Team Purple Revolution was a team composed of Nemuri Kayama, Shota Aizawa and Oboro Shirakumo while they were still students of U.A., being led by the Pro Hero His Purple Highness.


When they were still in their second year at the U.A. neither Shota nor Oboro were assigned to a Hero Agency to improve as heroes. Knowing that both, are not yet assigned to an agency, the third year student Nemuri informs them that if they are looking to do work studies, her boss, His Purple Highness, is willing to take on anyone.[1]

Both accepted Nemuri's invitation, and they start working at the Purple Revolution Agency, under the orders of Purple Highness. His first job was to stop Robber Villain. Although the criminal managed to escape the first time, Shota and Oboro managed to capture him the second time.[2]


Team Purple Revolution
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His Purple Highness
Quirk: Unknown
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Loud Cloud
Quirk: Cloud

Battles and Events


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