U.A. Students vs. Kurogiri is a battle fought between the Class 1-A students, Tenya Iida, Mezo Shoji, Ochaco Uraraka, Hanta Sero and Rikido Sato against the Villain Kurogiri during the U.S.J. Incident.


Tenya runs from Kurogiri

Tenya runs from Kurogiri.

Kurogiri attempts to stop Tenya Iida from escaping from the U.S.J. and warning the Pro Heroes of the villain's invasion. Thirteen tries to stop the villain by activating his Black Hole Quirk.

Kurogiri is able to turn the Pro Hero's Quirk against himself by creating a Warp Gate behind him. Thirteen's highly destructive Black Hole caused him serious self-damage and took him out of the fight. With the Pro Hero out of the way, Kurogiri turns his attention toward the remaining students.[1]


As Thirteen falls to the ground in defeat, Tenya is encouraged by Rikido Sato to start running to the exit. Tenya uses his Engine legs to flee but is quickly caught when Kurogiri opens a warp gate in front of him. 

Ochaco grabs Kurogiri

Ochaco exposes Kurogiri's weakness.

Mezo Shoji leaps into the fray and grabs Kurogiri, saving Tenya and allowing him to continue running. The warp villain is quick to break free and continues his pursuit.

As Tenya nears the door, Kurogiri intercepts him yet again. Ochaco locates Kurogiri's true body hidden under his neck armor and exposes his weakness. She grabs onto the armor and renders the villain weightless with her Quirk before tossing him high into the air. 

Hanta Sero sticks a length of tape onto Kurogiri's armor and passes it to Rikido. Rikido uses his enhanced strength to throw the weightless villain into the air and give Tenya the chance he needed to finally escape. Free of pursuit, Tenya pries open the doors to the U.S.J. and runs at his maximum speed to the main U.A. campus.[2]


Tenya Iida's successful escape from the U.S.J. allows him to encounter All Might on his way to the school. Kurogiri's defeat and failure to stop Tenya would earn him Tomura Shigaraki's displeasure.[2]

Tenya later reaches the rest of the teachers at U.A. Tenya's escape would prove crucial in gathering the reinforcements necessary to drive away the villains from the U.S.J. facility. [3]


  • In the manga, Hanta Sero alone is responsible for throwing Kurogiri into the distance but the anime changes that role to Rikido Sato.[4]


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