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just ignore the steven universe part


Favorite characters

Overall faves

Class 1-A rankings

(tbh it was very hard to rank them in order bc I like most of the students pretty similarly)

  • 1-2: favorite students
  • 3-13: not exactly favorites but still like them a lot
  • 14-19: don't care about them as much but still kinda like them
  • 20: least favorite (overall, not just out of Class 1-A)
  1. Tenya Iida
  2. Shoto Todoroki
  3. Eijiro Kirishima
  4. Mina Ashido
  5. Fumikage Tokoyami
  6. Katsuki Bakugo
  7. Momo Yaoyorozu
  8. Denki Kaminari
  9. Izuku Midoriya
  10. Ochaco Uraraka
  11. Tsuyu Asui
  12. Kyoka Jiro
  13. Hanta Sero
  14. Yuga Aoyama
  15. Mezo Shoji
  16. Toru Hagakure
  17. Mashirao Ojiro
  18. Koji Koda
  19. Rikido Sato
  20. Minoru Mineta why hasn't Aizawa expelled him yet


Other favorites

Yeah you get the idea, the first ones are always my favorites lol

Random BNHA opinions

Something like this technically belongs in a blog post but I don't feel like making one
(this is also partially bc I can't write comments on articles so I'm writing everything here instead)

  • King Explosion Murder/Lord Explosion Murder is a good hero name, you guys are just mean
    • Same goes for Alien Queen btw though Pinky is cool too
    • Speaking of hero names I definitely don't want Kacchan to be Bakugo's hero name, no thank you (I'm honestly surprised Bakugo still lets Deku call him that)
    • Also I wouldn't mind either way if Todoroki keeps his current hero name "Shoto" or gets a new one (though Icy Hot is kinda ridiculous tbh, I know people mean it as a joke/meme but still)
    • btw Eraser Head is a terrible hero name I blame Present Mic
  • I prefer the full title My Hero Academia, but when it comes to acronyms I prefer BNHA for some reason (maybe bc I see people using that one more so I'm more used to it...?)
  • I don't want Hisashi Midoriya to be a villain (and especially not All For One... e u g h) but at the same time I don't want him to be too normal either?? Like I want him to have some significance in the story without being outright evil
    • Like no offense to people who like the AFO = Deku's dad theory but the mere idea of AFO being related to Deku in any way (and/or having a connection with Inko Midoriya) absolutely disgusts me
  • If the traitor is any of Class 1-A's students (other than Mineta lol) I'm gonna be mad
    • Wait actually if the traitor is literally anyone other than Mineta then I'd be upset lmao
  • I want AFO to be the "final boss" instead of Shigaraki just bc I want to see Deku beat the hecc outta him
    • Though if Shigaraki kills AFO himself sweet sweet revenge and then becomes the final boss then... that'd be acceptable I guess (as long as AFO isn't "satisfied" by Shigaraki killing him or something stupid like that, god I'd hate that so much)
    • Alternatively: Deku and (redeemed??) Shigaraki combo attack on AFO and kill him instantly
  • I'm not really a fan of Class 1-B except for Itsuka Kendo and discount Kirishima I mean Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
    • Actually I'm fine with them now I think, also I used to think Neito Monoma was annoying but he's hilarious now
  • I haven't read Vigilantes yet but Chizome Akaguro looks better as Stendhal than as Stain
  • I don't really understand why some people complain about Deku getting "too much" focus I mean... I like the other characters too but Deku's literally the main protagonist??? Like of course he'd get the most focus
  • I don't want Shigaraki to kill All Might, but if that does end up happening then Deku better kill AFO
  • I don't think Mirio should stay Quirkless, he deserves to get his Quirk back after everything he's done
  • I can't believe Shigaraki is (1cm) shorter than Todoroki
    • I also can't believe Dabi is the exact same height as Todoroki
      • I can however believe Dabi is taller than Shigaraki, what I can't believe is that they're only 1cm apart
    • I can't believe Gentle Criminal is a year older than Aizawa
      • I also can't believe both Twice and Stain are the same age as Aizawa
      • I also can't believe Edgeshot is older than all 3 of them
  • I really enjoyed the first movie but I don't like how AFO was shoehorned in the plot at the last minute it made me hate him more
  • I think Iida looks better with blue eyes than with red eyes
    • I also think Shigaraki looks better with light blue hair than with white/gray hair, imo he looks a little blander with white hair since the rest of his color scheme is already mostly black (with a little red)
    • I also think Aizawa's eyes when he's activating Erasure looks better as red than yellow
    • I also think Tensei Iida looks better with dark blue hair than black hair (the former actually makes him look like Tenya's brother)
  • All Might's appearance in Jump Force makes me very uncomfortable
  • Jiro is a part of Bakusquad, if you leave her out you're wrong
    • Speaking of which "Bakusquad" feels more like a Kirisquad or Kamisquad tbh (Dekusquad actually feels like a Dekusquad...)
  • I'm curious about who Horikoshi's favorite BNHA character is (idk if he's ever said who his fave is) though at this point I'm pretty sure Mirko is his fave AKSDJLFJSL
  • Kaminari (presumably) doing the Meta Liberation Army's 'L' pose in Chapter 241 is making me worry the "Kaminari = traitor" theory might be true oh god please no
    • Chapter 242 actually brought up the whole traitor thing and now I'm even more concerned
    • Chapter 263 might've killed Kaminari = traitor so now all I need is for Hagakure = traitor to die too (or just straight up confirm Mineta = traitor already since the chapter also added some fuel to that theory)
    • So many people want Kaminari (or Ochaco/Kirishima/Tsuyu/etc.) to be the traitor bc they think the traitor's identity should be "impactful" or whatever but like... I'm pretty sure the biggest reason why the traitor is even a thing in the first place is bc Horikoshi needed someone in Class 1-A to be replaced by Shinso. And Mineta is the one who's most perfect to be replaced bc his negative traits far outweigh his positives (even "irrelevant" characters like Hagakure, Koda and Sato have more likable traits than him)
      • Also "Mineta's too much of a joke character" can't be used as an argument against him being traitor anymore bc Ujiko is one of the most evil villains in the series and he's been making a ton of silly face expressions plus Mineta isn't even actually funny he's just gross
  • I can't believe can't-ya-see-kun has his own page on this wiki
  • Class 1-A + Eri's Christmas outfits in Chapter 242 were so cute omg
  • It's probably too late for me to say this but I'm disappointed Chitose Kizuki was killed (and so early too)
    • And now I'm worried that Mirko will die in the hospital raid as well Hori pls no
      • tbh I don't really want any of the heroes (as in both students and pros) except you-know-who to die in the Paranormal Liberation Raid... I'm fine with some villains dying though as long as it's not Shigaraki/Dabi/Toga
        • Welp... Crust ended up dying (way earlier than I expected too)... :( tbh I didn't really care about him at first but I legit felt sad when he sacrificed himself to save Aizawa. And I'm sure more heroes will follow him now
          • Let's just hope none of the students again except you know who are killed. Hori pls,,
        • I'm fine with X-Less and other "nameless" heroes dying though lol, should've mentioned that earlier
        • btw I didn't bring up Twice's death (which I also felt sad about) earlier bc since he was killed by Hawks of all people, there's a good chance he actually got Best Jeanist'd (meaning if Best Jeanist turns out to be alive then Twice might too)
  • Centipeder's voice in the anime was... unexpected to say the least
  • I feel like the Endeavor Agency Arc ended a lot earlier than I expected Toya/Dabi backstory when
  • If Shigaraki's actually getting multiple Quirks then I kinda hope one of them is some kind of telekinesis, at the very least it would be useful for him to be able to move things around without accidentally decaying them, also it would look cool ig
    • Bonus points if it's a Quirk stolen from Deku since it's kinda similar to Inko's Attraction of Small Objects Quirk (though I'm not really a fan of the "Deku's Quirk got stolen as a kid" theory)
    • This dream sequence might be hinting at how Shigaraki now has either telekinesis or a gravity based Quirk? It's got the same vibes as this
  • I hope the series will introduce a character based on rubberhose animations (I just think they're neat)
  • Just realized that the Shie Hassaikai Raid is actually a positive example of "all for one" (all the heroes trying their best to save one girl) 🤔
    • There have also been negative examples of "one for all" like All Might being the sole Symbol of Peace having bad consequences after his retirement
    • Gee it's almost as if "one for all" and "all for one" have to be together and in balance instead of just sticking to one or the other 👀 hint hint wink wink
  • I'd rather Hawks die than become a villain (I mean I don't want either of them to happen but if I had to choose one...)
  • Another theory that I'm not a big fan of: Bakugo (and/or another character, usually Kirishima) time traveling to the past and becoming one of the OFA users pls no imagine all the paradoxes it could create
    • The only thing I do like about this theory is the Bak-U-Go (back you go) pun
  • I've seen someone else (on Tumblr I think) point out a pattern with Shigaraki: whenever he goes up against heroes he always loses, but when he goes up against villains he always wins. almost as if he's actually destined to be an anti hero that beats up villains I wonder if that will also be the case for the Big Battle/"Day of Reckoning" (the whole going up against heroes and losing thing) probably not but who knows
    • Something else that might support Shigaraki/the villains losing: the U.A. Beginnings Saga has a total of 9 story arcs, while the Rise of Villains Saga so far has 8 completed story arcs with the current arc being the 9th... (makes sense since 9 is a recurring number in the series like the 9 in Izuku, Nine, the number of lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, etc.) and since the current saga is all about the villains rising up (even when we consider the saga names being noncanon) the only thing left for them to do now is fall down not the best explanation but whatever
    • Also the more I think about it the more it seems like the villains winning is too... predictable imo
    • Alternatively things will happen in a way that the other villains believe they've basically won, but Shigaraki himself will consider it to be a loss, for whatever reason this belongs in the theory section at this point but eh
  • Even though Shigaraki's one of my favorite characters, I gotta admit he can look super ugly depending on how he's drawn Hori and his inconsistent art style smh
  • Horikoshi might not do the 2nd and 3rd years??? N O
    • Ok I know this isn't confirmed but still, I really don't want Hori to end the "Academia" part of the story this early, not until like the end of the series
  • I wonder if Shigaraki can decay Gentle's elastic air
  • Can't believe Hawks got a left eye scar before Dabi (not counting the scars on both eyes) smh inb4 Hawks becomes a replacement for Toya Todoroki
  • I really want to see a villain version of this picture (it could probably only be made after the Meta Liberation Army Arc and Dabi = Toya reveal are aired on the anime)
  • I hate how so many people want a bunch of major/relevant characters to be killed off for ~raising the stakes~ or ~impact~ or whatever no that's what you call wasting characters and their potential just for shock value
  • Present Mic punching Ujiko is the most satisfying and amazing thing ever now all I need is Shigaraki punching both AFO and Ujiko like that, many many times oh also Mineta being punched like that by everyone
  • I'm actually kinda disappointed that AFO's hair turned out to be white tbh, I was hoping his color scheme would be more similar to Overhaul for parallel reasons (like Shigaraki and Eri)
  • I don't get why many people think All Might should die like what Sir Nighteye foresaw... I mean it's not impossible but it would render the whole "the future can be changed" thing established near the end of the Shie Hassaikai Arc completely pointless
  • This scene lowkey reminds me of this (probably just a coincidence like Todoroki's resemblance to Zuko from Avatar though idk if SU is a type of thing that Hori would like)
  • What if Horikoshi's been going ham with giving Shigaraki this "final boss"-esque treatment in this current arc despite still being at an earlier point in the story bc Shigaraki actually won't be the final boss by the end of the series. Like an "enjoy this while you still can bc eventually you won't be seeing him like this anymore" kinda thing. Hmmm
  • I finally watched the second movie and it was great!! I can finally stop avoiding spoilers now
    • Katsuma and Mahoro Shimano remind me so much of Tenko and Hana Shimura (even their last names are similar!) and it makes me sad
    • Heroes Rising established that Katsuma is an Edgeshot fan. Which means Edgeshot absolutely cannot die until Katsuma gets to meet him in person
  • One argument that I see people who insist Shigaraki must be the final villain use is "Deku and Shigaraki are parallels so Shigaraki has to be Deku's final boss!!" Well did you know there's another, potentially more satisfying way for Deku and Shigaraki's parallel to be completed? Both of them facing against the same opponent (AFO)
    • It's worth noting that Deku and Shigaraki's parallels aren't 100% flipped versions of each other. Shigaraki never dreamed to be a villain, he wanted to be a hero but was forced on the path of villainy. So it would be rather poetic for Deku and Shigaraki to both have a heroic role at the end of the series just like they've both dreamed as kids (though obviously Shigaraki could never become a full-fledged pro hero even at that point, but at least beating up AFO is enough)
    • Also the people I mentioned above tend to be hypocrites bc the same people turn around and insist that Shigaraki will kill both All Might and AFO. Even though if the parallels are as 100% exact as they say then Deku should be the one to kill AFO

