15 Cosplay wig tips!

~1 Get a wig that is fluffy! It's easier to style if it's a spiky like Deku or Bakugou.

~2 Get a Styrofoam or plastic head. It's easier to style if it's on a head figure. Trust me I know.. I still don't have one...So hard...

~3 When your buying a wig be sure to see the comments. Make sure your buying from a trustworthy company.
~4 When your done styling the wig on the plastic head, put it on your head and style the wig to your head.
~5 Make sure you don't cut the wig until it's styled to your head. You don't want to cut it too short.
~6 Go for heat-resistant fiber, so you can style it and re-use for other cosplays.
~7 The less shiny a wig, the more natural it will look.
~8 If your wig is long, use detangler spray to keep it from tangling. Mane and tail is a popular product.
~9 Most wigs, you have to style at least the bangs yourself. To get a natural look, you can't just cut straight across. You angle the scissors and cut upwards. I recommend watching videos.
~10  Wear a wig cap to keep it cleaner.
~11 If you need to get out some product, don't use just any shampoo/soap. Use something intended for wig hair.
~12 Clean your wigs by gently washing with cold water. This is sufficient for everyday dirt etc. But wigs stay pretty clean if you wear a wig cap.
~13 You can sew 2 wigs together for volume.
~14  Recommended vendors:

-for lowest price: Taobao, Aliexpress -Amazon -for quality: Arda

~15  To brush wigs, use wide tooth combs.
 I hope that helped any beginner cosplayers!
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