• I live in America
  • My occupation is Student
  • Bio I like My Hero Academia the most at the moment and hope to help out with this Wiki.
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I'm in love with this series and how it portrays situations. I'm one for philosophy and psychology so the way they show the flaws in a hero society intrigues me. My class 1-A favourite is currently Bakugou for his recent character development in the manga and in 1-B it's Monoma for his weirdness. Favourite teacher would be Aizawa with how he portrays himself and his quirk is one I like to look at the science behind. Out of the Big Three, I loved how Mirio was from the beginning of when I first saw him. Lastly, my favourite Pro-Hero is Hawks because his quirk deals with black wings and those always caught my eye. I also hope that Shinsou gets into class 1-B.

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