Random BNHA theories/predictions

I might actually move this to a blog post at some point bc this section has gotten too long I'm too lazy though

These don't really have solid evidence, they're just for fun lol (also I don't necessarily believe in all of these)

Warning for scanlation spoilers & Heroes Rising spoilers

  • Shigaraki, Dabi, and/or Toga (the big 3 "main trio" of the League of Villains) will be redeemed HORIKOSHI PLEASE
  • Toga is related to a hero (so basically the LoV's main trio are all related to heroes in some way)
    • Toga is unable to transform into anyone she's related to, which is how the point above will be revealed
    • Bonus points if she's related to Hawks. Just a hunch (I mean at least there's this parallel so...)
  • If someone were to gain both One For All and All For One, the Quirks will cancel each other out and make the user effectively Quirkless (either the Quirk Factors will destroy each other OR the Quirks will remain dormant but unusable within the user, if the latter's the case then the user may still be able to sense the presence of OFA's (and possibly even AFO's) predecessors and have dreams of them)
    • This is how Deku will defeat the final boss (Shigaraki or AFO) by forcibly passing on OFA to him, though Deku himself will still be able to use OFA for some time
  • Alternatively: if someone gains both OFA and AFO, the Quirks will merge and become a new more powerful Quirk (All For All? One For One? All For One For All? One For All For One?)
    (All For All would be the best name imo, it's just short enough and it carries the meaning of "all heroes work together to save all people" or "All Quirks for All people")
    • Deku and (redeemed?) Shigaraki will give each other OFA/AFO to combine their Quirks and finally truly kill defeat AFO
      • This might've technically been foreshadowed by Ujiko telling Shigaraki he'll be able to get his hands on OFA in Chapter 246
      • This will reflect the fact that "all for one" and "one for all" are originally from a single phrase that ultimately has a positive meaning, hence the combined Quirk being used heroically
        • AFO having the copy/"fake" version of the Quirk reflects how he's twisted the meaning of "all for one" for himself. Shigaraki having the original/"real" AFO and giving said original to Deku will reflect how they've embraced the true definition of "all for one" (along with putting it and "one for all" together as they're supposed to be instead of keeping them apart)
      • This will follow the recurring theme of accepting both sides of things, like Todoroki learning to accept his fire side along with his ice side, and Deku & Bakugo learning to "save to win and win to save"
      • The physical similarities between Deku & AFO (regardless of whether "Dad For One" is true or not) and Shigaraki & AFO's brother, instead of the other way around like you'd expect, may be hinting at how Deku and Shigaraki will be the final recipients of AFO and OFA respectively
  • Overhaul will be turned into a Nomu
  • All Might will remain alive by the end of the series OR he'll die but not the way Sir Nighteye predicted
  • AFO has a 'zero/none' pun somewhere in his real name
  • Dabi will lose his left eye (as a parallel to Todoroki's, Endeavor's and Hawks' scars around their left eyes, but since Dabi already has scars near both his eyes he'll lose an entire eye instead)
  • Shigaraki will be saved (from whatever danger he's in at that moment) by Deku at some point
  • Shinso will play a part in defeating Gigantomachia (since Shinso can alter his voice he'll be able to make himself sound like AFO, Ujiko or Shigaraki and trick Gigantomachia into getting brainwashed)
  • Class 1-A will form a Hero Team after graduating and becoming Pro Heroes
  • AFO had a hand in Shigaraki killing his whole family (or at least believing he killed them)
    • Some/all of those hands aren't even actually from Shigaraki's family members
      • The hands are actually from the 7 predecessors of OFA
        • The one surviving hand is from either AFO's brother, Nana Shimura, or the 2nd or 3rd user
        • One of the OFA users had either at least 3 hands (just one of those "mutant" features unrelated to their Quirk, so Deku won't grow an extra hand or something) OR a regeneration Quirk that let them grow their hand back after it got cut off (until they died that is), which is how AFO had kept a total of 15 hands
        • It's now been possibly confirmed/implied in Chapter 270 that at least one of the hands is Nana's but we still don't know about the rest
    • The random dude in a suit at the beginning of the flashback in Chapter 235 is actually AFO (who has already given Shigaraki his Quirk at that point)
  • While Deku will become the greatest hero, Bakugo will become the #1 hero
    • Alternatively, Deku and Bakugo will share the #1 spot on the Hero Billboard Chart
  • Shigaraki will become Quirkless (regardless of whether the OFA + AFO = Quirkless theory above is true or not) by the end of the series (opposite of how Deku was Quirkless at the beginning but later gained a Quirk)
  • Alternatively AFO will become Quirkless by the end of the series instead (it would be so much more karmic, plus it would parallel All Might becoming Quirkless after using up OFA's embers)
  • If/when Best Jeanist retires from being a hero, he will become a hero costume designer (if he isn't killed by Hawks that is)
  • All Might's sclera actually did change from white to black as he aged, this is a "mutant" feature that he inherited (like Mina's black sclera + horns and Tokoyami's bird head which have nothing to do with their Quirks)
  • There is was a Twice clone somewhere out there who managed to escaped during the whole clone fight
    • This Twice clone is currently working worked with the heroes and made the fake Best Jeanist that Hawks used to trick Dabi
  • Eri will grow a second horn (on the left side of her forehead) that lets her "fast-forward" living beings
  • Dabi's backstory will be similar/parallel to Kirishima's (we already know they both dyed their hair, or at least Dabi presumably dyed his hair from red to black while in Kirishima's case it's the other way around, their hairstyle also became pointier, they've both hurt themselves with their Quirks, and they were both inspired by someone [Crimson Riot for Kirishima and Stain for Dabi])
    • Hawks' role in Dabi's backstory might've been similar to Mina's role in Kirishima's (doing something that Dabi/Kirishima has failed to do?)
  • There will be a character whose Quirk doesn't affect characters that are currently Quirkless and/or characters that were born Quirkless
  • Shigaraki's hair will grow long enough for him to tie it up like Nana's hair
  • Momo is Shigaraki's younger sister who got separated from the Shimura family at a young age and adopted by the Yaoyorozu family (so the LoV's main trio + AFO all have at least 1 younger sibling)
    (as for why Momo: she looks similar to Nana and shares a similar name pattern, and her Creation is opposite of Shigaraki's Decay)
    • Since Kotaro is already a big hypocrite (despite resenting Nana for hurting him he's hurt his own family even worse) it makes sense for him to send Momo for adoption/foster care like what Nana did to him, except he likely did it for more selfish reasons
    • If Shigaraki gets a good look at Momo's face he'll actually see the resemblance between her and Nana/Hana and probably freak out about it
  • AFO's Quirk-stealing Quirk is a combination of a Quirk-copying Quirk and a Quirk-erasing Quirk he inherited from each of his parents, while his brother's transferring Quirk was a mutation
  • Dabi will unlock ice powers (possibly at some point after losing his left eye [so he'd only have 1 blue eye on the right side, visually it would be opposite to Todoroki's left eye being blue] if that actually happens) but it will obviously be weaker than Todoroki's
    • The Todoroki family's fire powers are connected to their blue eyes somehow, so if/when Dabi loses his left eye he'll lose his fire powers on his left side and instead gain ice powers in its place (so he'd really be like an opposite, unbalanced version of Todoroki basically)
      • Dabi's natural hair color will also change so it's white on his left side and red on his right side but the change won't be visible until his black hair dye is removed/faded obviously
        • Or his hair will turn pink (if it wasn't already pink in the manga that is)
      • If Dabi loses both his eyes or Todoroki loses his left eye then they'd lose all their fire powers and be able to use ice powers on both sides, but if Endeavor loses both his eyes then he'd be effectively Quirkless
    • Bonus points if Dabi's ice is colored more blueish (like this except way smaller in size). idk I just think it's neat
    • In Chapter 266 Twice yells "Hot! Cold!" after almost being burned by Dabi's flames. Possible foreshadowing? (I know it's Twice being his usual splitting self but the timing is rather... odd. Almost like it's been shoehorned in)
  • Geten is related to the Todoroki family
  • Alternatively, Geten is related to Nine (I don't actually think he's related to either of them but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Shigaraki will find out about Dabi's past and try to get him to kill his whole family (instead of just Endeavor)
    • But Dabi will refuse to do so which will obviously make Shigaraki frustrated/angry
  • Best Jeanist is still alive (either his corpse that Hawks showed Dabi is fake, or it's actually Best Jeanist himself but he wasn't actually dead)
  • Eri's Rewind's power is accumulated from eating sugar (her horn grew after eating a candy apple)
    • Sato will play a part in helping Eri control her Quirk since his Sugar Rush is also activated by sugar
  • Mineta is the traitor I just HAD to include this
    • After Mineta is revealed to be the traitor (and kicked out of U.A. or killed or whatever) Shinso will take his place in Class 1-A (well 2-A now ig)
      • Shinso is being set up as Mineta's replacement not only as a Class A student, but also as one of Kaminari's friends (hence their interaction in the Joint Training Arc)
    • Since Mineta apparently still wants to be a hero he's actually planning to either betray the LoV/PLF or just never get caught as traitor ever, however he will either fail or change his mind and end up dying either way
    • Another character will point out that in hindsight it was actually pretty obvious that Mineta's the traitor bc it is obvious, he's literally the least heroic character in UA
      • Not only is he the most obvious suspect, he's also the least obvious at the same time bc of his goofy appearance (though Slidin' Go also looks goofy and he's a traitor) and personality (he's either faking it or just genuinely incompetent) which makes him perfect for the role of the traitor
        • Speaking of Slidin' Go there are actually visual similarities between him and Mineta (especially in their hero costumes) and while they don't necessarily have to be related (I don't think they are anyways) this could be a parallel that hints at Mineta being the traitor (seriously just look at them in the last panels of this and this)
    • Mineta knows that Shigaraki/the LoV currently isn't aware of who the traitor is (only AFO and likely some of his closer associates know), which is why he was genuinely scared back during the U.S.J. Incident (according to his inner monologue in Chapter 15 anyways)
    • When Nezu brought up the traitor in Chapter 242, All Might reassured him by saying that all the students have heroic hearts. Mineta is the one student we know for a fact that doesn't have a heroic heart
