aka Handy

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on June 5
  • I am a dinosaur.

Hi, my name is Trident but people call me Handy ever since I started liking our bad touch man Shigaraki.

I'm a normal human being and I love to draw characters, I want to make my own comic one day like BNHA (though I highly doubt I will be that lucky), I love villains, especially my boy Tomura and my peice of burnt toast Dabi. Also, Shigaraki is my blessed son and he deserves better, support him at his go fund me page

Pay your taxes please

Cool dudes

My favourite characters:

(This list is getting too long)

  • Aizawa Shouta
  • Shigaraki Tomura
  • Yokumiru Mera
  • Tamaki Amajiki
  • Moonfish
  • Seiji Shishikura
  • Dabi
  • All for One
  • Mustard
  • Kurogiri
  • Thirteen
  • Sir Nighteye
  • Overhaul
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