Toshinori Yagi vs. Sludge Villain is a battle fought between the Number One Pro Hero: All Might and the Sludge Villain.


All Might notices the Sludge Villain robbing civilians for cash around noon in Musutafu, Japan. The Sludge Villain flees into the sewers and eventually happens upon Izuku Midoriya in an alleyway. In an attempt to hide from the all famous pro, the villain tries to use his quirk to kill Izuku and take over his body.


Just before Izuku Midoriya is suffocated to death, All Might arrives in the alleyway and hits the villain with a sewer lid. The Sludge Villain is shocked by All Might's arrival and tries to strike him with an overhead swipe using his liquid arm. All Might ducks the attack and rushes at the evil-doer. The Sludge Villain attempts to attack him again with another swipe.

All Might firmly plants his foot and unleashes a powerful Texas Smash. The shockwave from his punch is enough the blow the villain to pieces, rescuing Izuku from his evil clutches.


All Might traps the scattered Sludge Villain inside two soda bottles. He wakes up Izuku, who fell unconscious due to suffocation. Izuku wakes up and meets his childhood idol for the first time.

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