Chapter 5: Introduction A few week after the acceptance message came in -and 6 days after Akko sent the list, and a piece of paper explaining what the costume was and why I didn’t send it, I didn’t want them to handle something as important as my costume- I was finally walking towards the school. Looking around, the first-year class wasn’t as big as I’d expect it to be. It makes sense, this year, with the upcoming threat, the staff probably only want the best of the best. The 1-Ω room was on the far side of the school, far away from all the other hero courses, near the support classes and general studies. Personally, I thought the doors to the classes were too big. Granted, there are some quirks with mutant side-effects that make some people huge, but all of the other class, the 15 others that were present, they weren’t huge. So far, even compared to Coach, I was the tallest. Opening the door, I instantly regretted it. I had to duck as a chair whizzed by me and flew out the window. I turned back to the room, and came face to face with a a gorilla. It looked at me with intensity, and a deadly gaze. I never liked gorillas, but I knew about them. They took staring as a sign of disrespect, but would back down if scared. Akkotu, I thought, animal mode, gorilla. The mites flew all over me with speed and precision. Some went farther out then my body to accommodate for a silver-back’s girth, and some become invisible for the skinny parts. It took about half a second to look like a mature silverback, but maybe a bit larger than the norm. I beat my chest, using speakers for added effect, and roared at him, amplifying areal gorilla’s call tenfold. The classroom behind the gorilla became quiet as he backed away. His skin then started to become lighter, and its hair retracted. It became shorter, and a UA uniform appeared. After a complete animal-human transformation, I recognized the annoying kid from the test-site. Present Mic; “Sunada Chikage! His quirk, Beast. If he’s touched an animal, he can then become completely or partially become that animal! For example: He can have a fish’s gills, or have lion’s teeth, or become an entire gorilla! Becoming a whole animal is more tiring then only a part. The bigger the animal the more exhausting it is. After he reaches a certain limit, he becomes more and more sleepy.” “You know,” He said, Covering his mouth while he yawned, “Now I’m really confused of what your quirk is. It either has a fire aspect to it.” He showed me the skin grafts on his hand. “Or it has transformation aspects like me. What is it Reichiru?” I took the mites off, pissed at this kid. He had made me show off my invention, before the first day had even officially begun. “Doesn’t matter. Don’t startle me like that again.” I began walking to the back row, ignoring him. I sat in between a scarred bald kid, he probably had a delinquent background, and an empty seat. I didn’t like how quiet everyone was. To be far, I may have gon a bit overboard with the roar. The decibel measure was similar to a plane turbine’s measurement. I leaned back in my seat, scanning everyone. No one was worth mentioning, yet. The seats were set up in a 4x5, with five seats in the front repeated four times. The gorilla kid had sat back into his seat in the front row , and was talking to a short redhead guy to his left. I was second farthest right in the back row from the podium position. The bald guy to my left just looked angrily at the wall to the far left, as if he was mad at it specifically. I noted that he wasn't at the test site, so he must have gotten in by recommendation. Everyone was talking in groups of 2-4, minus us in the back. I looked back at the gorilla kid, and looked for signs of me jacking him up, but the only was the skin grafts on his arm where I had melted him, and even those were subtle. Either the school or the classmates at the site must have a healing factor quirk. All together, there was 19 of us here, and one open seat to the right of me. There were only 18 other kids, excluding myself, so I wasn’t last to arrive. That’s it! The emotion-quirk girl wasn’t here yet. Dang it, that means she has to sit by me. Before I could try and swap places with someone, the door opened, and Coach came in, accompanying the final girl. She didn’t look happy, and neither did Coach. She looked around for spot, and a frown appeared on her face. Coach motioned for her to sit, and she grudgingly walked over to the seat. ‘She doesn’t look happy,’ commented Akkotu. ‘We have to clean the school together for a week,’ I thought back, ‘Remember?’ ‘Ahh…’ I could almost imagine her avatar nodding in remembrance, as the girl plopped down in the seat next to me arms crossed. Up at the podium, Coach cleared his throat. Everyone snapped their heads in his direction. He then had a slight coughing fit, as a bag of potato chips came into view from behind the podium. “Dang,” He spluttered in between coughs, “That’s spicier than advertised.” He turned his attention to us, noticing that all eyes had turned to him. He cleared his throat again. “Well, I’m glad you all are quiet now.” He said, trying to discretely put the chips away. “Anyway, lets get started.” He pulled out some papers, and began squinting at them as he began to take roll. The bald kids name was Uki, and you allready knew the gorilla’s and the emotion girl’s name. The others are irrelevant for now. When he came to my name, heads turned. I was well known for the mites and the aikido tournament. I guess it would be shocking if someone else would win the National Tokyo High-School tournament, only at 7th grade. “When your out in the halls and at lunch, use the excuse that your in hero ethics class, class 2-H on the far side of the school. Don’t add to that story, just the bare minimum and get yourself out of the conversation. Other students don’t need to know about this class.” Strange, but it makes sense. In we’re in a so called ‘secret combat class’, we don’t even want students learning about us. “Moving on,” Coach flipped through his papers, looking for something, “Right, the other classes took the front and side courtyard, so today we’ll use the track.” Use the track? For what? “Oh, and put these on.” He pulled a box of red blue and white UA P.E uniforms, and sets them on the podium as he walks out the door. Everyone started scrambling for their own uniform as soon as the door shut behind him. There was lots of ‘who’s this?’ and ‘I think I’ve got yours!’. The only three that weren’t up were Uki, Iemitsu and myself, ⅗ of the back row. I think we all knew that you could just wait for the crowd to thin and grab it faster. “So,” Uki said, looking away from the wall, “What’s the deal with you? You got multiple quirks or something? Tell it to me straight, don’t dodge it like you did with beast-boy at the door.” I pondered that. Uki seemed like he would be a good asset in this class, he had an aura that commanded your respect if you were beneath him. I ordered one of the mites to land in his ear, and project my voice. ‘Don’t be startled,’ I thought-said, he flinched, but only slightly. ‘What your hearing is a projection of my inner thoughts via a small robot that I commanded to land in your ear. They can become invisible, or project images as a group, hence the gorilla. I’ll be using them as my hero costume. They make up my right-arm watch and an invisible gauntlet on my left arm. It isn’t my quirk, its just an invention.’ I flashed him my gauntlet for a second, as proof. ‘There are more ability’s to it then what I just told you, but you’ll see them soon enough.’ I then ordered the mite back onto my gauntlet, making it visible in front of his eyes for a second before it landed on the charging station. He got up from his chair, heading towards the pile of P.E uniforms, he obviously had a lot on his mind, so I let him be after that. I also went up to get my uniform, almost everyone had cleared out to go change in the lockers, so there was no line. Heading towards the locker room, I wonder if I told Uki too much. ‘Do a background search on him for me Akkotu.’ ‘I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.’ She retorted. ‘And I allready did one. He has 27 charges of assault, 12 of theft, 32 of vandalism, 9 of manslaughter, and 4 of arsen. You might of horrendously screwed up with telling him.’ Manslaughter? Arsen? How could UA let someone like him in? I was having a conversation with a killer, not a first-year high schooler. Who else was in this class?

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