I was going over the character extra pages, and I realized a couple things.

First, that Tensei Iida is the exact same age as Present Mic and Aizawa, and he went to U.A., which means there's a 50% chance that he was in the same class as they were. I've seen this acknowledged in Tumblr posts or whatnot once in a while, but I feel like there's a lot of potential there for fanfics, fanart, and headcanons. Also, the three of them would have been first years when Tenya was born. Tenya would have been two when they graduated. Can you imagine Tensei showing them photos of his chubby baby brother, and then fourteen years later Tenya stalks into high school as a strapping young lad. That's why Aizawa looks so tired all the time. He feels old.

Second, Aoyama and Monoma apparently share a love for fine cheeses and French culture. They have also both brought wine glasses to school at some point and love fashion. If only Monoma could get over the fact that Aoyama is in the Wrong Class, they could be unstoppable. It would be a stylish nightmare. XD XD