U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Team Tsunotori

Pony and Togaru team up.

Togaru placed 35th in the Obstacle Race and teamed up with Pony Tsunotori for the Cavalry Battle. He then attempted to go after Team Monoma along with Team Kodai after the former managed to trap Team Bakugo with Kojiro Bondo's Quirk. Togaru and Pony end up getting knocked out of the match by Kosei Tsuburaba's Solid Air Quirk.

They don't get enough points and they are eliminated from the competition.[1][2]

Forest Training Camp Arc

Class 1-B prepares to train their Quirks

Class 1-B prepares for Quirk training.

Like the rest of his classmates in Class 1-B, he travels to the training camp. On the second day, he listens along with the rest of his class as their homeroom teacher Vlad King, who explains them that they will be training their Quirks to improve them.The Wild, Wild Pussycats appear to explain that they will be there to help and guide them in their training.[3]

Later that night, Class 1-B acts as the scaring group during the test of courage. However, with the ambush of the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains the fun is interrupted. Togaru was among the 15 students that were in critical condition thanks to Mustard's Gas.[4] He is rescued later by Shota during the aftermath of the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion.[5].

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Neito Monoma reveals that all of class 1-B have passed the Provisional License Exam.[6]

U.A. School Festival Arc

Togaru is briefly seen helping his classmates to prepare their theatrical performance "Romeo, Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the Kings!" for the School Festival.[7] However, it seems that he does not participate in the actual play.

Joint Training Arc

Round 4 Start!

Round 4 start!

Togaru and the rest of Class 1-B arrive at the Joint Training Battle with Neito Monoma loudly claiming that the momentum is now moving to their side. Upon selecting teams, Togaru is paired up with Setsuna Tokage, Kojiro Bondo, and Yosetsu Awase against Katsuki, Kyoka Jiro, Rikido Sato, and Hanta Sero for the fourth match.[8]

During the match, Togaru follows the strategy of Setsuna to attack Katsuki's teammates, avoiding, as far as possible, the direct confrontation against him. Setsuna tells him to take care of Kyoka first since she is the most troublesome. Just as Togaru is about to land a fatal blow, Katsuki appears and intercepts him and blasting him with an Explosion at point-blank range.[9]

Sharp Edge

Togaru traps Team 4-A with his blades.

A bewildered Togaru struggles to withstand Katsuki's Quirk as Setsuna watches her plan backfiring from above the battlefield. Togaru decides to retreat for the time being as he realize how dangerous Katsuki is in combat. But one by one, all team members from Class 1-B are being defeated by Class 1-A's flawless teamwork. Katsuki manages to defeat Togaru with a fiery Super Move.[10]

The fourth Round of the Joint Training Battle ends with Class 1-A scoring a perfect victory with 4-0. Vlad King expresses his disappointment in Class 1-B failure and like his teammates, Togaru laments the humiliating defeat suffered, assuring that he will record it in his heart.[11]

After their defeat, Togaru stays to watch the last round along with the rest of the students. The Joint Training Battle ends with victory for class 1-A.[12] Despite the fierce competition and the result, the exercise ends on good terms between both classes, and later Class 1-B visits Class 1-A's dormitories for socializing and dinner.[13]

Endeavor Agency Arc

With the start of the second Hero Works-Studies, Sen teams up with Sen Kaibara and Kosei Tsuburaba during U.A. High School's winter break.[14]


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