Three years I gave to this company, but today I'm taking it down. From as far back as I can remember, I've lived my life as a bootlicker. It's been suffocating. But today, my life comes to an end.
Teruo Hazukashi in "Endeavor and Hawks"

This article is about the minor villain from the Pro Hero Arc. For the My Hero Academia Vigilantes character, see Teruo Unagisawa.

Teruo Hazukashi (恥樫 照夫 Hazukashi Teruo?) is a disgruntled office worker.[1]


Teruo is an average-sized human, with light, short and spiky hair. During his attempt to destroy the company, he wore nothing except a long coat and kneesocks.


Pro Hero Arc

Hawks knocks out Teruo

Hawks casually defeats Teruo.

After complaining at working for his company for three years, Teruo plans to get revenge after being spurred on by a copy of Destro's autobiography. He strips himself down naked to trigger his Quirk which increases his power as he becomes more embarrassed but he is quickly knocked out by a passing Hawks.[1]



Shame (羞恥 Shūchi?): Teruo's Quirk allows him to increase his power when he is embarrassed.

Teruo activates his Quirk by removing all his clothes and exhibiting himself to become extremely embarrassed by the populace.

The full extent of the Quirk has not been shown yet, as Teruo is quickly knocked out before he could activate it.[1]


  • Teruo’s name contains the kanji composed of “照” (Teru,lit. to illuminate, to shine) “夫” (o, lit. man) and “恥” (Hazu, lit. shame,embarrassment) “樫” (kashi, lit. evergreen oak).
    • Teruo comes from "tereu",(照れる) which means "to feel embarrassed".
  • Terou's shares the first character of his name with Teruo Unagisawa, although the second characters in their names are different.


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