Chapter Four: Creation It was 10 at night, and the costume needed to be submitted in 3 days from tomorrow, so I had roughly 80 hours to create my costume. Walking downstairs into the lab, it took up the entire basement, I was reminded of why the written test was easy. I had equipment and tools well above state of the art, created by me, with some help by Akko and Akkotu. “Akkotu! Code word create.” I exclaimed. A monitor turned on in the corner, the basis of all the technology here working. “Voice ID confirmed.” A feminine voice said, “Welcome back Ueto!” “Good to be back. We need to make a hero costume suitable for my needs.” “Agreed, UA is a difficult school, it will need to be resilient.” I sighed. “I thought we agreed not I go through each others stuff?” I asked, “Or would you like me to go through your files?” “Apologies Ueto, it won’t happen again.” My only complaint is that she has a nosy side, I shouldn’t have allowed that in her program. “Let’s go over the requirements,” I said, pulling up a 3D list that had speech to text. I gave it a little 3D pencil to look like it was writing itself. “It’ll need to be able to withstand say, 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. My sleeve today curled up a bit, it’s fire-proofness is old and not working as well as it did new.” “But Ueto, right now you can only produce 3,065 degrees.” She countered. I’m glad I put doubt and reason into her. “Who’s to say I won’t get better? It is UA after all.” “Moving on!” I said, starting to pace, “It also has to have openings to touch, mainly my limbs.” Akkotu was quiet for a bit, and I was about to reboot her right before she came back. “The mites should be in good use for that.” She said. I thought about that. Mitosis bots, or ‘Mites’ were similar to fictional ‘nanotechnology’. They were each about one millimeter around, shaped like a twenty-sided dice, and could be controlled with thoughts. There were 7 control units that if one were stuck on or in someone they could control them. I had 2 implanted into me, one behind by jaw and the other at the back of my brain, where thoughts go in and out. They themselves could ‘reproduce’, hence mitosis. They have a reaction time of 0.00007 seconds to my thoughts, they practically do it without me asking. They have tiny little machines inside of them that could produce more if there was energy. They could go wind mode, solar mode, or both. If I were wearing them as a t-shirt, in wind mode, and if I was moving around a lot, they would be powered by the wind flowing into them. If they were in solar mode, they would take in energy via the sun via almost microscopic solar panels. Having both is good if I’m walking around in the sun. They only reproduce if they receive a message from me to do so. They have an ultra-thin layer of synthetic diamond, so they’re practically indestructible, good for a cover like armor. Making the original was a pain. I had to use special microscopic tools to make it, and to use them, I needed a microscope to do all the work, which kept poking my eye. Another thing is that they have a camera and a screen on each of the sides, and the camera on one side projects what it sees on the other. This makes it invisible, more or less. The thought process per can also send directions to the screens, telling it what to project. It can make me seem like I’m wearing a 300 dollar jacket, when I’m only wearing weird little robots. Being metallic, they might hurt, but they also have the ability to change the texture. So the outside will be harder the steel, but the inside will be velvet smooth, but I’ll wear a tank-top and shorts just in case of an EMP or something like that. “Alright, so I’ll use them as armor, stealth, and weapons. I can use them to open up only what I need to hit. Create enough for a 5 layer skin suit.” “Alright,” She replied, a machine on the other side of the room started to numb, “Do you feel like Robert Downey Junior yet?” I chuckled at that, “This is only for the money. And his design was flawed, I won't cover the head unless necessary.” “You used to want to be a hero,” She countered, “That’s why you created the mites in the first place.” I sighed. That was true. Before the incident, I already had plans to apply to UA. “People change.” I said. “I changed.” “B-” She started, but I cut her off. “We still need to finish the designs. There’s no time for small talk.” “Hmm…” Was her reply. “The mites need a base on my body that's open enough to reproduce.” This would have to be discreet, just because people don’t need to know my secret. “How about a watch?” She pulled up a design similar to that of something you might find at a discount store. The only difference was that there was a flame symbol on the back. “Take out the symbol, and make a negative space of my initials in bold. Then make it seem as if it’s filled with a bronze alloy.” The 3D projection twirled around, then stopped with my adjustments. This would all be only what the mites would be projecting. Without any projection, it would just look like a lot of small black and red pebbles in the shape of a watch. Just then, the machine in the corner stopped humming. This was the reproduction chamber. Instead of using wind or solar, the mites also had a charging station that could make them reproduce much faster. I had a surface area of roughly 61,000 cm, so I would need 600,000 mites for the first layer. Total I would roughly 2,500,000 mites for the suit. The machine already knew that thanks to Akkotu. There were millions of them lying there in their chamber. “You know,” Akkotu started, “It might be nice to make the chamber portable. You could have it as a gauntlet as some sort.” “Hmm,” I started thinking about that. The mites are surely to be destroyed, and there are situations where I would need to be lying still in the dark, and I can't just blow on them for energy. “But I can’t just have it on my arm the entire day,” I countered, “It’d draw too much attention.” “Use the camera projection method and make it invisible.” “No, that takes a constant neural transmission. I’d need to be thinking about it all day.” Akkotu went silent again after that, but not for long. “What if you program me into your control implants? I could be sending constant feed to the mites to be staying unseen.” “In theory, but that’d mean I’d have you nagging at me all day.” I was disliking the fact that this idea would work, “And couldn’t I just cheat off the tests with you? That’s definitely against school policy.” “You don’t need to cheat.” I hate it when she’s so obviously right. “Fine.” I gave in, the pros outweigh the cons in this situation. “You can jump in. How long will that take you?” “Maybe an hour or two.” She became silent, and I knew she was uploading herself into my control chips. Whatever, I needed to start working on the gauntlet. It would reach from my elbow to the bases of my fingers. Just a long fingerless glove. I was installing a 3D projector onto the back of the hand when Akkotu popped into my head. ‘How do I sound Ueto?’ Her voice was in my mind as clear as mine, if not more so. ‘Fine, but don’t startle me like that, I almost messed this up.’ At least this way she can help me go to sleep with calm music. ‘What if I want not soft music?’ She inquired. ‘This is going to get annoying. Nevermind that, let me concentrate.’ In another hour, I had finished the charging gauntlet. It would plug into the wall via a cable, which I would also make invisible, and reproduce the mites even faster than the last one. Trying it on, I tested out the projector. It fit snug on my right hand, but what shocked me is what popped up off the 3D imagery. It was a schoolgirl with the UA uniform, around my age, blonde with pigtails, blue eyes and a round face. She was only a couple inches tall, but she looked up at me with striking intelligence. ‘Akkotu?’ I thought. “Yep!” She replied both in my head and with a voice coming from the speaker I installed, it was a younger version of the voice I originally gave her, giving her a charm that I didn’t want. I installed that for movies and TV’s, not for AI programs to speak to me through. I sighed, knowing that there was no debating this. She’d been nagging for a projection for a long time, and I guess she’d been making her own the whole time. “I win!” She thought and yelped, and began skipping around, grinning happily. ‘Just don’t let anyone else at school know,’ I ordered her, ‘They don’t need to know my intelligence untill they’ve earned it.’ She just nodded and kept skipping. I turned back to the gauntlet. It could hold half as many mites as I would need for for half a layer of my suit, 300,000 of them. Maybe this was too much. Now it was like I had two quirks. But haven’t I already spent my whole being crazy-smart, and having a crazy-strong quirk? This was just upgrading both. ‘Just use the suit to the bare minimum when doing training. This’ll help you become a better real hero.’ I think I’ll just call this ‘thought-said’, when she speaks and thinks to communicate with me. “I’ll make a scale of power I can use to give to the teachers so they can judge how far I should go for certain excersises.” After testing out the suit and the mites, we made the list from least powerful to most;