  • If the traitor is someone other than Mineta, they will be redeemed
  • Deku's last fight in the Shie Hassaikai Arc is foreshadowing what his final battle at the end of the series will be like:
    • Deku will save Shigaraki (parallel with Eri)
      • All Might (parallel with Mirio) will also be involved in saving Shigaraki, though he'll sacrifice something of his in the process (since he's already Quirkless unlike Mirio, he may lose his life instead)
        • Though if Mirio gets his Quirk back then All Might may not permanently die either, instead becoming comatose and waking up later
    • Shigaraki will help Deku defeat AFO (parallel with Overhaul)
    • After the fight, Eri will significantly harm AFO in some way (parallel to how Shigaraki cut off Overhaul's arms) likely either by rewinding his Quirk (which turned out to be a copy so it might be easier to get rid of than the original?) or himself into nonexistence. If not Eri herself then the Quirk-destroying drug/bullets can be involved instead since they're still made with Eri's DNA
  • The "destruction of the LoV" mentioned by Spinner in Chapter 222 hasn't happened in the MLA Arc (it's not referring to the creation of the PLF) and will happen later (it's worded as "the LoV is doomed" in the official translation but the dictionary definition of "doomed" is "certain to fail, die, or be destroyed" so it's accurate enough)
  • There will be some kind of conflict/battle between Toga and Iida (since Toga has crushes on Deku, Ochaco, and Stain she'll hate Iida when she finds out he's bffs with Deku and Ochaco and started the fight against Stain that led to him getting locked up; alternatively she could fall in love with him instead for basically the same reasons but that would be way too repetitive at this point)
  • Toga secretly hates herself, which is why she's so obsessed with becoming someone else that she loves
    • Toga's character arc will involve her learning to love herself (regardless of if she'll be redeemed or not)
    • She's trapped in this cycle of sorts (which she has to break free from eventually):
      Toga hates herself -> Her desire to become someone else increases -> Her obsession with blood worsens (as her Transform can only be activated by drinking blood) -> She kills someone and drinks their blood and transforms into them -> She enjoys at first but later regrets and feels guilty -> The guilt makes her hate herself even more -> Repeat
    • Toga's constant smiling and her telling herself she's "happy" and "normal" are her coping mechanism (trying to repress her self hate and guilt)
  • Dabi will claim that his [the whole "driven to villainy" part of his backstory] wasn't unfortunate/tragic like what Toga and Shigaraki did with theirs (Toga said she's "not unfortunate at all" and Shigaraki said him killing his family "wasn't a tragedy")
  • Toga's "hero counterpart" (like how Shigaraki's is Deku and Dabi's is Todoroki) is Bakugo, not Ochaco, and this is foreshadowed by their MLA opponents' and hero counterparts' Quirks:
    • Shigaraki's opponent Re-Destro's Stress is an accumulation Quirk that makes him stronger, forms markings on his body and even has percentages, as is Deku's OFA
    • Dabi's opponent Geten's Quirk is ice manipulation, as is part of Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot
    • Toga's opponent Chitose's Landmine causes explosions, as does Bakugo's Explosion (even Chitose's Curious Flattener is kinda similar to Bakugo's Grenadier Bracers)
    • Toga and Bakugo being counterparts will have something to do with 1. their self esteem issues (see Toga hates herself theory above) 2. how their Quirks affected the way others treated them (Bakugo was praised for having a "heroic" Quirk and Toga was demonized for having a "villainous" one) and 3. possibly how their Quirks affected their personalities negatively (making them more violent)
    • It makes sense for Toga and Bakugo to be counterparts since Toga, Shigaraki, and Dabi are the LoV's main trio while Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki are the main trio on the hero/UA side (main quartets if you add AFO and All Might [obviously counterparts of each other] to each side respectively)
      • Ochaco, Iida, Kirishima, etc. probably don't even have counterparts bc they're not as important as the main trio/quartet, same goes for less important villains like Twice, Mr. Compress, Spinner, etc.
        (they could still have secondary/less important parallels like Ochaco & Toga, Deku & Gentle, Eri & Shigaraki and Kirishima & Dabi but they won't be the main counterparts)
        • Though if they do have counterparts then maybe they're: Ochaco & Mr. Compress (in it for the money [at least Compress was the one who cared most about cash/LoV's poverty in Chapter 220] but still care for their teammates), Iida & Twice (energetic and comical, often loud and making lots of hand gestures, plus their family members were crippled/killed by villains), and Tsuyu & Spinner (similar Mutant Quirks meaning they likely faced similar discrimination)
          (oops no Kirishima; this is mostly based on how Tsuyu is part of the evacuation team along with the main 5 which might lead to her being cemented as a main character, also this exists)
          • The villains' placement in this cover happen to line up almost the same way as their presumed hero counterparts in the color spread linked above, with the difference being Mr. Compress and Twice being switched Compress was too irrelevant to be placed any closer to the center
          • Either this or Iida & Spinner (something something Stain) and Kirishima & Twice (energetic, friendly and loyal) or Twice has no counterpart if he's actually perma-dead
          • With Mr. Compress, it's worth noting his past job as a magician/entertainer is a kind of job that involves making other people happy. And Ochaco likes to help others bc she loves to see people look happy. Also they both often fight using rubble ig
    • Also possibly foreshadowed by this poster: Shigaraki is facing Deku, Dabi is facing Todoroki, and Toga is facing Bakugo even though they could've had her face Ochaco instead (plus AFO facing All Might). Ochaco, Iida, and Kirishima are facing 2 random villains bc again, they don't have their own villain counterparts, and even if they do they'll clearly be less important I think I'm starting to sound like I'm suggesting Toga and Dabi might potentially be more relevant than Ochaco (not that I actually believe that... unless?)
    • It's worth noting it's been established earlier in the series that Bakugo won't underestimate/go easy on an opponent just bc they're a girl
    • It's also possible Horikoshi gave Toga a Quirk upgrade so she can fight more evenly against Bakugo. While Toga was (and still is) always a competent fighter with just her knife, she'd still have been no match against Bakugo bc of how powerful his Quirk is. But now that she can copy others' Quirks she'll even be able to use Bakugo's own Quirk against himself
      Now Spinner on the other hand, if Iida was his hero counterpart Spinner won't stand a chance against him lmao
    • Another thing that could happen: Bakugo and Toga get in the way of each other trying to reach their original target (Shigaraki for Bakugo, Deku & Ochaco for Toga) so they end up fighting each other instead
  • Hawks will try to save Dabi (after learning about his past) but be killed/almost killed by Geten (based on the whole "Icarus flying too close to the sun" myth that everyone already loves comparing Hawks and Dabi [and/or Endeavor] to, but what really killed Icarus was the ocean where he drowned; ice is basically solid water)
    • Bonus points if Geten creates ice by freezing an entire ocean during his fight with Hawks
  • Toga's sibling(s?) is attending/will attend UA high school
    • They'll befriend Todoroki and Momo (forming a trio of heroic younger siblings with villainous older siblings; see Momo is Shigaraki's younger sister theory above)
  • Endeavor will sacrifice himself while trying to protect Todoroki and/or Dabi (either he'll lose his life, his Quirk, or both his eyes [only if they're actually connected to his Quirk, so he'll be both blind and Quirkless])
  • Dabi and Toga will get Origin chapters
  • The 2 silhouetted OFA users in this scene (likely the 2nd & 3rd) were forced to inherit OFA, so they're more reluctant to help Deku (which is why they're not reaching out towards him), and/or they forced OFA onto the next user
    • And/or they were morally bad/ambiguous in some way
  • Dabi's hair isn't dyed, it got singed to black when he was set aflame back during that incident (yes just like Jeff the Killer)
  • At some point after finding out Dabi = Toya, Endeavor will have that dream with his family being happy again except this time Dabi/Toya's also there
  • Geten and Re-Destro will be killed by Dabi and Shigaraki respectively
  • Possible parallels between LoV's main trio and the Big 3:
    • Obviously there are 2 guys and a girl in each group
    • Shigaraki & Nejire have light blue hair, Toga & Mirio have blond hair, Dabi & Tamaki have dark hair
      (I know blond and dark hairs are really common in the BNHA universe but it's the fact that they're each specifically grouped into trios that matters)
    • Quirk parallels:
      • Dabi's Cremation and Nejire's Wave Motion are both Emitter Quirks with repercussions that affect themselves when overused (Nejire gets exhausted and Dabi gets himself burnt)
      • Toga's Transform and Tamaki's Manifest are Transformation Quirks that are activated by consuming a part of what they want to turn themselves (wholly/partially) into
      • Shigaraki's Decay and Mirio's Permeation aren't that similar (other than letting them go through obstacles I guess) but it's possible Decay isn't Shigaraki's original Quirk and/or he'll end up Quirkless like Mirio currently is
  • Hisashi Midoriya will be more similar to Jack Midoriya from the My Hero oneshot and/or prototype Deku
  • Dabi will confront Endeavor when he's alone at his old house
  • Something bad will happen to Nejire (possible parallel between Nejire, Mirio & Tamaki and Oboro Shirakumo, Present Mic & Aizawa respectively based on hair color and personality)
    • Similarly, Present Mic will lose his Quirk like Mirio did
  • Ujiko won't be able to steal/copy OFA but he will copy has copied AFO's brother's original Quirk that will has let AFO transfer his original Quirk to Shigaraki which Ujiko and AFO will 100% regret once Shigaraki beats them both to the ground
  • Todoroki, Ochaco, and/or Iida (possibly Tsuyu, Endeavor and/or Aizawa too considering where things seem to be going now...) will be the next one(s) to learn about OFA probably too obvious but whatever
  • Seeing Shigaraki again will remind Kurogiri of Aizawa
  • All Might will get in a coma instead of dying immediately, while comatose he will also be able to contact Deku through his dreams as a vestige
    • All Might getting in a coma might've even been what Nighteye really saw, and he wrongly interpreted that as All Might dying bc of his pessimistic attitude (though thematically All Might not dying would still be considered as "changing fate", same goes for Deku surviving the battle against Overhaul regardless of what the real reason for Nighteye's prediction being wrong is [ie. it was affected by Eri's Rewind])
  • Gentle Criminal, La Brava, and Stain will fight on the heroes' side during the Big Battle
    • Stain's decision will influence Dabi, Toga, and Spinner in some way
  • Possible ways for power-upped Shigaraki to be defeated (if at all):
    • Rewinded by Eri
    • Brainwashed by Shinso
