Chapter Two: Beatdown It’s been 34 days since middle school ended, and I still am thinking if I should’ve accepted the UA application. I made Akko fill out the form, because between training my body and my mind, I didn’t have time for it. Even before studying for the written exam, I felt confident for that. The only reason I didn’t go to a high-level school was the fact that I disliked people who thought they were better than everyone else. There’s a fine line between having self-confidence and being cocky. As for the practical part of the exam, it depends on the style of the test. If it were fighting against animatronics, I could easily pass. I wouldn’t want it to be against real people though. I have an aversion to fighting real people with my quirk, I consider it to be too dangerous. That’s why I do aikido, it’s a way to fight successfully without having to use my quirk. Another good reason to fighting with aikido is that if I’m put in a situation where there is no drawback to use my quirk against a real person, aikido and my quirk go well together. With Akko pulling up to the exam location, I began to look around to see my competitors. It wasn’t likely that there would be any famous freshman that I would be able to spot out of a crowd, but you never knew, and I liked to size up someone based purely on their build and actions. That may seem like judging a book by it’s cover, but I find it quite the opposite. For example, if someone were physically big and had rippling muscles, you could take that two ways. They could either be training extra hard, and showing a strong mentality, or they could genetically have a strong physique, showing that they may be used to having to work a little to get as far as others have done. Then again, it could just be a side effect of a quirk, which gives me look into their ability. No one popped out at me though. It made sense though, as I was walking up to the building, anyone famous would’ve been gotten in by recommendation, and wouldn’t have to take the tests with us. But it’s not like I didn’t get any. I just told Akko to burn any recommendations that were sent. I’ll have to ask him how many there were. I realize I sound a bit high and mighty, with all this self praise, but I’m only doing that because to understand this story, you have to understand me. I dislike loud people. Therefore, I disliked Present Mic. The whole presentation was too loud. The other applicants were also loud. One stood up and started complaining halfway through. My card read “Test-Site Ω” I looked over at the girl sitting next to me. Hers read 2. Strange. Why would they put English and Greek numbers together. Roman numerals would make sense. Like I II III VI and so on. The written test was quickly finished, so afterwards I headed to test site Ω. It was far away from all the other sites, so it took a long time. All the other test-sites looked liked small cities, but there was nothing for Ω, just an open concrete area marked on a map directly opposite the parking lot. When I arrived there, I was shocked. There were only around 15 other kids, and one man. The man had a beer-belly, with an impressive beard to go with it. He wore a baseball cap tightly, probably trying to hide a balding head. He also wore cheap sweatpants and a hoodie. He seemed like he could be from the states. I didn’t like him. “Listen up!” He yelled. Definitely American with that accent. “My name is Coach, and I’ll be class 1-Ω’s home room teacher. You’ll call me coach, none of this ‘Sensei’ stuff.” “We’ve graded your written test, and you’ve all passed, if some of you only barely,” He seemed to stare at someone to the left of me while saying that. “Your principal called me over to teach from overseas. He wants some sort of back-up team for the new era of heroes or something.” Would’ve been nicer to hear that if he hadn’t read the last part off a crinkled post-it note. But what does he mean ‘back-up team’? And does he expect us to call him coach? Maybe it's his hero name. “You’ve all been chosen, and therefore don’t need to take the test if you don’t want to, but it would help your profile to see what test results you get. Four of your classmates got in Via recommendation, so they’re not here.” Before he had finished that sentence I’d began to leave. If I was going to be in this weird squad or whatever, I didn’t need to prove myself worthy if there was no need. There was suddenly a hand on my shoulder. Male, smaller than me, so not the teacher. “I’d love to see what all my classmates are capable of, even if we’re all not here” The owner of the hand said. “It’s no fun when someone’s leaving the party early.” I turned around to see this little squirt, with gelled back hair. He was smiling too much. Probably couldn’t wait to see what everyone else could. Possibly a thrill-seeker. “Wait,” He started, “I know you! You're that guy that won that aikido tournament last year! It was on TV.” “Then there’s no need for you to see what I can do.” I stated monotone. “Lot of things can change in a year.” He said, “Never saw you again, I watched that channel daily. What happened?” He’s more perceptive than I thought. He knew something happened, and thats the reason why I didn’t compete this year and why I was leaving. He was pushing my buttons, trying to get a reaction. A wave of anger washed over me, intensifying my annoyance-turned-hate towards him. Was this someone’s quirk?This wasn’t a normal level of anger for me, I could see red around the edges of my eyesight. Fine, I’ll play along with him. With both of them. I grabbed his shoulder, flipped him over my head, grabbed his arm, slammed him on the concrete belly-down, smushed his nose in, and twisted his arm around his back, with my knee pushing down at the base of his spine. My other leg was occupied stretching his out so they couldn’t move. His arm that I wasn’t holding onto was pinned under him due to the way I threw him. All one fluid motion happening in a matter of seconds. He landed on his shoulder, the impact breaking his collar-bone in several places. His other arm was spirally fractured on the forearm because of the pressure and force I applied. The wrist was dislocated and broken after a snap and a yank. His nose was broken, along with a bruised tailbone. I dug my foot into his heels, straining his Achilles’ tendon. It would take days for him to walk properly again, he would have trouble sitting, his nose would take days to stop throbbing, he would have to have a sling and a wrist splint on one arm and a cast on the other. Normal recovery time about 4 months for him. I didn’t feel bad. It felt good. Walking away from a crying, bleeding mess, I felt confident for the upcoming year. If this ‘secret squad’ is as strong as him, they’re lucky to have me. Something horrible caught the attention of my nose though. I realized I felt quite parched, and my mouth felt dry. I turned around, and saw that his hand where I had grabbed him was bubbling, steaming, sizzling and steaming with heat. Too bad. I was hoping I accidentally burned his head when I shoved it onto the floor. Oh well, that’ll take a while to recover. At least he didn’t die, that’d be a problem. Walking away, I was glad everyone was worried about him, so they didn’t stop me from going. Present Mic: “Ueto Reicheru! His quirk, Smolder. Under his visible skin, he has an extra layer of skin that he can heat up on command. He can heat his skin up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt steel! Afterwords, his body counteracts the intense heat by opening up the pores all over his body, so his body takes in cool air. He’s also immune to flames below 500 degrees fahrenheit, and can withstand boiling water, magma, and burning steam! He also never feels warm, he constantly feels cold. As a downside, he also needs to drink lots of water to rehydrate himself. I sent a call to Akko to get the limousine started. When I shut the door, I realized that little man was the first to lose to me in a fight sense seventh grade. It’s been a while, and would you even call that a fight? It’s sad that he couldn’t even try to fight against me. Not for him, that's not his fault, but sad for me. The fact that I could beat him so easily troubled me. Was he holding back, and I was rusty? Or was he weak, and I was still in my prime. Too bad I’ll have to wait a week for the chance to fight him again.

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