• Hey just a couple things. I appreciate all your contributions I just need you to streamline a few things.  When you upload images you have to license them. Simply pick fairuse in the drop down menu and always add the proper categories. Please don't leave any image you upload unlicensed or categorized. 

    Also whenever you add a picture to an article, anime pictures should be 220px. Manga should be anywhere from 160-200px depending on its length horizontally. It looks weird when pictures are different size. 

    I saw you trying to expand Tokoyami's page. But I did up to the Hideout Raid Arc myself and it doesn't need any more images for the arcs before that. Pictures on articles should be wrapped in text and its about 1 picture per 3 paragraphs.

    Also don't stick a picture of Mirio in Tokoyami's synopsis lol and his internship/work-study weren't shown in the arcs you put them in. That should all be apart of the Joint Training Arc since thats when it was revealed. Just try to be more mindful about image cluttering, if it has images it probably doesn't need more. 

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