The Three Sturm und Drang Brothers (疾風怒濤三兄弟 Shippūdotō Sankyōdai?) are a trio of minor villains in Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


It is difficult to describe the appearance of the Three Sturm und Drang Brothers, since they always wear their villain costumes. What is known is that all three are adult men. Brothers 1 and 2 are very similar physically, having the same height and musculature. They only differ in that brother 1 has a goatee. Brother 3, on the other hand, differs from the other two is that he is obese.

The Three Sturm und Drang Brothers wear the same costumes. The three wear black form-fitting suits with stylized S on the chest. They wear tall white boots, white gloves, belts, and bandannas tied around their necks. Black masks completely cover their heads except the area around the mouth. The only elements that differentiate them apart is that each brother has a different number written on the forehead of their masks, and each one wears different shades.


They are a trio of perverts who steal women's panties directly (later they will also steal men's briefs). The brothers say that they are only following the true nature of the human being, and view the current society in which they live as a cage that oppresses their wild natures.


One night the Three Sturm und Drang Brothers move around the city, stealing women's underwear. They are confronted by The Crawler, whom the women mistake for an accomplice and the brothers mistake for a fan of theirs. He discusses with them about just buying panties, but Knuckleduster interrupts by punching the three brothers and knocking them out. He pulls out their tongues and finds they are not black from Trigger usage.[1]

They reappear, back to their old pantie thieving ways, before they are stopped by Knuckleduster again and are beaten up by an angry crowd.

Quirk and Abilities


Glide and Slide (滑走 Kassō?): The brothers' Quirk allows them to slide across the ground. It is similar to Koichi's Slide and Glide, except they only need one point of contact.[2]

Super Moves

  • Slipstream Strip (スリップストリーム脱衣 Surippusutorīmu Datsui?): The first brother flips up the girl's skirt, the second strips off her panties, and the third puts them on.[2]
  • Hyper Tornado Strip (ハイパートルネード脱衣 Haipātorunēdo Datsui?): Improved version of the Slipstream Strip. They can steal several underwears at once, instead of just one, and they also steal men's boxers as well, and no just women's panties.[3]


  • Sturm und Drang (German for "storm and drive/urge/stress") is a literary movement that emphasizes individual subjectivity and free expression against the restraints of rationalism, which is reflected in the brothers' view of society as cage for their wild natures.


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