Welcome to My User Page!

Hi, I am Kakarots and I've been contributing to wikia since 2013. I worked on quite a few wikis since then, if you need help on this wiki or another just ask on my massage wall.
Wikis I Work on The Most
Wiki User Right Edits
My Hero Academia Wiki Content Moderator 3000+
Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki Bureaucrat 200+
Dr. Stone Wiki Bureaucrat 400+
Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki Bureaucrat 200+
Act Age wiki Bureaucrat ???

Favorite Characters

1. Mirio Togata 2. Atsuhiro Sako
Class 1-A vs. Mirio Togata Compress gets his revenge
Quirk Permeation Quirk Compress
3. Gran Torino 4. Enji Todoroki 5. Ken Takagi
Young Gran Torino Endeavor Profile [[File:Lock Rock Full Body.png|190px]]
Quirk Jet Quirk Hell Flame Quirk Lock Down
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