    • Side effects from his operation being incomplete (if it actually gets interrupted):
      • New powers go out of control and/or hurt his body (especially when he overexerts himself)
      • Surgery scars become weak points (he doesn't seem to have any apparently???)
      • Powers just stop working all of a sudden during a crucial moment
    • His own emotions will cause him to be reckless/lash out (hurting himself/his allies in the process)
  • Probably really obvious but: Tartarus prison break. It will happen
  • Kotaro also had Nana's Float Quirk which is why he didn't immediately get decayed until Shigaraki grabbed his face
  • There will be infighting within the PLF (Toga clearly hates Skeptic, Dabi doesn't seem to get along with Geten either and Twice doesn't really care for Re-Destro)
  • Hawks isn't the only double agent within the PLF
  • Toya Todoroki's hair was pink (the manga version that is)
    • If Toya's hair was/becomes pink then he'd actually kinda parallel the can't-ya-see-kun, weirdly enough
  • The 2nd and 3rd OFA users are (redeemed?) Dabi and Toga time traveled to the past, that's why the 2nd user has spiky hair (also his gauntlets + neck brace might be some kind of equipment that keeps Dabi's body from getting burned) and their theme colors are blue (Dabi's fire) and red (blood and Toga's scarf) respectively, and the 3rd user looks completely different bc Toga had transformed her appearance before she died
    (don't get me wrong I still hate any time travel theories I actually cringed while writing this but this is just an idea that popped in my head some time ago, I don't think they [or Bakugo] even have 2 or 3 in their names anyways)
    • OMG I did some research (used this site for reference) and there's a mi from mittsu (3) in Himiko oh noooo but at least Dabi still doesn't have 2 anywhere in either of his names from what I can tell
      • Though To(u)ya does have a tou (10) and a ya from yattsu (8, like Yagi) and 10 - 8 just so happens to be 2 (most likely/hopefully just a coincidence though)
      • ...What if Dabi doesn't have a 2 in his name bc he was forcibly given OFA (can't say for sure until the other predecessors' names and backstories are revealed) like brother (AFO) like brother (OFA)? (not that this would've been necessarily intentional on the first OFA user's part, maybe his blood got through Dabi's stitches by accident idk)
    • Since the same Quirk can manifest differently depending on the person (see Chapter 193) Dabi's Cremation will manifest as a fire breath (and a weaker ice breath if the "Dabi will unlock ice Quirk" theory is true) bc Deku has Hisashi's genes, this way Deku's Quirk won't overlap with Todoroki's idk why I'm adding details to a theory that I hate
      • Ironically (in multiple ways!!) Deku will unlock Dabi's Cremation when he's trying to protect Hisashi from someone/something (Hisashi will be shocked and assume Deku inherited his Fire Breath)
    • omg what if Deku's face turning into All Might's in like 2 scenes (and Deku's hero costume resembling All Might's hair, and all the times baby Deku wore an All Might hoodie) are actually foreshadowing Deku unlocking Toga's Transform and literally turning into All Might, bc OFA improved Transform so it can also be activated by eating someone's hair ngl the mental image of Deku panicking about suddenly turning into All Might is freaking hilarious
    • Season 4 finale: the spiky haired OFA user is glowing red
      Me: no fear
      Toya: has red hair in the anime
      Me: one fear
      • The other silhouetted user is glowing purple which isn't really a color associated with Toga but it could just be the theme color of whoever she transformed into though it doesn't matter anyways bc I don't want this theory to be true
      • In Heroes Rising the red silhouette has red eyes (like Bakugo 😬) and the purple one has yellow eyes (like Toga 😬😬 is that why they're presumably hero/villain counterparts) though since All Might's vestige's eyes are yellow like the rest of his body, not blue, the eye colors of the silhouettes may not necessarily be the same as their real appearance either also a red spiky haired silhouette having blue eyes would be a dead giveaway that it's Toya tbf
        • It is weird that the purple silhouette is the only vestige (not counting Nana who's in full color) whose eye color is different from their body color. Almost as if the outer appearance (body) doesn't match the soul (eyes) ie. Toga disguised as someone else god I HATE how well this fits
      • Dabi is also colored red in this sketch though this could just be another coincidence (or only alluding to Dabi = Toya)
    • If AFO recognized present-time Dabi and Toga as the 2nd and 3rd OFA users, he could've had Ujiko and another subordinate (whoever trained Toga) interact with them respectively to subtly push them in the direction of villainy, then had Giran recruit them so that they'd end up as his successor's underlings (he didn't put as much effort in making Dabi and Toga villains as he did with Shigaraki, bc if he fails to make those 2 villains he can always just kill them instead)
    • Wait didn't Dabi and Toga appear as silhouettes in Sora ni Utaeba too fOrEsHaDoWiNg
  • There's a connection between Oji Harima and Takami the thief
  • Someone will be falsely accused of being the UA traitor, likely by the real traitor (Mineta?)
    • Kaminari bc of the few mistakes he's made in the past (ie. saying Stain is "cool", doing the L pose that looks similar to the MLA sign)
      • The first time we see Mineta and Kaminari hang out is in the U.A. Sports Festival Arc, which takes place after the U.S.J. Arc where the traitor made their first move, so it's possible that Mineta befriended Kaminari to observe him closer for any mistakes he make to use as "evidence" for accusing Kaminari of being the traitor (this would also be where Mineta's supposed high intelligence will come into play)
    • Deku bc of his "multiple" Quirks
    • Hagakure bc of her Invisibility
    • There could be other characters that get accused too but the above 3 seems to be the most likely
  • The High-End Nomu in Ujiko's lab haven't been programmed to be obedient to the villains yet, so when they're unleashed they'll attack people on both sides (it's especially suspicious that Ujiko was shown to be willing to just abandon them instead of siccing them on the heroes after it was specifically mentioned that the Nomu will be easier to capture when there's no one to command them)
    • Not only did Ujiko say the High-Ends were still in their testing phase, but the fact that Mocha used his Quirk without any commands is another alarming piece of foreshadowing
    • Woman seems to be the smartest of the Nomu so she'll likely be the first one to think of attacking a villain, probably Shigaraki after he breaks out
    • And the "Nomu listen to command" thing is brought up again in the exact same chapter where Shigaraki (a powerful opponent that the High-Ends would love to fight) is awakened
    • ...Is this technically neither confirmed nor debunked now (all the Nomu seemingly died before they could get a chance to attack a villain?? Though we've only really seen one actually die so who knows)
    • Chapter 276 brought out more Nomu 👀 not only that, but it's been mentioned that Nomu follow command again and that they haven't even reached their testing phase
    • Shigaraki having to fight all the Nomu on his own would actually kinda parallel Mirko vs High-Ends? They even both have white hair and red eyes
  • Shigaraki will almost die bc of his power-up malfunctioning (ie. his new Quirks stop working when he's midair and cause him to fall from a great height) then be saved by All Might (turning into his Muscle Form one last time) while the other heroes are hesitant to save a villain like Shigaraki and the other villains are too busy trying to escape
    • This would parallel/contrast the Sludge Villain Incident where this time Deku is the hesitant one (even if he's unlocked Float by that point) while All Might is the only one rushing to save Shigaraki
      • It would also obviously parallel/contrast Shigaraki's childhood past where AFO was the only one who tried to "save" Shigaraki
      • To parallel Shigaraki resisting AFO's vestige in Chapter 277: Nana (and possibly another vestige[s]) may try to push Deku to save Shigaraki, but Deku will hesitate or even refuse to do so
    • This will be what leads to All Might's death or coma
    • The sight of this (the legendary former #1 hero risking his own life to save one of the most notorious villains despite everything he's done??) will have a huge impact on both heroes and villains, as well as the society as a whole, and of course Shigaraki himself
    • Might/Might⁺U will play in this scene in the anime
    • I will cry if this actually happens
    • Shigaraki's possible (immediate) reactions:
      • Kill All Might disappointing but not surprising (either intentionally, or maybe accidentally by instinctively hugging him)
      • Freak out and run away
      • (If All Might got trapped under rubble or something) Save All Might by using Decay Quirk, instinctively without thinking, then freak out and run away
        • This would be a (kinda reversed) parallel of what happened with Deku and Ochaco in the U.A. Entrance Exam where Deku saved Ochaco from being crushed by a robot when she's trapped under rubble (while everyone else was running away) and Ochaco saved Deku (who got hurt from using his new power too hastily) from falling to death
        • The last scene in Chapter 269 where the heroes declare that "the lord of evil's dream will die" may be hinting at how AFO is the "lord of evil" (not Shigaraki like the heroes are probably assuming), and regardless of which side wins by the end of this arc, AFO's dream and hopefully AFO himself will eventually die bc of Shigaraki's worldview slowly starting to crumble after being saved by All Might of all people and saving him with his Decay that he was manipulated into believing was only meant to destroy. All thanks to Shigaraki being released early in that specific chapter
          • The scene in Chapter 277 where AFO's vestige is visible takes place in the same area as the dream in Chapter 270 (even the floor is the same). When Shigaraki frees himself from AFO, instead of going further into the darkness he's heading to the exact same direction that Nana and the rest of his family tried to pull/push him towards. He even has his own hand on his face as if he's trying to pull himself towards the light. And being saved by/saving All Might may just be the final push Shigaraki needs to reach his "starting line" (especially since All Might is mentioned in that scene). Not to mention saving AFO's biggest arch-nemesis would be the ultimate act of defiance against AFO
            • Shigaraki: *uses All Might as an example of someone greater than AFO* I want to be greater than AFO :)
              (In the same chapter where someone else compared Shigaraki to All Might too. Hm)
            • Shigaraki also straight up called AFO "lord of evil" in this chapter which heavily implies (if not outright confirms) AFO is the same lord of evil mentioned in Chapter 269
        • Deku and All Might promised each other that they'll defy fate together. Deku has defied his fate, not completely on his own but with Eri's help. All Might will defy his own fate with Shigaraki's (albeit kinda unintentional) "help"
          (cue AFO sensing this happening and his smile slowly turning into a frown)
          • Speaking of Eri, Shigaraki wrapping himself in a red cape in Chapter 272 oddly kinda parallels Eri being wrapped in Mirio's red cape I would've never made this connection if X-Less' cape was literally any other color
