. That's how things were. It turns out that Momo and I were partners for this. I was jittery and nervous, she was radiant and I was more like a piece of roughed-up, broken, and shattered a diamond.

"Renaru, your brother is simply villainous sometimes..." Momo sighed, I nodded.

"Yeah, he's a hardass, I gotta admit it... say, y' wanna hang out after school? My friend Mei's prob'ly gonna be up until the crack 'a dawn jus' workin' on buncha equipment," I sighed.

"I don't have much in the way today, I'd like that, Renaru," she agreed. I felt a shock of something go through my system. A spear of excitement hit my chest. I was over the MOON. Our opponents were Kirishima and Ashido, with us being the villains.

"So... Renaru, tell me why there are a bunch of small balls floating around," Momo asked.

"Those are thermo detonator shells... I'm figurin' that Kirishima's gonna be the fighter, while Ashido's gonna come in from the back or sides, so I got some C-4 Shells lining the hallways to the east, west, south, and north, if they're lucky, we'll have to dance with 'em," I said. Momo nodded.

"You seem to have things on lock," she said.

"What can I say? I'm jus' a bit... cautious," I 'pressed' my thumb into the 'detonator'.

  • BABABABABABABABABABABA... BOOOOOOOOOOM!* Explosions ripped the hallways apart, with Kirishima and Ashido raging through the blasts, only a little bit singed. Kirishima and I clashed, with my tank blocking a hardened fist. I countered with an explosive kick, sending him backward. Momo was busy with Ashido, and I threw a grenade shell their way.

Ashido parried it back, I had to act fast, if that went off, the minefield around us in the air would too!

"Get down, Mo!" I yelled, pushing her down, taking the blast myself, my coat got singed and I landed on top of her, shielding her from my dumb chain reaction. She looked up at me as I was doing so. Kirishima and Ashido did the same with him shielding her. I forgot how many thermo shells I placed, and I screwed my eyes shut, holding Momo tightly.

I lost, all because I was too cautious. I made a mistake that almost got Momo, Kirishima, Ashido, and even I, killed. I started to sob, unable to take any more feelings of self-loathing. It was my fault that my classmates and new friend almost died. I was too soft, too pure-hearted, I couldn't bear to see anyone die. Endeavor was cold and aloof, not sticking around for too long.

I was still sobbing when we left, barely able to see through the rain of tears clouding my eyes. I couldn't be a crybaby. I dried my tears, "I made a mistake, but I'll learn and grow stronger... break my limits, shatter them, and tackle them again with all I have! I wanna be strong, I wanna surpass my limitations! I swear... by my shaking hands, by my unsteady feet and untapped potential... I'll be that hero!" I vowed with all my heart.

Momo smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"Before creation comes to ruin, yeah? So let's go, partner!" I declared. Momo giggled and took my hand. That was the beginning of our long and storied history... well, I hoped it ended up that way...

I didn't know what to think about Renaru Bakugou. Something about him interested me, something about that friendly smile and cute shyness drew me to him. Normally, I was cool, calm, and collected. Around him, being as gusto-filled and truly limitless as he is, I felt butterflies. He truly never let his condition hold him back. He was better than his brother.

His brother was currently shocked to see his brother even more confident and even more assured.

"You okay, bro?" he asked.

Renaru's smile was bright and his positivity radiated off him in waves, "Yep! I'm alright! That was scary..." he sighed, laughing sheepishly. His brother grabbed him by the shoulders.

"Don't do that again, idiot! You almost got everyone in your group killed!" He snapped.

"Okay..." he sighed.

"Look, you can't just expect everything to go right, got it?" Katsuki sighed.

"Yeah... but..." Renaru faltered.

"But nothing! An' Ponytail, stop starin'!" He snapped at me. He led his brother off, with Renaru breaking away, coming back to me.

"Hey, you didn't get hurt, didja?" he asked, grabbing my hands and checking my arms and legs, making sure that he didn't hurt me. I shook my head and he smiled.

"Good! Man, I got a little scared there... It was loud, right? Sorry, shoulda told ya to cover y'ears..." he sighed, leading me inside alongside the others, who were talking excitedly about the training. We went into the locker rooms, as I was changing, one of the other girls, Ashido, came up to me.

"So, what's up with you and Renaru? You two together or something?" she asked.

I blushed, "No, we aren't, but... it felt nice when he protected me," I admitted.

