This doesn't go for everyone, but it's kind of annoying how a lot of the Fandom thinks Deku is weak. Not in a power kind of way, but in a emotional way. I've seen some posts where people write off Deku as not being about to do muh for himself and getting mad at him for crying a lot, but cut the guy some slack. It's also kinda irritating since Deku's done a lot of things. 

1. He managed to save Uraraka at the beginning and destroyed a 0-pointer

2. Managed to fight against Bakugo and finally stand up for himself

3. Attacked the sludge villain when pros stood bye and tried to wait it out

4. Formulated a plan at the USJ to help himself and 2 other students

5. Jumped infront of the Nomu to save All Might, and saved him in the end

6. Took on Stain for a long time, all on his own before Todoroki arrived

7. Passed the Provisional Licenseing Exam

8. Defeated the Gentle Criminal

9. Mastered a small amount of Blackwhip in a couple of months

10. Took on Muscular, alone

11. Made a plan to save Bakugo without fighting any villains

He's done so many good things without letting his emotions compromise him and it's irritating so see people act like all he ever does it cry.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

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