aka Kirigou-Chan

  • Bio Yo wassup, losers? As you can tell, I am Kirigou, (guess the ships, baka's) but anyways, welcome! Feel free to message me anytime, but I won't be able to message you back instantly. Caught up with classes. Bye, losers.
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Um. Hi. Hopefully no villains find this. So. Hi. I'm Kirigou Bakugou. Um. I am the son of Kirishima and Bakugou. Yeah. Um. Here I guess.

Quirk: Ultimate: I can control anyone's quirk. I can also make up my own quirk.

Age: 16

Gender: Lol male

Father(s): Kirishima, Bakugou

Personality: Mix of Kirishima and Bakugou. More of bakugou tho tbh

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