          • All Might is also seen holding Eri in Chapter 276 which may or may not mean something
          • The aforementioned scene of Shigaraki freeing himself from AFO (with AFO being decayed) mirrors Eri being freed from Overhaul's shadow dissipating in the U.A. School Festival Arc
        • What if it's been established that Shigaraki can now control what gets decayed or not to ensure that he'll be able to save All Might without accidentally decaying him (he's already saved the Near High-Ends didn't he)
        • "You saved me, I'll save you" has been a recurring theme in the story so far, so All Might and Shigaraki saving each other would be fitting that
      • Out of all these the 3rd one would be most optimal, not just bc All Might would be alive but bc it would challenge the corrupted mindset of the current hero society (which obviously needs to be reformed). Gran Torino must be proven wrong about how "if All Might thinks Shigaraki's anything less than a villain, no good can come out of it". The other heroes must be proven wrong about Shigaraki being an "it", "thing", "monster" and basically anything other than human. The society must be proven wrong about there being "heroic" and "villainous" Quirks (Shigaraki's Decay would be considered a "villainous Quirk" despite its potential heroic use). Even some people who would accuse Shigaraki of being responsible for All Might's coma will eventually have to question why Shigaraki didn't kill All Might and instead destroyed the rubble that was crushing him; they'll have to accept that it's really the other heroes' refusal to save Shigaraki that got the former Symbol of Peace in a coma
        • If Shigaraki kills All Might, the hero society would just be proven right (it would be used as proof of how "villains shouldn't be saved" bc they'll just kill you instead of being grateful) and there will be little to no effort to reform said society. As for the 2nd option, some people would question why Shigaraki didn't just kill All Might but ultimately they'll reach the conclusion that Shigaraki wasn't grateful of All Might saving him, similar to the 1st option
  • Mawata Fuwa will be relevant at some point (pretty obvious now that she has her own profile but then again doesn't the can't-ya-see-kun also have his own profile...? Just learned the KEEEE guy has his own profile too so :/ still gonna keep this theory just in case though)
  • Hawks didn't kill Twice, there was something (likely from someone else's Quirk, their blood maybe??) he put at the tip of the feather he's carrying that made Twice "fake-die", which is also what happened to Best Jeanist
    • And Twice wasn't fully unconscious during this. So he heard everything Dabi said to Hawks, from the fact that he doesn't care about the LoV to the possible Toya reveal imagine all the potential drama
      • "Losing trust" has been a recurring theme for Twice: he's lost trust in society, Overhaul, Hawks, and even himself (though he's regained trust in his clones now). Next up: Twice loses trust in the LoV, starting with Dabi
    • The whole "character that is seemingly dead actually turns out to be alive" seems to be a recurring theme in BNHA (it's happened with AFO, technically Deku, technically Toga, Shirakumo/Kurogiri, Shigaraki, technically the Nearly High-Ends [the heroes questioned how they survived so they count ig?] and possibly Toya/Dabi) so it may happen with both Best Jeanist and Twice too
    • Bonus points if the fake-death Quirk is from Yokumiru Mera, since he's part of the Hero Public Safety Commission, and he always looks like he's about to fall asleep bc he's actually always trying to stop himself from being fake-killed by his own Quirk (also the Quirk name might be "Play Dead" or something). Though I won't be surprised if he's also genuinely tired from overworking at the same time considering how unethical the Commission can be
      (omg I found out he has a bio page and he actually looks dead there akjsklfjsl)
      • It's worth noting that Mera has the same birthday as Midnight. While characters sharing birthdays are usually coincidences, there are still exceptions (like Deku & Mirio having the same birthday), and Midnight's Somnambulist Quirk happens to be somewhat similar to Mera's hypothetical Quirk
    • If Twice returns to the battlefield after waking up he'll likely be nerfed in some way, due to his injuries and the shock from hearing what Dabi said
    • Both this and this could've been intentionally shaded/drawn in a way so that the blood on Hawks' feather blade is hidden (or maybe not since Hawks' feathers are red so the blood can't be seen anyways)
    • Gigantomachia will sense Twice waking up (likely by hearing him scream as the mansion collapses) and will turn right back around to run and grab him. And considering how many heroes and villains are following right behind Giganto... rip them ig (though Giganto being distracted might potentially save some of the heroes who were facing against him)
    • Fun fact: Bubaigawara Jin and Best Jeanist have the same initials. Make of that what you will
  • Dabi and Hawks knew each other as kids, that's how Dabi knew Hawks' real name
    • Dabi was part of the same hero training program as Hawks
  • There's some kind of connection between AFO and the Hero Commission (going full circle?)
  • The "Hades" mentioned by Starservant is Dabi, based on Disney's version of Hades (blue fire)
    • Dabi will ultimately be the one most satisfied with the result of the PL War, not only bc of Endeavor's past being exposed but also bc of the losses and destruction on both the heroes and the PLF/LoV's sides, hence "the smile of Hades shines wryly on thee" (and Dabi has been smiling more than usual in this arc...)
  • Deku will figure out that Dabi is Todoroki's brother (reverse of Todoroki assuming Deku is All Might's son in the Sports Festival Arc except in this case Deku is right)
  • The only people Dabi cares about are his biological family (at least Natsuo, probably Rei and Fuyumi too, maybe Shoto???) minus Endeavor obviously
  • Toga was trained by one of AFO's subordinates (possibly AFO's bodyguard from Chapter 193 but not necessarily)
    • This person (especially if they're AFO's bodyguard) likely trained Shigaraki too since he was always very fast even before Ujiko's surgery and training with Gigantomachia
  • Dabi likes cold soba (just like his youngest brother!!)
  • Shigaraki will steal Mirko's Rabbit Quirk
    • I really don't want this to happen but there's a scene in BNHA Smash where Shigaraki is wearing rabbit ears and Dabi is wearing cat ears and in Oumagadoki Zoo (another one of Horikoshi's works) there's a rabbit character names Shiina who's apparently similar to Shigaraki... the foreshadowing is too strong
    • ngl I'd love to see a bunny Shigaraki though sjkfljsldf
    • Deku also technically has a bunny motif (his hero costume) so... possible parallels??
    • Mirko will (hopefully) still be able to fight while Quirkless like Mirio oh god I just realized how similar Mirko and Mirio's names are they're like a letter apart
    • Oh my god this might actually happen now that Shigaraki has AFO and Mirko is in the same area oh no-
  • Dabi and Toga used to want to become heroes (like Shigaraki did)
  • Either All Might or Hawks will become the new president of the Hero Commission
  • Ochaco will get some kind of hoverboard activated by her Zero Gravity Quirk (I just think it's neat)
  • Shirakumo will still have black/purple hair and yellow eyes and keep his Warp Gate Quirk which seems more useful than Cloud anyways or get a new Quirk that's somewhere in between Warp Gate and Cloud, even after being healed/rewinded
    • Also his new hero name/alias will be Swift Mist or Opti-Mist
  • Shigaraki has no idea that Kurogiri is a Nomu and will only find out when someone else mentions it
  • Saito in Chapter 225's flashback was defending Toga from bullies (kinda like what Deku tried to do in Chapter 1)
    • This would further set up Toga and Bakugo as foils
  • AFO will compare Shigaraki to Nana at some point
  • AFO's true face reveal is being saved for some big moment where he gets healed/rewinded in present time
  • Deku teaming up with another character is supposed to be a recurring theme in the movies (Deku & All Might [technically Deku & Melissa Shield too] in Two Heroes and Deku & Bakugo in Heroes Rising), so any future movies will have more Deku duos like Deku & Todoroki, Deku & Ochaco, Deku & Iida, etc. and Deku & redeemed!Shigaraki in the main series finale
  • AFO will betray Ujiko at some point
    • AFO might've already technically "betrayed" Ujiko by lying to him or just not telling him all the truth
  • Aizawa will fight rematches against Shigaraki✔️, Dabi (the real one this time and not a clone) and Toga
    • This will turn out to be a sign that Aizawa will be important to the LoV trio's character arcs somehow tbh I'm just biased bc I love both Aizawa and the villain trio
  • Shigaraki will go on a Quirk-stealing spree where he takes random heroes' Quirks left and right without considering whether they actually suit him and whatnot, but who cares about that when he's having so much fun (this might have some kind of negative consequence depending on which Quirks he stole and the fact that he was released at 75%)
    • Shigaraki might've stolen X-Less' Laser already
    • He may or may not be able to steal Quirks from decayed remains of heroes ie. Crust's Shield which Aizawa will be extra upset about seeing Shigaraki use
      Or maybe he can steal people's Quirks as he decays them, the exact method doesn't matter
  • If Dark Shadow gets stolen from Tokoyami by anyone, he will be disobedient to whoever stole the Quirk
  • Mon-chan (the Shimura family's corgi) will appear in another one of Shigaraki's dreams (after his redemption maybe??)
  • OFA users who's had the Quirk forcibly given to them don't have the corresponding number in their names (yeah guess I'll write this down as a separate theory, why not)
    • The 1st user's first name is Tomura (like you know who), his name doesn't have a 1 bc he was technically forced to acquire OFA (by AFO forcibly giving him the stockpile Quirk)
      • Also the "mu" (む) part of his name (assuming it's not the exact same kanji as Shigaraki's) may be either 無 ("nothing/nothingness/none" since he seemed Quirkless) or 夢 ("dream/vision/illusion" since he can appear in Deku's dream along with the other vestiges) source: Wiktionary
    • This rule applies to AFO users too. AFO himself was born with his Quirk so he didn't exactly willingly receive it, so he likely doesn't have a 1 in his name. Shigaraki was forced to become a villain/AFO's successor and therefore was technically forced to receive the AFO Quirk, so there isn't a 2 in his name either. But if Shigaraki were to give AFO to a willing recipient, they will have a 3 in their name (ie. Midoriya)
      • "i" and "ten" are both alternate ways of reading 一 (one). Izuku and Tenko as first willing users of All For All (or whatever the AFO+OFA combined Quirk's name is)? (Not to mention the 10 in both Tomura and Tenko which hints at him becoming the 10th recipient of OFA, not counting Bakugo who only temporarily kept the Quirk)
  • The Paranormal Liberation War Arc will fully establish the hero/villain counterpart dynamics of the main characters (to reiterate):
    • Deku vs Shigaraki (especially now that Shigaraki has AFO)
    • Bakugo vs Toga (I greatly prefer this over Ochaco vs Toga tbh also all the other possible options for Bakugo's villain counterpart are terrible)
    • Todoroki vs Dabi (especially if the Toya reveal happens this arc)
