• I have been thinking that we should combine the pages of Ichiro and Jiro Hotta in a single article, similar to the Myu and Ju sisters. After all, they are twin brothers who are always together, with the same personality, same quirk, same fights, etc...

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    • To be honest, I think Miu and Yu should really have separate articles themselves. They’re a team, sure, but they’re two separate characters who should really have two separate articles if we want to be consistent. So, in my opinion, Ichiro and Jiro are fine how they are.

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    • I believe we should have separate articles where possible.

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    • I understand your argument, but it doesn't convince me. With Tenya and Tensei for example, they are brothers but have enough differences to dedicate separate articles. But with Ichiro and Jiro i don't see the point to do the same.

      Both share history, relationships, quirk, attacks, etc.... they are practically the same in all aspects except in some minor details (Ichiro wears a red cap and Ichiro a white hoodie, but thats it), that's why they should share page. Making different articles for both characters is basically making two articles with practically the same info with some minor changes, a copy paste.

      There are other wikis that did what I am suggesting and there are no problems.

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