1 - Mites being controlled only for the suit and able to open up to my hits. Their strength being normal, but the extirior texture cold steel. The mites would have a basic projection for the suit colors.

2 - Above & Mites being able to reproduce by themselves.

3 - Above & Mites being able to reproduce via charging gauntlet.

4 - Above & Mites being able to help with my strength stamina and speed via pushing specific spots themselves.

5 - Above & Mites being able to project any sort of thing on their screens, or becoming ‘invisible’.

6 - Above & Mites being able to become sharp as diamonds.

7 - Above & Mites being able to become weapons and armor.

After we finished the list, nature called. I headed upstairs to the first floor, and squinted my eyes as sunlight had filled the room. What time is it? ‘Eight in the morning, we’ve been down their for 10 hours.’ Came Akkotu’s new voice. Wow. That long? I knew that a few of the updates and all that took a while, but thats almost half a day. “I was beginning to wonder if you were alive down there.” Said a voice to my left. I turned around to see Akko at the door with a tray of waffles and sausages. I forgot that I had locked the door to the basement. “Sorry about that, forgot about the door.” I scratched my head sheepishly. Just let me pee already. He nodded, motioning for me not to worry about it. He set the food on my nightstand. “You seem happy,” He remarked, “You were always happier when you had a good project. How’s the costume going?” I suppose this would be a good way to test the suit. Akkotu, full body with mimic. ‘Right away!’ As the mites spread lightning fast over me from the gauntlet, set in invisibility mode, I got a rush of dopamine. This is what felt like presenting to someone that I was a hero. In a matter of seconds, I had become an exact replica of Akko, all but his food, which started to smell good from the dresser. This was another function of the suit, I could look like anyone or anything thanks to the projectors. I’d just have to have seen them whether on a screen or real life. He was in awe of what I had done, and to an extent, so was I. It didn’t take much work, but it was a sense of satisfaction to create this. This was my next step in becoming a hero.

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