    • Ochaco vs Mr. Compress (his backstory/motive may be revealed to be similar to Ochaco's this arc)
    • Iida vs Twice (only if Twice is actually alive and gets back up before the end of the arc, I also greatly prefer this over Iida vs Spinner)
    • Tsuyu vs Spinner (again I prefer this over Iida vs Spinner)
  • Once Shigaraki reunites with the rest of the PLF, his next course of action will be to attack UA (which will be how All Might, Eri, Mirio, Shinso, etc. will be involved in the PL War Arc)
    • The Warping Quirk (if Shigaraki even has it) might be used to teleport everyone to UA? (Everyone including the heroes since Shigaraki may want all of them to witness him killing All Might also for plot convenience) Since AFO's version of the Quirk was apparently "incomplete", maybe Shigaraki has a more complete version that works over farther distances and lets himself be warped too
  • Like how Dabi fought the #2 hero Hawks and how Shigaraki's fighting the #1 hero Endeavor, Toga will fight either the de facto "#3" (actually #4 but since Best Jeanist isn't around...) hero Edgeshot, or maybe the actual #3 hero Best Jeanist himself if he's alive and shows up on the battlefield
  • The 1st OFA user has scars on the same areas of his face as Shigaraki's (a part of his right eye and the left side of his mouth are conveniently obscured)
  • AFO killed his brother using Decay (yes the same Quirk he gave to Shigaraki)
    • omg apparently there's a scene in Episode 33 where the 1st user turns into dust (well it looks more like sparkles of light than actual dust dust but still)... so that might be prior foreshadowing??
  • Ujiko has copied Eri's Quirk from the Quirk-destroying bullets (wherever the copied Quirk is now, it's definitely not stored at the now-destroyed lab)
  • Since it seems like characters important to Dabi's arc (not Todoroki's since he and Hawks don't really have any particular connection aside from interacting like once, at least for now) got scars over their left eyes, likely foreshadowing/leading up to something happening to Dabi's own left eye, Geten will also get a scar over his left eye
  • If AFO's brother's first name is Tomura then AFO's first name is Ramuto (get it, they're opposites like One For All and All For One)
  • The Nana seen in Shigaraki's dream is actually her OFA vestige (it's kinda obvious but they haven't confirmed it yet so)
  • The bird in baby Toga's hands was already dead when she found it but her parents assumed she killed it
  • AFO's brother has green and red heterochromia (specifically red right eye and green left eye)
    • AFO himself either also has green/red heterochromia (green right, red left) or just red eyes
  • The way the OFA vestiges are standing here indicates the order Deku will talk with them/unlock their Quirks. The farther behind/higher up they are, the later. So the exact order is 1st user✔️ -> Daigoro Banjo✔️ -> Nana -> 6th user -> 4th user -> All Might -> ponytail user -> spiky haired user (this order is also seen here except Nana and Banjo are switched)
  • Something will happen to one of Bakugo's arms (there's been at least two instances of Bakugo being drawn with his gauntlet only on the right arm) pls no Hori he's a KID
  • AFO will straight up call Shigaraki "little brother" at some point (likely really late in the series where AFO has started to lose his composure) and Shigaraki will be absolutely horrified/disturbed
    (I'll assume this is unconfirmed for now bc it's unclear if AFO in Chapter 277 is actually calling Shigaraki brother, or if he's talking to the 1st OFA user's vestige [who should be there since Deku is there])
  • Explanations for the OFA silhouettes that don't involve time travel:
    • Spiky hair + red glow + red eyes: the common ancestor of the Bakugos and Todorokis (specifically Mitsuki Bakugo and Endeavor), likely with some kind of heat-based Quirk and a fiery attitude. May or may not even be related to Hisashi (I hope not though, I'd prefer if Deku wasn't related to anyone special)
    • Ponytail + purple glow + yellow eyes: Toga's ancestor maybe?? They may have similar sharp yellow eyes. Their Quirk could be either some kind of transformation or blood-based (if it's the former then maybe Deku will actually transform into All Might by accident...). If it's the latter then the 1st user could've accidentally passed OFA to the ponytail user when they drank his blood to activate their Quirk
    • If this is the case then all 6 of the main hero trio + villain trio are all connected to OFA in some way (Deku actually has OFA. Bakugo, Todoroki, and Dabi are all related to the same OFA user. Shigaraki is related to Nana. And Toga is related to another OFA user)
    • If AFO recognized present-time Dabi and Toga as the 2nd and 3rd OFA users' descendants, he could've had Ujiko and another subordinate (whoever trained Toga) interact with them respectively to subtly push them in the direction of villainy, then had Giran recruit them so that they'd end up as his successor's underlings (he didn't put as much effort in making Dabi and Toga villains as he did with Shigaraki, bc if he fails to make those 2 villains he can always just kill them instead)
    • Alternatively: ponytail OFA user is related to Kurogiri/Shirakumo and/or their Quirk was used to make Warp Gate, hence the purple outline and yellow eyes. I like the Toga explanation more though
    • And yeah it's highly unlikely the silhouettes are completely new characters unrelated to anyone (unfortunately) like users 4-6, they have to be either present-time characters time traveled to the past ew or new characters related to major present-time characters, bc otherwise what's even the point of hiding their appearances AND their Quirks, not just to us but also in-universe???
  • Todoroki, Ochaco, Iida, and Tsuyu will follow/reunite with Deku and Bakugo
    • This may lead to the main 6 heroes vs 6 villains battle that will establish the hero/villain counterpart dynamics, if the 6 kids face Shigaraki and Gigantomachia brings the LoV members to him just in time Twice get up already (Gigantomachia himself doesn't count bc there's no way a single student can fight him on their own)
      • If Twice is perma-dead then uhh Tsuyu will probably have to stay behind bc 6 vs 5 just won't work. And tbh I'm not a fan of 2 heroes sharing a single villain counterpart (ie. Deku & Bakugo vs Shigaraki, or Iida & Tsuyu vs Spinner, or worst case scenario: Ochaco & Tsuyu vs Toga I just really hate the Designated Girl Fight trope ok. I hated it when it happened in the MLA arc and I'm gonna hate it even more when it happens again in this arc)
    • I checked one of the panels near the end of Chapter 274 and it seems only 1 person is following Deku and Bakugo which is disappointing... though maybe the other 3 could follow them later
      • Alternatively, comparing their positions in these panels maybe Todoroki got a head start in chasing Deku & Bakugo and Ochaco, Iida & Tsuyu are side by side following him (maybe Ochaco used Zero Gravity on herself and Tsuyu so they can hold onto Iida to go faster)
  • The 1st OFA user will be the first no pun intended to figure out that combining the OFA and AFO Quirks is the key to defeating his brother
    • Since AFO and his brother likely named their own Quirks it's possible they know the original "all for one, one for all" phrase and its definition. While AFO cast aside one half and twisted the meaning of the other, his brother will accept the true meanings of both halves of the phrase, and make the connection between the phrase itself and the Quirks they're named after
    • A minor detail that might just be a coincidence: AFO only read the comic up to volume 3, but his brother finished the whole series. So... there may be this sense of incompletion (AFO only) vs completion (OFA + AFO) going on here
    • When the 1st user comes to this realization, both his eyes will show and reveal his green/red heterochromia, symbolizing him embracing both "one for all" (green) and "all for one" (red)
      this is too specific but whatever I just thought it would be cool ok?!
  • The 1st OFA user didn't appreciate All Might taking the phrase "one for all" too literally (being the only Symbol of Peace for the whole society) bc AFO similarly took the phrase "all for one" too literally (like, they both rejected a half of the "all for one, one for all" phrase, instead of trying to reclaim them or whatever, idk how to word this better)
  • Slightly different version of the above: The 1st OFA user regrets not being able to convince All Might not to be a sole Symbol of Peace (since the vestiges couldn't interact with All Might for whatever reason)
  • Mr. Compress' face (and hair) reveal will happen in the PL War Arc
  • Deku and/or Shigaraki will dream in another OFA/AFO user's POV, including each other, at least once (kinda like how Steven from SU sometimes dreamed in Pink Diamond's POV)
  • Shigaraki will get decayed in a dream sequence
  • There will be an AFO vs OFA battle in the dreamscape/mindscape/Quirk-scape(???) (whether it's 2 vs 9 or 1 vs 10, that is whether Shigaraki is on AFO's or the OFA users' side. Or maybe 1 vs 9 where the OFA users are trying to save Shigaraki from AFO?)
  • There will be a character whose Quirk lets them see and possibly interact with ghosts (ie. the OFA vestiges)
  • Shigaraki will tell Aizawa "you really are pretty cool, Eraser Head" for the 3rd time (if Shigaraki is redeemed by that point then it may be genuine this time)
  • Air Cannon used to belong to someone important (one of the OFA users, one of Shigaraki's family members, Shigaraki himself if AFO replaced his original Quirk with Decay, or someone else [Deku??? I hope not though])
  • Extremely specific theories on the other OFA users' Quirks (assuming none of them have Air Cannon) that will 100% all be debunked
    • Spiky hair: fireball generation (like Super Mario), fire breath, or another heat-based Quirk that doesn't overlap with Bakugo's or the Todoroki family's Quirks too much (though fire breath might be a little too different from Bakugo and Todoroki's Quirks...)
    • Ponytail: teleportation fueled by drinking blood (their Quirk is one of the Quirks used to make Kurogiri's Warp Gate). Only works with other people's blood, not their own. Will be modified to be fueled by eating (other people's) hair too when Deku unlocks it
    • 4th: either Radio Waves or another electric/energy/speed based Quirk (that won't overlap with Kaminari's or anyone else's too much), based on the shape of the mark over his left eye anyways
    • 6th: limb regeneration (he's the one who got his limbs blown off from using OFA too hastily. If all of Shigaraki's hands were from OFA predecessors, the 6th user is the owner of the 15th bonus hand that replaced Nana's decayed one). It doesn't heal scars though, which is why this user's arms are covered in bandages
  • AFO will get a 2nd monstrous form (the 1st one was the monster arm thing his potato face doesn't count) like how Overhaul has 2 monster forms, likely during the final fight against Deku and Shigaraki
  • Shigaraki has lost/will lose at least 1 of the Quirk-destroying bullets in his pocket (All Might in Chapter 1 has taught us that you shouldn't be jumping around at high speeds when there's something in your pocket and you're being distracted by Deku)
    (Chapter 275 hasn't actually confirmed this; what appears to be a bullet falling in a panel is actually just a part of Shigaraki's outfit)
