Forest Training Camp Arc


Wild, Wild Pussycats.

Students from U.A. High School travel to the Pussycat's reserve to train over the summer. Ragdoll and the Wild, Wild Pussycats introduce themselves to Class 1-B on the second day of camp. Ragdoll explains that her Quirk allows her to read everyone's location and stats simultaneously, allowing her to keep an eye on all forty students from both classes. She reassures Class 1-B that the team is perfectly capable of watching everyone.

That evening, Ragdoll and Pixie-Bob hand out ingredients for the students to cook curry for dinner. Even though the students are tired from a long day of training, Ragdoll reminds them still to put in the effort in making delicious food.[1]

The next day, Ragdoll and the Pussycats tell the students they will participate in a test of courage that night. When that time comes, Ragdoll and the team explain the rules. Class 1-B will populate the forest and try to scare Class 1-A as they pass through it.[2] During the Vanguard Action Squad's attack on the training camp, the Nomu attacks Ragdoll and wanders around clutching her headphones. After the attack, it is reported that Ragdoll has disappeared without a trace.[3]

Before the Pro Heroes and the Police Force invade the League of Villains' hideouts, Tiger reveals that Ragdoll was also kidnapped during the Vanguard Action Squad's raid on the training camp and he was going to rescue her.[4]

Hideout Raid Arc

Tiger finds Ragdoll

Tiger finds Ragdoll unconscious.

Ragdoll was taken to the League of Villains' warehouse after being kidnapped. At the League of Villains' warehouse, Ragdoll is rescued by Tiger after he, Best Jeanist, and Mt. Lady infiltrate the warehouse.[5] She is, however, completely unresponsive, which worries her partner. Moments later, All For One appears, revealing that he has taken her Quirk for himself, which caused her to enter a comatose state, having wanted it for a while and using the attack on camp as the perfect opportunity to get it. The villain then destroys the building, blasting away the heroes.[6] Tiger manages to keep hold of Ragdoll, protecting her.[7]

Pussycats comfort Tomoko

Ragdoll's teammates comfort her.

As All Might fights All For One, Tiger holds onto Ragdoll while rescuing the woman All Might protected from All For One's attack.[8]

After the battle, Tiger returns home with Ragdoll. When Ragdoll regains consciousness, her teammates comfort her as she cries over her stolen Quirk and the end of her career as a hero.[9]

Pro Hero Arc

The Pussycats visit U.A. and Ragdoll accompanies them to the dorms where she excitedly takes part in the introduction with her teammates. When asked by Izuku Midoriya if she was returning to hero work, she replied that she has decided to happily support her team from their agency after mentioning her Quirk might not return after the rest of the team went to see All For One.[10]


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