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Template:Character Hakamata Tsunagu (袴田 維 Hakamata Tsunagu)[1] also known as Best Jeanist (ベスト ジー二スト Besuto Jīnisuto?) is a Pro-Hero and recipient of the "Best Genist" award for eight consecutive years.[2]


Best Jeanist is a young man with light-colored hair. His mouth isn't visible because of his long collar which resembles jeans with a belt. In fact both his jacket and his pants seem to made of the same material as jeans pants. He also wears light-colored shoes.


Best Jeanist doesn't seem to like brutish people and he seems to be have a very heroic attitude as he wants to show Katsuki what makes someone a real hero.


Entrance Exam Arc

Best Jeanist was mentioned alongside All Might and Endeavor.

Field Training Arc

Katsuki's workplace of choice is revealed to be Best Jeanist's hero office. In the office, Best Jeanist deduces that Katsuki chose him and his office because he ranks among the top five Heroes. Katsuki replies that he nominated him, to which Best Jeanist says he did since the other candidates have been good kids and it has been a while since someone like Katsuki has come along, telling Katsuki that reforming brutish people is what he does as a Hero. Best Jeanist tells Katsuki that he will show him what it is that makes people Heroes.[3]

After Stain's defeat is published, the incident that occured with the Hero Killer is on Katsuki's mind; Best Jeanist states that the incident is also on his mind but they must remain calm and collected; Best Jeanist tells Katsuki and his side kicks that they will be running things smoothly as usual.[4]

Quirk and Abilities

Unnamed Quirk: He can freely control textiles as long as the person is wearing clothes This makes Best Jeanist really powerful.


  • His favourite animal is the wolf.[1]


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