  • The 1st OFA user's original Quirk didn't just transfer the Quirk itself, it's also supposed to transfer the user's soul so that he can live on within someone else even after his death (the soul thing isn't a part of the stockpile Quirk, otherwise there would've been a 9th vestige from the stockpile Quirk's owner). Hence his rather ghostly appearance (since a person's physical appearance can often reflect what type of Quirk they have, as seen with Bakugo, Todoroki, Kaminari, etc.)
    • If the 1st user's name is actually Tomura then this could be a reason why he has a name that means "to mourn/funerals" (even if the 1st user's name has different kanji, they still sound the same)
  • If/when they learn (to some extent, maybe not everything) about OFA, Todoroki, Endeavor, and/or maybe even Dabi will question if Deku is AFO's son everyone in the Todoroki family are conspiracy theorists (as for whether they're actually right, well I sure hope not...)
  • AFO and OFA have this "changing fate" aspect hidden in the Quirks, which is how Deku could change his fate and Shigaraki might change All Might's (hinted by AFO in Chapter 193 saying he'll "rewrite reality" which is basically what changing fate is, not that he necessarily knew of this back then, or even now). Though obviously there are limitations to this
  • AFO will stomp Mineta to death (foreshadowed by that wine metaphor he made in Chapter 255) especially if Mineta's the traitor and he failed AFO in some way. Either that or AFO will turn Mineta into a Nomu stomping to death would be way more satisfying/hilarious to see though (even if AFO of all people is the one doing it...)
  • There will be an alternate version of Might+U that replaces "not all for one but one for all" with "all for one and one for all" (along with some other changes probably) especially if AFA (AFO+OFA combined Quirk) becomes a thing, or at least Shigaraki gets redeemed
    • Bonus points if the title is Might+Ultra or Might+All or something like that
  • AFO's vestige does want Shigaraki to get OFA bc AFO's aware of the possibility of AFO and OFA combining into a single Quirk, and plans to steal that from Shigaraki (or maybe even straight up possess him). That's why he gave Shigaraki the original version of AFO instead of the copy, to make sure the original AFO is the one that gets merged with OFA (maybe duplicate Quirks can't merge or something idk)
  • Masaru Bakugo saw the news and that's literally the only reason why he's missing from Chapter 276
  • If Shigaraki ever gets body-hijacked by AFO, Bakugo will recognize that Shigaraki's being controlled (since Bakugo himself almost got possessed by the Sludge Villain once. And yeah I assume AFO's vestige controlling Shigaraki will be more similar to Sludge Villain's possession than, say, Shinso's Brainwashing, with Shigaraki trying to actively resist it like Bakugo did)
  • The 1st OFA user is Shigaraki's paternal grandfather/Nana's husband (cursed crack theory I came up with while thinking about why Nana's husband's identity is still unknown and why AFO despises Nana a lot in particular)
    you've heard of Dad For One now get ready for Grandpa For All
    • The 1st user didn't die immediately after passing OFA to the 2nd user. AFO recaptured his brother and gave him a copy of the Life Force Quirk
    • At some point the 1st user managed to escape and eventually (obviously a very long time after getting Life Force) he met Nana. They fell in love, got married, had a son together, blah blah you get the idea (they've likely told each other about OFA, but whether or how much they actually did doesn't really matter here)
    • During an earlier/first(?) battle between Nana and AFO, the 1st user sacrificed himself to protect Nana by getting in the way of one of AFO's attacks that was meant for her (if it was Decay it would explain why AFO chose that particular Quirk to give to Tenko, out of pure spite)
    • AFO hates Nana so much bc he believes she took his brother away from him (even though obviously the whole mess is AFO's own fault he's too selfish to ever blame himself for anything)
    • This goes hand in hand with Dad For One. It's been established that Inko and Nana are similar. So perhaps the brothers have a similar "type" the thought of AFO being in love with Inko (and vice versa) makes me physically gag
      • This would also mean Deku and Kotaro are the same generation oh my god
    • The "Shimura" last name (if it's not Nana's family name) was made up by the 1st user mashing his first and last names together, assuming his real name is actually Tomura Shigaraki
    • Nana described meeting the OFA vestiges as "romantic" bc one of them is literally her husband
      • Speaking of vestiges, the one she met shortly after getting OFA isn't the 1st user bc he hasn't died yet at that time. It could be literally any of the other users except 6th (since Nana didn't recognize the man in her dream)
    • The reason why AFO didn't mind Kotaro and Hana dying, despite them being blood related to his brother, is bc they both looked so much more like Nana and nothing like his brother. The only reason why Tenko is even alive now and not a Nomu or something is bc he resembled the 1st user after his hair turned white (and possibly getting the same scars)
      • This could also mean the last thing Kotaro saw before getting killed was a distorted image of his own father, which would make his death even more karmic/ironic but also more disturbing (if he could've even remembered his dad's face, depending on exactly when the 1st user died). Or maybe not since Tenko's hair hadn't fully turned white at that point idk
    • blah blah something something more Deku and Shigaraki parallels I guess
    • Bonus points if this is true along with Momo = Shigaraki's younger sister... at least it would explain why Deku, Momo and Shigaraki all have good analytical skills?? (It would still be too much though)
    • god I hate this so much aksjldfjs it would make the family relationships SO complicated
    • BNHA will become infamous for this plot twist if both this and DFO become canon. Literally every time another series gets a contrived family relation plot twist people will always compare it to BNHA
  • It was Dabi's idea to let Skeptic tag along as a "replacement" for Twice, since Skeptic's Anthropomorph is similar enough to Twice's Double (Dabi is clearly insensitive to Twice's death)
    • If Twice turns out to be alive then Dabi will abandon Skeptic bc "he's not needed anymore" sounds familiar?
      • Bonus points if Dabi (or Toga bc I can see her doing this too) just shoves Skeptic off of Gigantomachia. It would be ironic if Skeptic died the same way Chitose did splat but he probably won't bc he hasn't done anything yet
  • Shigaraki didn't stop making video game metaphors bc he got more mature (he is more mature now, I'm not saying he isn't), he stopped bc he was pressured into becoming a "more serious" villain. He'll start making them again once he's completely free from AFO (ie. Shigaraki gets redeemed)
  • If All For All (AFO+OFA) actually happens, Deku's hair will turn white, and he and Shigaraki will both get green/red heterochromia, so that Deku's appearance matches AFO and Shigaraki's matches AFO's brother this has absolutely nothing to do with Dad For One/Grandpa For All
    • If AFO doesn't have heterochromia, then Deku's heterochromia will match Shigaraki's and the 1st OFA user's instead
  • One of the reasons why Shigaraki would want to free and heal AFO will be bc he wants AFO to stop trying to control Shigaraki's own body
  • (idk if this will ever be confirmed or debunked but) The LoV members are loosely based on the characters from Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass:
    • Toga - Alice/March Hare
    • Shigaraki - White Rabbit
    • Dabi - Cheshire Cat
    • AFO - King/Queen of Hearts / Red King/Queen
      • AFO's brother (not actually a LoV member but) - White King/Queen
    • Mr. Compress - Mad Hatter
    • Twice - Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum
    • Spinner - Bill the Lizard
    • Kurogiri - The Doorknob (bc his Quirk is literally Warp Gate)
    • Giran - The Caterpillar bc they're both high
    • Ujiko - Humpty Dumpty Eggman
  • Possible reason why AFO can interact with Shigaraki as a vestige even though he's still alive, when All Might seemingly can't do the same:
    • AFO has a full copy of his Quirk, while All Might originally only had OFA's embers and is now Quirkless
    • All Might can interact with Deku as a vestige without dying, it's just that he's never attempted to do so
  • If Best Jeanist is alive and enters the battlefield (most likely at the mansion area bc Hawks & Dabi) he'll use his Fiber Master Quirk on Gigantomachia the real reason why Hori gave Giganto pants
  • Dabi will say "I'm not as caring as [insert any Todoroki family member (preferably Natsuo) except Endeavor here]" at some point
  • Mr. Compress' birthday is October 6 (Mad Hatter Day)
  • The 1st OFA user's vestige will try to communicate with Shigaraki (regardless of whether Grandpa For All is true or not)
  • Gigantomachia will jump all the way to the hospital so the "pesky little humans" can't distract him anymore
    • Skeptic will be flung off Giganto in the process, if he hasn't been shoved off yet before the jump idk which would be funnier
  • Mineta will mess up Momo's plan to stop Gigantomachia (regardless of whether he's the traitor or not)
  • Eri has things in common with not just Shigaraki (light blue/white hair and red eyes, along with a bunch of other stuff) but also Toga (demonized by parent[s] for their Quirk). Kota Izumi shares similarities with Dabi (spiky black hair, related to at least 1 pro hero, opposite elemental Quirks) and Twice (parents killed by a villain). There will be a 3rd child that is similar to Spinner and Mr. Compress
  • Narrator!Deku will say something about how he's not the only greatest hero (likely at the end of the series)
  • Every volume that is a multiple of 9 will have a bird-themed character on its cover (so far Volume 9 has Tokoyami + Dark Shadow, Volume 18 has Overhaul with his plague mask, and Volume 27 has Hawks)
  • There will be a chapter titled "One [Good Day? Or something along the lines of that] Is All It Takes" as a reversed version of "All It Takes Is One Bad Day", also to parallel One For All/All For One
  • Nao Shimura and her parents are related to the Shimano family
    • Nao's eyes look similar to Katsuma's and Mahoro's I just need to wait for Season 5 to see if they have the same hair and eye color
    • Nao's name meaning "repair" could be hinting at her having some type of Cell Activation Quirk (repairing cells)
    • Chizuo's name containing "harbor" may be a hint at some of his family members living in an island with a harbor
    • Katsuma and Mahoro's names both have 真 ("ma") which is the same as the one in Mako's name
  • Katsuma accidentally killed his mom with his Cell Activation, by activating some kind of harmful cells like cancer/tumor or bacteria (parallels with Shigaraki and Eri). The grown-ups never told the Shimano siblings what really happened ofc, though iirc at least Mahoro seems to be aware that Katsuma's Quirk is "dangerous"
  • Geten always wears a coat bc he isn't completely resistant to the cold (opposite of Dabi basically. Geten might be covered in frostbite scars for all we know)
  • Endeavor and Hawks will become teachers at UA (possibly foreshadowed by them being included in Chapter 279's color spread along with all the other UA characters [it's unfortunate that Mirko isn't there...])
  • Todoroki and (redeemed?) Dabi will combo attack Geten, based on the parallels between this and this (orange + blue) and between Geten and Nine (I say Todoroki instead of Endeavor bc I can't imagine Endeavor and Dabi ever doing a combo attack together, even if both are fully redeemed)


