We're the Reservoir Dogs gang! Remember the name well!!
Team Reservoir Dogs in Unleashed

Team Reservoir Dogs (チーム "レザボアドッグス" Chīmu "Rezaboa Doggusu"?) was a villain team that operated during the later part of the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc.[1]


Team Reservoir Dogs consisted of a criminal gang of at least four people. All members wore costumes and had access to a pickup truck for quick getaways.

They acted like small-time robbers, with no bigger purpose than stealing money from local businesses. They were bold enough to commit theft in broad daylight though, and were able to even defeat a Pro Hero, but were utterly helpless against Overhaul.


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Team Reservoir Dogs defeat a Hero

Team Reservoir Dog defeat a Hero.

The team gathered together in order to steal the cash register from a local convenience store. While they did manage to steal the cash register (along with the counter it was placed on) and even defeat a nearby Pro Hero, they were attacked and disassembled by Overhaul and the Shie Hassaikai.[1]

However, it was later revealed that they had somehow survived this encounter. Not only were they all intact when they were found; all of their chronic health conditions had been cured.[2]


Overhaul noted that they were capable of setting their sights higher than simply stealing a cash register from a convenience store.


Team Reservoir Dogs

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Reservoir Dogs is a movie about the aftermath of a sloppy heist carried out by a group of thieves and their attempt to escape the police, with each thief also having color coded names.


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