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Automated tasks

Task Trigger Status Run history
Interwiki Links to Templates ManualTo be scheduled2019-01-07T09:19:57Z

Oneshot tasks

Task Via From To
Add page theme override JWB script^{{PageTheme|$x}}\n
Use page-level theme for infobox JWB script(?<={{)(?:Character[ _]Infobox/Villain)(?=\||$)Character Infobox
Strip arc parameter and remove manual category JWB script^(\|[ ]*arc[ ]*=[ ]*)\[\[.+?\]\][ ]*$$1$x
^\[\[Category:.+? Arc Battles\]\]$\n?
Remove manual category JWB script^\[\[Category:Battles\]\]$\n?
Elide template redirect JWB script^{{Event${{Event Infobox
Add "arc" parameter JWB script^(\|[ ]*)location([ ]*=[ ]*)(.+)$$1arc$2$x\n$1location$2$3
Rename "U.A. Cultural Festival" to "U.A. School Festival" JWB script\bU\.A\. Cultural Festival\bU.A. School Festival
Rename "Cultural Festival" to "School Festival" JWB script\b[Cc]ultural [Ff]estival\bSchool Festival
Rename "Culture Festival" to "School Festival" JWB script\b[Cc]ulture [Ff]estival\bSchool Festival
Rename "Unforeseen Simulation Joint" to "U.S.J." JWB script\bUnforeseen Simulation Joint(?!,|\.|\]\]|\|)\bU.S.J.
\b[Uu]nfore?seen\s+[Ss]imulation\s+[Jj]oint\s+[Aa]rc\bU.S.J. Arc
Rename "Internship" to "Shie Hassaikai" JWB script\b(?<![a-z]\s+)Internship(?!\s+Employers|\]\])\bShie Hassaikai
\b[Ii]nternship\s+[Aa]rc\bShie Hassaikai Arc
Rename "Fatgum" to "Fat Gum" (as requested by UshiiBoy via Desboy96) JWB script\b[Ff]at[Gg]um\bFat Gum

Run Preflight Checks

  • This is an encoding test. “…” ‘…’ – —
  • Ceci est un test d'encodage. «…»
  • Esta es una prueba de codificación. ¿…? ¡…!
  • Dies ist ein Codierungstest. „…“
  • これはエンコードテストです。 「…」 『…』
  • 这是一种编码测试。 《…》 〈…〉


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