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|anime debut=
|anime debut=
{{Nihongo|'''Twin Impact'''|ツインインパクト|Tsuin Inpakuto}} is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Nirengeki Shoda]].
{{Nihongo|'''Twin Impact'''|ツインインパクト|Tsuin Inpakuto}} is the [[Quirk]] used by [[Nirengeki Shoda]].

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Twin Impact (ツインインパクト Tsuin Inpakuto?) is the Quirk used by Nirengeki Shoda.


Twin Impact allows Nirengeki to, at the site of any initial impact, create a second impact remotely and at his discretion. The second impact will be many times stronger than the initial one.[1]


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 210.

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