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『 The Crusty Madman 』

Dabi Anime Action

— Introduction About Me—

Hello folks, I'm WitheredFreddy1993 here. I'm one of the Content Moderators on this site so feel free to ask me any of your concerns or questions! I'm also active on Discord too. Also, just call me Freddy for short.

I became a fan of My Hero Academi ever since I saw Season 2 and the Pro Hero Arc (which introduces Spicy Hot Chicken), which amazed me on how well-developed the characters and plot were.

Over time, I grew to become accustomed to working on this Wikia site for approx 2 years and so far everything's looking great! I'm hoping for greater things to happen for this series!

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— My Gallery of Favorites—

— Other Fandoms I'm Active In—

My Current Fandoms (Mains)





My Hero Academia Kingdom Hearts Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Final Fantasy

Tomura Shigaraki One’s Justice Artwork

— Other Facts About Me —

  • I've read everything that's current about the My Hero Academia Manga
  • Big fan of RPG and Platform Type Video Games.
  • Favorite Characters are Tomura Shigaraki and Dabi.
  • Huge fan of Action-Based Anime, especially Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Played almost every Kingdom Hearts game; up to DDD.
  • Addicted to listening to Japanese music, especially Vocaloid.
  • Favorite genre of music is J-Pop and Rock.
  • Very focused on my tasks to work on this Wikia


Dabi MHOJ2

— My Gallery of Favorites—

  • Update Character Synopsis
  • Update Character Galleries
  • Add any new info on Characters
  • Finish Tomura/Dabi/Toga/Hawks synopsis pages for current arc.
  • Upload Images of Best Quality
  • Rewatch my favorite Anime to keep myself from boredom
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.
  • Finish my Nintendo Switch Games
  • Trying to adjust my COVID-19 schedule
  • Meh, that's all folks.

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