aka galixy

  • I live in somewhere over the rainbow
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is artist cosplayer roleplayer
  • I am does it matter
  • Bio hi I'm galixy my favorite characters is Kirishima sundew and some others I am weeb trash and a shipper don't judge me based on that please and I'm an artist ( I drew my profile picture ) be patient with me I am bad at spelling don't get my quirk mixed with demon its dragon
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My favorite pages


my OCs ( these are from many different fandoms and games )

Blu moon (male tabaxi cat he is a thief and does not trust easily)

Ender Brixin ( female Dragonborn she is a fighter and my first character ever her name is a reference ( guess if you want )

Luciana aka enchantress ( female she is a mafia type villain and she can enchant things )

Puppeteer ( male ( have not come up with his actual name yet) he can control peoples movements also a villain )

Bloodmoon (male nightwing animus with blood-red scales )

Reef ( male seawing smiles a lot, insane )

Slush ( female icewing ( Ive got nothing to say about her)

Delta (female seawing head of dragonet care )

Polar Bear ( male king of the icewings )

katsune ( specialises in fire magic )

I will add more when I have time

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