"Oh wow! He's cute!" a floating uniform chirped, her name was Tooru Hagakure. I didn't nod, I knew he was cautious but braver than most of the other boys. The way he just pushed me down and covered me without a thought of his life being in danger made me feel odd. I felt so bubbly and nervous when that happened.

I went back to my dorm, changing out of my uniform after a shower. I was a little excited about this, it wasn't often that I was... what's the term? 'Asked out?' Yes, that's it. I heard a knock on my door.

I stood before Momo's door, after an hour or two of me trying to find her room, Ibara decided to bail me out, seeing as they were neighbors. My dorm was sparse of all of Mei's 'babies', so I was on my own again. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad that I indulged in taking a shower and washing the plaster and dust out of my hair and sticky sweat off my body.

The door opened, and I saw her, she was dressed casually like I was. Her hair was up in her usual ponytail. She looked great, I smiled shakily.

"Shall we?" she asked.

"Uhm... sure!" I said, taking her outstretched hand. I was yanked along behind her.

"So... where are we going?" I asked. We were on the sidewalk, going towards the train station. I wasn't comfortable, but the train ride was nice.

"See, my house is just over past the stop after this," she explained, I'd never been on a train for long, Mom usually kept things relatively routine for me, because I felt scared and confused when there wasn't one. I clung to Momo like a life preserver. I didn't mean to, it was just instinct.

The train came to our stop, and we got off. The whole neighborhood around us was a complete one-eighty from the rest of the ride over, there was a metric shit-ton of mansions and villas, all parsed out into their subdivisions. I was completely out of my element. Momo seemed so calm.

"It's okay, Renaru," she assured. I trusted her, she was gonna be my partner, after all. If only I knew what it meant to her. We came to a stop in front of a huge man- No, it was practically a PALACE compared to my house. It had Momo's last name printed on a nameplate on the front gate.

My mind went on overdrive, gawking at all the luxury, Mom only made enough cash for us to live comfortably, and I never asked for any luxuries I knew she couldn't afford. Seeing that Momo had an excess? It made me a little intimidated, to say the least.

My friend led me up the front steps into the house, where a butler was waiting.

"Miss Yaoyorozu, your parents are waiting in the living room," he said.

"Thank you, Gensho," she responded. I paled, I've never seen actual servants, let alone a butler before. It was like I crossed into a parallel world far removed from anything else. Momo seemed to get nervous, turning to me.

"Can you take your sleeves off?" she asked.

"What? No! I'm not... I'm not..." I faltered off, Momo sighed and opened a door that led into a spacious living room. I saw two people sitting patiently on the couches, and... MOM?! She looked up at us, and I offered a weak smile. Mom responded with a small smile and motioned to the cushion next to her. I sat down, looking at the pair of people that Momo sat between.

The man was intimidating, tall and imposing, but his features relaxed into a smile.

"Alright, now that everybody's here... let's get started," He said. It turns out that Momo's dad was pretty casual despite his hard disposition. Her mother regarded me coldly.

"Now then, this agreement shares our assets with your assets, sealed through the union of Renaru and our daughter," Her mom explained, and we gasped.

"What?" I gasped out, my hands starting to shake in fear, I couldn't make them stop. Momo paled, looking down at her legs, finding them intensely interesting.

"Renny... please," Mom soothed.

"But- But... Mom, you can't be serious..." I mumbled. Mom looked downright pitiful, the same woman who told me I could be a hero without a crutch to fall back on going back on her word. I felt used, I felt broken.

"Am... am I just a bargaining chip?" I whispered.

"Baby, no... this was in the making for a long time," Mom sighed.

"I... I... Okay, I'll do it, but it'll be on my terms," I determined.

"These terms aren't yours to decide, boy," Momo's mom interjected harshly.

I flinched when she raised her hand, flashes of when Katsuki and the other bullies did the same to me went spiraling through my mind. I felt my hands spark. I held fast, if she wanted to split hairs, then so be it, I'll destroy her! She's just another roadblock I have to bash out of my way. I glared at her, not saying a word, we left on tense terms, but Momo came out with us, standing off to the side. Mom engulfed me into her arms.

"I'm sorry, Ren... I'm so sorry..." she sniffed.

"Mom. It's okay, I said I'll become a hero no matter what, and that's what'll happen, I promise that I'll love Momo eventually..." I sighed quietly.

"I know you love her, the way you two look at each other, I can tell, Renny-pie," She assured.

"I just... don't wanna force it..." I sighed.

