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Favorite characters

Overall faves

Class 1-A rankings

(tbh it was very hard to rank them in order bc I like most of the students pretty similarly)

  • 1-2: favorite students
  • 3-13: not exactly favorites but still like them a lot
  • 14-19: don't care about them as much but still kinda like them
  • 20: least favorite (overall, not just out of Class 1-A)
  1. Tenya Iida
  2. Shoto Todoroki
  3. Eijiro Kirishima
  4. Katsuki Bakugo
  5. Izuku Midoriya
  6. Ochaco Uraraka
  7. Momo Yaoyorozu
  8. Mina Ashido
  9. Tsuyu Asui
  10. Denki Kaminari
  11. Fumikage Tokoyami
  12. Kyoka Jiro
  13. Hanta Sero
  14. Yuga Aoyama
  15. Mezo Shoji
  16. Mashirao Ojiro
  17. Koji Koda
  18. Toru Hagakure
  19. Rikido Sato
  20. Minoru Mineta why hasn't Aizawa expelled him yet


Other favorites

Yeah you get the idea, the first ones are always my favorites lol

Random BNHA opinions

Something like this technically belongs in a blog post but I don't feel like making one
(this is also partially bc I can't write comments on articles so I'm writing everything here instead)

  • King Explosion Murder/Lord Explosion Murder is a good hero name, you guys are just mean
    • Same goes for Alien Queen btw though Pinky is cool too
    • Speaking of hero names I definitely don't want Kacchan to be Bakugo's hero name, no thank you (I'm honestly surprised Bakugo still lets Deku call him that)
    • Also I wouldn't mind either way if Todoroki keeps his current hero name "Shoto" or gets a new one (though Icy Hot is kinda ridiculous tbh, I know people mean it as a joke/meme but still)
    • btw Eraser Head is a terrible hero name I blame Present Mic
  • I prefer the full title My Hero Academia, but when it comes to acronyms I prefer BNHA for some reason (maybe bc I see people using that one more so I'm more used to it...?)
  • I don't want Hisashi Midoriya to be a villain (and especially not All For One... e u g h) but at the same time I don't want him to be too normal either?? Like I want him to have some significance in the story without being outright evil
  • If the traitor is any of Class 1-A's students (other than Mineta lol) I'm gonna be mad
    • Wait actually if the traitor is literally anyone other than Mineta then I'd be upset lmao
  • I want AFO to be the "final boss" instead of Shigaraki just bc I want to see Deku beat the hecc outta him
    • Though if Shigaraki kills AFO himself sweet sweet revenge and then becomes the final boss then... that'd be acceptable I guess
    • Alternatively: Deku and (redeemed??) Shigaraki combo attack on AFO and kill him instantly
      Attack name: All for All Double United States of Smash or something like that
  • I'm not really a fan of Class 1-B except for Itsuka Kendo and discount Kirishima I mean Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
  • I'm disappointed that Ujiko isn't a female villain like what I've seen some people theorize based on the name and I hate him already (not bc he's male but bc of other reasons)
    • Now I'm disappointed that Geten also turned out to be a guy
  • I hope the anime expands on the Ryukyu Squad vs. Rikiya Katsukame battle (iirc the anime also expanded on less-focused-on battles from the U.A. Sports Festival Arc and the Final Exams Arc)
    • tbh I kinda have less hope of this happening now
    • So this kinda ended up not happening but tbh I don't mind all that much
