Chapter Three: Shock & Awe The message appeared on my PC in the middle of the night. I was skimming the alumni list of UA. None of them appeared to have graduated from an Ω class. Not even from last year. Strange, must be a new sort of thing. It makes sense. If villains wanted to hurt the superhuman society, UA would be the place. It’s the heart of the next generation. You’d want a secretive class of the better kids, showing of the other ones, making them seem like the best. The message appeared suddenly, and All-Might appeared on my screen. I never liked All-Might, he was too flashy, too confident. Great hero nonetheless. After he told me what I had already heard from coach, he started talking about the elephant in the room. “But,” He started, his smiling becoming forced, “You caused severe trauma to one of your classmates before the optional test had even started. We had to have an emergency meeting with all the other teachers to discuss your possible expulsion from class 1-Ω. We later reviewed the video tape, and something peculiar was noticed.” Security cam footage popped up on the screen. It was the Ω test-site scene. I was walking away from the group, and the little guy ran up to me. Before I threw him, I noticed something happening in the group staring at us. The girl with the pink highlights had closed her eyes and raised her hand in my direction. Too late, after the flip, the teacher snatched her hand. Then the screen went back to All-Might. “Her name is Yagi Iemitsu. She has the ability to influence other people’s emotions.” So that’s it. I thought I felt something strange. All-Might cleared his throat, “So the other teachers and I have come to a decision. You and young Iemitsu will clean the school after school for a week. You both are at fault, but neither of you are the sole problem.” His real signature smile came back, and gave me a thumbs up, “See you in three weeks!” The screen went back to what it was, and I was left staring at my dumbfounded reflection on the screen. I would have to clean the school for a week? Me? I may sound like a snob, but that’s just not what I do. I didn’t grow up doing that. Maybe I’ll just make her do it. She started it anyway. I forgot that All-Might would be teaching at UA this year. It makes sense. He can’t be a symbol of peace forever. He debuted as a hero a while ago, he’s getting old, on the inside if not on the outside, if he agreed to teach. But who is this ‘Coach’ man who’ll be in charge of my education? He wasn’t in the past UA records, only current articles. And there was no mention of him online. Strange, maybe I’ll have Akko do a deep search. The fact that he’s a ghost may be due to the fact that he is affiliated with a ‘secret squad’ or something like that. I have an uneasy feeling of why the principle would want us to be trained in secret. It means that he suspects there’s a reason we couldn’t be public, such as a mole in the staff. The fact that this class Ω is so sudden and never happened before is troubling. That means something came up suddenly he needed to prepare for. A knock came from the door. “Sir! Your meal is here!” Came Akko’s muffled call. “Come in.” I said. He opened the door, and came in with a plate of instant stew, my favorite. He laid it on the desk beside me, along with chopsticks and a glass of water. His attention turned to the monitor. “Looking at your possible predecessors?” He asked, gesturing towards the alumni list. “I was accepted.” I stated, turning my attention to the stew. Mmm, beef, my favorite. His face became cartoon- with shock. I had to flick his jaw back up into place. “S-sorry, sir,” he stuttered, “I just didn’t expect you to get in so quickly. Did everyone get in this fast?” “No, I was placed into a special student class of supposedly advanced placement to be used in combat against a sudden looming force.”

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“Sorry, what?” I then had to explain the events of the day to him. The loud unnecessary explanation, the easy written test, the long walk to the test site, the fat American and his odd jobs, the easy win, and the explanatory message. I leaned back in the chair, not going to humor his jaw-dropping act this time. “T-th-that’s a lot to take in,” He finally spat out, “I mean, I knew you were talented, but this? Your going to be in a secret class in a prestigious school, made for combat! That’s a big deal!” I put my index finger to my lips, motioning for him to tone it down. He then promptly shut his mouth. “It is a lot,” I agreed, “But it’s expected. How many requests in the mail for me to come to UA?” “Umm…” he started, thinking, “They’ve been coming once a week since a little under a year ago, so…” “Around 50.” I finished, “Now why would they pester us for that long, if they didn’t want me for something big?” Dawn rose on his face, and he quickly recomposed himself. “Of course, master,” He said with a bow, “How foolish of me to not realize this.” I nodded. Sometimes it feels as though I take care of him, not vice versa. “Where’s Issan? I haven’t seen him all day.” I can never keep my tabs on that man. “ Your father,” He stated, annunciating ‘father’, as if to remind me I need to respect him, as if, “Is having a board meeting in the south-side mansion.” Ahh, he brings his upper peons there sometimes to show off. The little git probably is buying their small-time company or something equally malicious. I sat back further and chuckled. “You may not respect him for what he has and hasn’t done,” Akko said while walking towards the door, “But he’s still your father. There still must be some respect between you two.” “It’s his fault,” I whispered, my voice catching, “He could have prevented it and you know it. He was being selfish and it cost both of us.” Akko stopped at the door, his hand hovering above the handle. “What your brother did. It wasn’t your father’s choice. He may have had a role in it, but ultimately it was your brothers choice.” I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept that. Not yet. I decided to change the subject. “I’ll need to fill out a registration for a costume.” Akko thought about that for a bit. UA could always take my quirk and requests into consideration, but that was boring. We had many workers who could easily whip something together, but we also had my personal workspace, and Akkotu. Akkotu was an AI program I built in 7th grade for a science fair project. I became well known for that, and soon after I received an offer for a large sum of money for it, but I denied. She had developed a personality, and I had grown quite fond of her. I thought of her as a part of your family. The AI’s original name was Akko 2, but that didn’t roll off the tongue as I would want it to. So she became Akkotu. “I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Something much better than the staff at UA could, so why don’t you make it?” He said with a smile. And with that he left.

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