"Then don't, take your time, it's easy enough," Mom assured, hugging me tightly. I smiled and joined Momo, taking her hand with confidence. I was gonna be a hero, and to be a hero, you have to make changes in stride! I just wanna get through this with our new relationship intact, as sudden and odd the circumstances were. Momo was now Mrs. Renaru Bakugou.

"So... where to?" she asked.

"I wanna show you something amazing... close your eyes real quick! I brought it with me... so, here!" I pushed a piece of paper into her hands. I drew her, just a portrait, because of my photographic memory. She opened her eyes and unfolded the picture.

"See? I got ya exactly right! Wait... Mo? Are you crying?" I asked she was, she held the picture tightly and embraced me right then and there. She was sobbing, low and gentle, I hugged her back.

"Hey... we'll find a way through this, I know we'll become amazin' heroes! We'll rub it in yer mom's stupid face! Momo, c'mon... let me see that smile," I sighed, she gave me a shaky one, and I smirked.

"That's good enough, Mo... don' sell yerself short again, got it? You're awesome, and I know this is sudden, but... we got the rest of our lives to figure this shit out," I sighed. We separated, with Momo relieved. Change is spontaneous.

We ended up with our own house, courtesy, or discourtesy of her father, who understood Momo and I's reluctance. We were just hormonal teenaged kids thrust into a quirk marriage just because we showed some compatibility. It was better me than my brother, he'd be too abrasive and rough. She needs someone gentle, set in his ways but also willing to compromise.

That's when I realized that she was more inclined to show her affection in public, not that I minded, but the more I woke up alongside Momo every morning, the more I realized how much of a match we were. She never once looked unhappy with me. I always was a good supporter, I never once decided without her input, we learned that marriage was a lot like a partnership.

So, since it was the weekend, and we settled in after battle training, I was tired. I staggered in, ditching my lower sleeves and laying down in her gigantic bed. The indents were mostly in the middle where Momo would curl around me. Class 1-A didn't know about our... 'union' yet, and that was better that way. I was wrapped in the blankets, my head poking out slightly.

I fell asleep, and I didn't notice a few prying eyes come up to the door, the person was my big brother Katsu wondering why my dorm was empty alongside Momos. I woke up to see him waiting.

"Eep! Ka- Katsuki! Uhm, it's uh... nice to eh... see you?" I squeaked.

"Uh-huh. Why the hell are you in here?" he asked.

"I sleep here, duh!" I snapped. I was much more ballsy when I was sleepy. He nodded but looked around a little closer. Momo and I had brought a lot of our stuff around to make the transition easier. Katsuki smirked balefully when he heard the front door open. I flinched, Momo and Mom talked on the phone a few days ago, even Momo called me Renny-pie now!

'Don't you DARE say it, Momo! Call me sweetheart or honey, not that dumb nickname!' I thought, she walked through the house.

"Renaru? Sweetie? I'm home!" she called. I breathed a sigh of relief. Katsuki sputtered out a laugh. Momo came into the bedroom to see Katsuki rolling on the floor and laughing up a storm.

"EHHHH?! Bakugou?! What're you doing here?!" she gasped.

"Aw hell... aw fuck... the rumors are true... y'all are a COUPLE! PAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. We just glared down at him. He shot up to his feet.

"So... walk me through it, Mom arranged this with her Mom, you two are married, and expected to pop out a kid with a composite of Arsenal and Creation?" he summed up.

"Yeah, that's the long an' short..." I sighed.

"Also your mother gets part of the company," Momo concluded. Katsuki knew what it meant, he grew withdrawn.

"Katsuki? What's the matter?" I asked.

"Ren... It's about Dad," he sighed.

"Yeah? What about him?" I wondered.

"Remember Grandpa? How obsessed he was with us?" Katsuki asked. I vaguely remembered him, all I do remember is that he always wore a black suit, and had a weird voice. Katsuki rallied himself.

"Grandpa killed him. Mom's been tryin' to make ends meet for years... it was either bring a murderer into our lives or marry one of us off... seein' as how you were wooing the ladies like it was goin' outta style, the choice was obvious," he sighed, and I felt my emotions drop like a stone.

"I... I..." I sniffed, my tears coming down my cheeks. I wiped them away, Dad would want me to soldier on. Katsuki hugged me tightly.

"Sorry... but Mom thought hiding it from ya was the best course of action... To make it seem more... natural," He sighed.

"I get it," I concluded, my smile shaky and small. I wanted to make the best of this, I knew that Momo and Katsuki were my closest friends. Every step I take is another to my future.

I knew that it was gonna be hard, no one said it was gonna be easy.

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