  • I haven't read Illegals yet but Chizome Akaguro looks better as Stendhal than as Stain
  • I don't really understand why some people complain about Deku getting "too much" focus I mean... I like the other characters too but Deku's literally the main protagonist??? Like of course he'd get the most focus
  • I don't want Shigaraki to kill All Might, but if that does end up happening then Deku better kill AFO
  • I don't think Mirio should stay Quirkless, he deserves to get his Quirk back after everything he's done
  • I can't believe Shigaraki is (1cm) shorter than Todoroki
    • I also can't believe Dabi is the exact same height as Todoroki
      • I can however believe Dabi is taller than Shigaraki, what I can't believe is that they're only 1cm apart
  • I really enjoyed the first movie but I don't like how AFO was shoehorned in the plot at the last minute it made me hate him more
  • I think Iida looks better with blue eyes than with red eyes
    • I also think Shigaraki looks better with light blue hair than with white/gray hair, imo he looks a little blander with white hair since the rest of his color scheme is already mostly black (with a little red)
  • All Might's appearance in Jump Force makes me very uncomfortable
  • Jiro is a part of Bakusquad, if you leave her out you're wrong
  • I am SO hyped for the Team Up Mission spinoff
    • I'd be so disappointed if Nine was actually able to steal Deku's OFA though
  • Why is Shigaraki's hair freaking glowing now*
    (*as of Chapter 238)
  • I'm curious about who Horikoshi's favorite BNHA character is (idk if he's ever said who his fave is)
  • Kaminari (presumably) doing the Meta Liberation Army's 'L' pose in Chapter 241 is making me worry the "Kaminari = traitor" theory might be true oh god please no
    • Chapter 242 actually brought up the whole traitor thing and now I'm even more concerned
  • I can't believe can't-ya-see-kun has his own page on this wiki
  • Class 1-A + Eri's Christmas outfits in Chapter 242 were so cute omg
  • It's probably too late for me to say this but I'm disappointed Chitose Kizuki was killed (and so early too)
  • Centipeder's voice in the anime was... unexpected to say the least
  • I feel like the Endeavor Agency Arc ended a lot earlier than I expected Toya/Dabi backstory when
  • If Shigaraki's actually getting multiple Quirks then I kinda hope one of them is some kind of telekinesis, at the very least it would be useful for him to be able to move things around without accidentally decaying them, also it would look cool ig
  • ...Yeah I admit I'm one of the people who's been disappointed with Episode 74's animation or should I say lack of animation but I still loved pretty much everything else about the episode though
  • I hope the series will introduce a character based on rubberhose animations (I just think they're neat)
  • Deku's final punch(es?) in Episode 76 gave me One Punch Man vibes consecutive normal punches
  • Just realized that the Shie Hassaikai Raid is actually a positive example of "all for one" (all the heroes trying their best to save one girl) 🤔
  • I'd rather Hawks die than become a villain (I mean I don't want either of them to happen but if I had to choose one...)
  • Another theory that I'm not a big fan of: Bakugo (and/or another character) time traveling to the past and becoming one of the OFA users pls no imagine all the paradoxes it could create

