Team Idaten is a Hero Agency run by Tensei Iida.


Team Idaten, led by Tensei Iida, is a hero agency characterized by emphasizing teamwork. Its policy is gather the people with Quirks with a single strong point, and deploy the right people in the right places, then take on villans with perfect teamwork and coordination.

For that reason, Team Idaten is formed by dozens of sidekicks who work together. The agency highly values not only those on the front lines, but also patrollers, navigators, and all of the other support staff working for us behind the scenes.[1]


My Hero Academia Vigilantes

The team is called to deal with the Bat Villain and later the Monster Cat.

U.S.J. Arc

Team Idaten is mentioned by Tenya Iida, who mentions that Tensei Iida has dozens of sidekicks working alongside him on the team.


Team Idaten

Battles and Events



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