Dragon Bone

  • I live in Singapore
  • My occupation is Student (forever)
  • I am A Boy

Quick Intro

Greetings! I'm Dragon Bone.

Originally from Majin Bone Wiki as my first official wiki project, and now shifting to focus in other wiki projects and picking up more of the ropes.

Slowly expanded my way through wiki edits from Majin Bone -> Ace of Diamond -> Haikyuu! -> Boku no Hero Academia -> SKET DANCE. Basically gaining experience through knowledge and info collecting.

And definitely yes, I'm a MHA fan since the day when first chapter started! Actually it was on a Weekly Shonen Jump issue that got me interested.

Current MHA Wikia Project

  • Improvement to layout and appearance
  • Providing additional news and information

I'm a wildcard editor. Not joining any Departments at the moment.

Point of Contact

Ways to look for me

  • Scribble a nice message to my wall
  • Drop a sweet comment in my favourite topics
  • Find me on reddit (I've just started there as a newbie, under BakugouKatsuki)
  • See me occasionally ninja-appear in live chat
  • Steal my Grenadier Bracers?
  • ...and possibly another 101 ways to find me

My Wiki Experience

  • Majin Bone [retired 12 June 2015]
  • Boku no Hero Academia [currently on extended hiatus :(]

Favorite Characters

Top 5 Favorites
Katsuki Bakugo Portrait Eijiro Kirishima Portrait Izuku Midoriya Portrait Shoto Todoroki Portrait Denki Kaminari Portrait
Katsuki Bakugo
No. 1
Eijiro Kirishima
No. 2
Izuku Midoriya
No. 3
Shoto Todoroki
No. 4
Denki Kaminari
No. 5

Favorite Quotes

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