Random BNHA theories/predictions

This also belongs in a blog post but again I don't want to make one

These don't really have solid evidence, they're just for fun lol (also I don't necessarily believe in all of these)

Warning for scanlation spoilers

  • Shigaraki, Dabi, and/or Toga (the big 3 "main trio" of the League of Villains) will be redeemed HORIKOSHI PLEASE
  • Toga is related to a hero (so basically the LoV's main trio are all related to heroes in some way)
    • Toga is unable to transform into anyone she's related to, which is how the point above will be revealed
  • If someone were to gain both One For All and All For One, the Quirks will cancel each other out and make the user effectively Quirkless (either the Quirk Factors will destroy each other OR the Quirks will remain dormant but unusable within the user, if the latter's the case then the user may still be able to sense the presence of OFA's (and possibly even AFO's) predecessors and have dreams of them)
    • This is how Deku will defeat the final boss (Shigaraki or AFO) by forcibly passing on OFA to him, though Deku himself will still be able to use OFA for some time
  • Alternatively: if someone gains both OFA and AFO, the Quirks will merge and become a new more powerful Quirk (All For All? One For One?)
    • Deku and (redeemed?) Shigaraki will give each other OFA/AFO to combine their Quirks and finally truly kill defeat AFO (who could still use the leftover embers of his Quirk to fight them even after passing it on to Shigaraki)
  • Overhaul will be turned into a Nomu
  • All Might will remain alive by the end of the series OR he'll die but not the way Sir Nighteye predicted
  • AFO has a 'zero/none' pun somewhere in his real name
  • Dabi will lose his left eye (as a parallel to Todoroki's and Endeavor's scars around their left eyes, but since Dabi already has scars near both his eyes he'll lose an entire eye instead)
  • Shigaraki will be saved (from whatever danger he's in at that moment) by Deku at some point
  • Shinso will play a part in defeating Gigantomachia (since Shinso can alter his voice he'll be able to make himself sound like AFO and trick Gigantomachia into getting brainwashed)
  • Class 1-A will form a Hero Team after graduating and becoming Pro Heroes
  • AFO had a hand in Shigaraki killing his whole family (or at least believing he killed them)
    • Some/all of those hands aren't even actually from Shigaraki's family members
      • The hands are actually from the 7 predecessors of OFA
        • The one surviving hand is from either AFO's brother, Nana Shimura, or the 2nd or 3rd user
        • One of the OFA users had at least 3 hands which is where the "bonus" hand was from, but it's not actually their Quirk (just one of those "mutant" features unrelated to Quirk) so Deku won't grow an extra hand or something
    • The random dude in a suit at the beginning of the flashback in Chapter 235 is actually AFO (who has already given Shigaraki his Quirk at that point)
  • While Deku will become the greatest hero, Bakugo will become the #1 hero
    • Alternatively, Deku and Bakugo will share the #1 spot on the Hero Billboard Chart
  • Shigaraki will become Quirkless (regardless of whether the OFA + AFO = Quirkless theory above is true or not) near the end of the series (opposite of how Deku was Quirkless at the beginning but later gained a Quirk)
  • If/when Best Jeanist retires from being a hero, he will become a hero costume designer (if he isn't killed by Hawks that is)
  • All Might's sclera actually did change from white to black as he aged, this is a "mutant" feature that he inherited (like Mina's black sclera + horns and Tokoyami's bird head which have nothing to do with their Quirks)
  • There's a Twice clone somewhere out there who managed to escaped during the whole clone fight
  • Eri will grow a second horn (on the left side of her forehead) that lets her "fast-forward" living beings
  • Dabi's backstory will be similar/parallel to Kirishima's (we already know they both dyed their hair, or at least Dabi presumably dyed his hair from red to black while in Kirishima's case it's the other way around, their hairstyle also became pointier and they've both hurt themselves with their Quirks)
  • There will be a character whose Quirk doesn't affect characters that are currently Quirkless and/or characters that were born Quirkless
  • Shigaraki's hair will grow long enough for him to tie it up like Nana's hair
  • Momo is Shigaraki's younger sister who got separated from the Shimura family at a young age and adopted by the Yaoyorozu family (so the LoV's main trio + AFO all have at least 1 younger sibling)
    (as for why Momo: she looks similar to Nana and shares a similar name pattern, and her Creation is opposite of Shigaraki's Decay)
  • AFO's Quirk-stealing Quirk is a combination of a Quirk-copying Quirk and a Quirk-erasing Quirk he inherited from each of his parents, while his brother's transferring Quirk was a mutation
