IN|link=Luminescent Baby Portrait.png|
Luminescent Baby
Hisashi Midoriya
IN|link=Izuku's Mother Portrait.png|
Inko Midoriya
Fuyumi Todoroki
Shoto's Mother

IN|link=Ganma Asui Portrait.PNG|
Ganma Asui
IN|link=Beru Asui Portrait.PNG|
Beru Asui
IN|link=Samidare Asui Portrait.PNG|
Samidare Asui
IN|link=Satsuki Asui Protrait.PNG|
Satsuki Asui
IN|link=Nana Shimura Portrait.png|
Nana Shimura

IN|link=Kouta Anime Portrait.png|
Kota Izumi
IN|link=Miyagi Daikaku Portrait.png|
Miyagi Daikaku
IN|link=Mera Portrait.PNG|
Mera Yokumiru
IN|link=Juubei Namimaru Portrait.png|
Juubei Namimaru
IN|link=Ichimoku Samazu Portrait.png|
Ichimoku Samazu

IN|link=Kyoutoku Jirou Portrait.png|
Kyotoku Jiro
IN|link=Mika Jirou Portrait.png|
Mika Jiro
IN|link=Mitsuki Bakugou Portrait.png|
Mitsuki Bakugo
IN|link=Masaru Bakugou Portrait.png|
Masaru Bakugo
IN|link=Eri Portrait.png|

Makoto Tsukauchi
IN|link=Shoko Haimawari Portrait.png|
Shoko Haimawari
IN|link=Takuto Portrait.png|
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