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This template is used for generating thumbnails with Wikia's Vignette, for cases where MediaWiki's standard image resizing capabilities don't cut it.
NB: Pages that include images with this template will not show up in the "Appears on these pages" section of those images' pages.
{{VignetteThumbnail|<name>|<mode>|<named params…>}}
For a description of what each mode does, consult Vignette's documentation.
A summary of valid named parameters per mode follows.
Mode width height x-offset / y-offset / window-width / window-height
fixed-aspect-ratio / fixed-aspect-ratio-down
scale-to-width / scale-to-width-down
thumbnail / thumbnail-down
top-crop / top-crop-down
zoom-crop / zoom-crop-down
Sample output
[[Image:Izuku Midoriya school profile.png|75px]] vs.
{{VignetteThumbnail|Izuku Midoriya school profile.png|top-crop|width=75|height=75}} gives…
Izuku Midoriya school profile vs. Izuku_Midoriya_school_profile.png
[[Image:Class 1-A Hero Costumes.png|200px]] vs.
{{VignetteThumbnail|Class 1-A Hero Costumes.png|zoom-crop|width=200|height=124}} gives…
Class 1-A Hero Costumes vs. Class_1-A_Hero_Costumes.png
[[Image:Mashirao asks about the Hosu incident.png|200px]] vs.
{{VignetteThumbnail|Mashirao asks about the Hosu incident.png|window-crop|width=200|x-offset=1080|y-offset=160|window-width=792|window-height=562}} gives…
Mashirao asks about the Hosu incident vs. Mashirao_asks_about_the_Hosu_incident.png
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