  • Dabi will unlock ice powers (possibly at some point after losing his left eye [so he'd only have 1 blue eye on the right side, visually it would be opposite to Todoroki's left eye being blue] if that actually happens) but it will obviously be weaker than Todoroki's
    • The Todoroki family's fire powers are connected to their blue eyes somehow, so if/when Dabi loses his left eye he'll lose his fire powers on his left side and instead gain ice powers in its place (so he'd really be like an opposite, unbalanced version of Todoroki basically)
      • Dabi's natural hair color will also change so it's white on his left side and red on his right side but the change won't be visible until his black hair dye is removed/faded obviously
      • If Dabi loses both his eyes or Todoroki loses his left eye then they'd lose all their fire powers and be able to use ice powers on both sides, but if Endeavor loses both his eyes then he'd be effectively Quirkless
  • Geten is related to the Todoroki family
  • Shigaraki will find out about Dabi's past and try to manipulate him into killing his whole family (instead of just Endeavor)
  • Best Jeanist is still alive (his corpse that Hawks showed Dabi is fake)
  • Eri's Rewind's power is accumulated from eating sugar (her horn grew after eating a candy apple)
    • Sato will play a part in helping Eri control her Quirk since his Sugar Rush is also activated by sugar
  • Mineta is the traitor I just HAD to include this
    • After Mineta is revealed to be the traitor (and kicked out of UA or killed or whatever) Shinso will take his place in Class 1-A
    • Since Mineta apparently still wants to be a hero he's actually planning to either betray the LoV or just never get caught as traitor ever, however he will fail
  • If the traitor is someone other than Mineta, they will be redeemed
  • Deku's last fight in the Shie Hassaikai Arc is foreshadowing what his final battle at the end of the series will be like:
    • Deku will "save" Shigaraki (parallel with Eri)
      • All Might (parallel with Mirio) will also be involved in saving Shigaraki, though he'll sacrifice something of his in the process (since he's already Quirkless unlike Mirio, he may lose his life instead)
    • Shigaraki will help Deku defeat AFO (parallel with Overhaul)
    • After the fight, Eri will significantly harm AFO in some way (parallel to how Shigaraki cut off Overhaul's arms)
  • The "destruction of the LoV" mentioned by Spinner in Chapter 222 hasn't happened in the Meta Liberation Army Arc (it's not referring to the creation of the Paranormal Liberation Front) and will happen later
  • There will be some kind of conflict/battle between Toga and Iida (since Toga has crushes on Deku, Ochaco, and Stain she'll hate Iida when she finds out he's bffs with Deku and Ochaco and started the fight against Stain that led to him getting locked up; alternatively she could fall in love with him instead for basically the same reasons but that would be way too repetitive at this point)
  • Toga secretly hates herself, which is why she's so obsessed with becoming someone else that she loves
    • Toga's character arc will involve her learning to love herself (regardless of if she'll be redeemed or not)
    • She's trapped in this cycle of sorts (which she has to break free from eventually):
      Toga hates herself -> Her desire to become someone else increases -> Her obsession with blood worsens (as her Transform can only be activated by drinking blood) -> She kills someone and drinks their blood and transforms into them -> She enjoys at first but later regrets and feels guilty -> The guilt makes her hate herself even more -> Repeat
    • Toga's constant smiling and her telling herself she's "happy" and "normal" are her coping mechanism (trying to repress her self hate and guilt)
  • Dabi will claim that his [the whole "driven to villainy" part of his backstory] wasn't unfortunate/tragic like what Toga and Shigaraki did with theirs (Toga said she's "not unfortunate at all" and Shigaraki said him killing his family "wasn't a tragedy")
  • Toga's "counterpart" (like how Shigaraki's is Deku and Dabi's is Todoroki) is Bakugo, not Ochaco, and this is foreshadowed by their MLA opponents' and hero counterparts' Quirks:
    • Shigaraki's opponent Re-Destro's Stress is an accumulation Quirk that makes markings form on his body and even has percentages, as is Deku's OFA
    • Dabi's opponent Geten's Quirk is ice manipulation, as is part of Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot
    • Toga's opponent Chitose's Landmine causes explosions, as does Bakugo's Explosion (even Chitose's Curious Flattener is kinda similar to Bakugo's Grenadier Bracers)
    • Toga and Bakugo being counterparts will have something to do with 1. their self esteem issues (see Toga hates herself theory above) 2. how their Quirks affected the way others treated them and 3. possibly how their Quirks affected their personalities negatively (making them more violent)
      • It makes sense for Toga and Bakugo to be counterparts since Toga, Shigaraki, and Dabi are the LoV's main trio while Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki are the main trio on the hero/UA side (main quartets if you add AFO and All Might [obviously counterparts of each other] to each side respectively)
