Tsutsutaka Agoyamato ( (あご) 大和 (やまと) (つつ) (たか) Agoyamato Tsutsutaka?)[1] is a student in U.A. High School's General Department.


Tsutsutaka is a tall young man with a large chin and dark hair in the shape of a pompadour, similar to the shape of his chin.

During school hours, Tsutsutaka wears the standard uniform of U.A.


Not much is currently known about Tsutsutaka's personality.


U.A. School Festival Arc

Tsutsutaka was having a talk with Chikuchi Togeike, one of his fellow General Department students, where they criticized Class 1-A and their decision to hold a live show to lift the rest of the school's spirits. Katsuki Bakugo overheard this exchange and the students shot him dirty looks, enraging him. This played a part in Katsuki wanting to make 1-A's performance a resounding success so as to silence their critics.[2] On the day of the Festival, Tsutsutaka remains openly sceptical of Class 1-A.[3] His attitude changes completely however, when he sees their performance and is blown away. After the Festival is over he and Chikuchi come up to Class 1-A and apologize, leaving most of them bewildered but Katsuki in glee.[4]


  • Tsutsutaka's name is comprised of the kanji for "chin, jaw" (?), "ancient Japan" (大和?), "tube, cylinder" (?), and "prosperous, thriving or brawny" (?).


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