  • Deku, Bakugo, and/or Todoroki will defeat Ending (beating a villain faster than Endeavor)
  • The "heroes disappeared from the streets" bc that many heroes are involved in raiding the hospital
  • Ujiko's 4 month operation on Shigaraki will be interrupted somehow
    • And it will be partially Dabi, Toga, and/or Geten's fault (I guess it's technically Dabi's fault since this wouldn't have happened if he didn't recruit Hawks)
  • Hawks will try to redeem Twice (yeah I guess this is technically confirmed though I'm still kinda iffy about whether it really counts as a redemption attempt)
  • X-Less will be killed by Shigaraki too obvious?
  • The color spread from Chapter 254 has Shigaraki facing backwards while everyone else is facing forwards which could be foreshadowing either:
    • Toga will betray Shigaraki and join the heroes' side and/or (not yet)
    • Shigaraki's appearance (post surgery) will be changed (his mechanical enhancements count I guess, he also seems more muscular? I'm glad I didn't specify his face changing bc it literally looks exactly the same as before)
  • Gigantaxi will be a thing (basically Gigantomachia carrying the PLF members)
    • Fat Gum will say something about Gigantomachia "copying" his Fataxi [not yet? I have a feeling this won't happen tbh]


  • Spinner's Quirk can make things spin around (hence his villain name), he hasn't used it yet since joining the LoV bc he thinks it's ridiculous but the Quirk will actually turn out to be useful/powerful
  • The dinner at Todoroki's house will be crashed (or at least interrupted)
  • Dabi will save Natsuo/defeat Ending
  • The You Say Run leitmotif will be in Jiro's song :(
  • If Twice is offered a chance of redemption, he'll "split" bc he can't choose between being saved/quitting being a villain and staying loyal to the LoV
    • If the splitting is somehow literal (becoming 2 different people, maybe by creating a clone that has the evil part of his personality while the original only keeps the good part or vice versa) then Evil Twice will stick with the LoV/PLF while Good Twice will join Hawks and the heroes
  • Chapter 280 color spread predictions:
    • It will feature the villains (Hori pls,,), Class 1-B (if this is the case then hopefully Shinso will be there too) and/or more pro heroes (Mirko!!!!!)
    • It will basically be a mirrored version of Chapter 279's color spread with different characters (31 characters, more or less)
    • It will reveal who's the one with the camera going around taking pictures of everyone
    • It will have the central character (Shigaraki maybe??) holding up 1 finger (this + Deku's 5 fingers [left hand] in Chapter 279's color spread = 6 [year anniversary])
      • Bonus points if the last 2 are the same character (makes sense since they'd be the only one not being photographed, like Deku)
    • I guess I had way too high expectations bc "anniversary" (during a big arc no less) jkasjldf the Mina color page is still cool though!! (Someday I hope we get an anniversary color spread with villains though... someday...)

Images where Iida totally should've been in them but is missing

I may or may not make these for other characters too (like Todoroki or Ochaco)

unholy trinity

absolutely cursed


New and Improved™ Class 1-A

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All Might True Form



(I may or may not replace the current favorite characters section with this one day)

aka depressed trio
2nd faves
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