      • Ochaco, Iida, Kirishima, etc. probably don't even have counterparts bc they're not as important as the main trio/quartet, same goes for less important villains like Twice, Mr. Compress, Spinner, etc.
        (they could still have parallels like Ochaco & Toga and Kirishima & Dabi but they won't be THE counterparts)
  • Hawks will try to "save" Dabi (after learning about his past) but be killed by Geten (based on the whole "Icarus flying too close to the sun" myth that everyone already loves comparing Hawks and Dabi [and/or Endeavor] to, but what really killed Icarus was the ocean where he drowned; ice is basically solid water)
    • Bonus points if Geten creates ice by freezing an entire ocean during his fight with Hawks
  • Toga's sibling(s?) is attending/will attend UA high school
    • They'll befriend Todoroki and Momo (forming a trio of heroic younger siblings with villainous older siblings; see Momo is Shigaraki's younger sister theory above)
  • Endeavor will sacrifice himself while trying to protect Todoroki and/or Dabi
  • If Twice is offered a chance of redemption, he'll "split" bc he can't choose between being saved (especially if redeemed!Toga is the one trying to save him) and staying loyal to the LoV
  • Ujiko's 4 month surgery(?) on Shigaraki will be interrupted somehow
    • And it will be partially Dabi, Toga, and/or Geten's fault (maybe not straight up betrayal but they'll do something reckless that gets all of PLF in trouble)
  • Dabi and Toga will get Origin chapters
  • The 2 silhouetted OFA users in this scene (likely the 2nd & 3rd) were forced to inherit OFA, so they're more reluctant to help Deku (which is why they're not reaching out towards him)
    • And/or they were morally bad/ambiguous in some way
  • Dabi's hair isn't dyed, it got singed to black when he was set aflame back during that incident
  • At some point after finding out Dabi = Toya, Endeavor will have that dream with his family being happy again except this time Dabi/Toya's also there
  • Geten and Re-Destro will be killed by Dabi and Shigaraki respectively
  • Possible parallels between LoV's main trio and the Big 3:
    • Obviously there are 2 guys and a girl in each group
    • Shigaraki & Nejire have light blue hair, Toga & Mirio have blond hair, Dabi & Tamaki have dark hair
      (I know blond and dark hairs are really common in the BNHA universe but it's the fact that they're each specifically grouped into trios that matters)
    • Quirk parallels:
      • Dabi's Cremation and Nejire's Wave Motion are both Emitter Quirks with repercussions that affect themselves when overused (Nejire gets exhausted and Dabi gets himself burnt)
      • Toga's Transform and Tamaki's Manifest are Transformation Quirks that are activated by consuming a part of what they want to turn themselves (wholly/partially) into
      • Shigaraki's Decay and Mirio's Permeation aren't that similar (other than letting them go through obstacles I guess) but it's possible Decay isn't Shigaraki's original Quirk and/or he'll end up Quirkless like Mirio currently is
  • Hisashi Midoriya will be more similar to Jack Midoriya from the My Hero oneshot
  • Dabi will confront Endeavor when he's alone at his old house
  • Something bad will happen to Nejire (possible parallel between Nejire, Mirio & Tamaki and Oboro Shirakumo, Present Mic & Aizawa respectively based on hair color and personality)
  • The color spread from Chapter 254 has Shigaraki facing backwards while everyone else is facing forwards which could be foreshadowing either:
    • Toga will betray Shigaraki and join the heroes' side and/or
    • Shigaraki's appearance (post surgery) will be changed
  • Ujiko won't be able to steal/copy OFA but he will copy AFO's brother's original Quirk that will let AFO transfer his Quirk to Shigaraki which Ujiko and AFO will 100% regret once Shigaraki beats them both to the ground
  • Todoroki, Ochaco, and/or Iida be the next one(s) to learn about OFA probably too obvious but whatever
  • Seeing Shigaraki again will remind Kurogiri of Aizawa
  • All Might will get in a coma instead of dying immediately, while comatose he will also be able to contact Deku through his dreams as a vestige


  • Deku, Bakugo, and/or Todoroki will defeat Ending (beating a villain faster than Endeavor)


  • Spinner's Quirk can make things spin around (hence his villain name), he hasn't used it yet since joining the LoV bc he thinks it's ridiculous but the Quirk will actually turn out to be useful/powerful
  • The dinner at Todoroki's house will be crashed (or at least interrupted)
  • Dabi will save Natsuo Todoroki/defeat Ending

Images where Iida totally should've been in them but is missing

I may or may not make these for other characters too (like Todoroki or Ochaco)

New and Improved™ Class 1-A

What do you mean this isn't canon



All Might True Form



(I may or may not replace the current favorite characters section with this one day)

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