Tsumuji Kazetani (風谷旋 Kazetani Tsumuji?), also known as Gust Boy (ガストボーイ Gasuto Bōi?), is an original villain from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.


Tsumuji Kazetani sketch

Tsumuji has light brown skin and a somewhat muscular physique. He has teal hair that he ties into a ponytail, and an elongated face. His Quirk mutated his hands, giving him very flexible wrists and slick, durable bright orange fingers. He wears a black sleeveless unitard with a purple belt, has a small desk fan attached to the back and teal sneakers with similar fans attached to them. A pair of goggles protects his eyes during combat.


Little is known about his personality.



Fan: Tsumuji has the ability to create wind and tornadoes by spinning his wrists, but it can only be used for a maximum of one minute, otherwise it will result in Tenosynovitis. His head is shaped and works like a hair dryer, and when using his quirk, his hair resembles an electric fan.


He carries multiple knives and a blade shaped like a paper fan.


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