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*Tatsuyuki's first name is composed of the kanji for {{Nihongo|"our"|達}} and {{Nihongo|"line"|行}}, and last name contains {{Nihongo|"always"|常}} and {{Nihongo|"slide"|滑}}.
*Tatsuyuki's first name is composed of the kanji for {{Nihongo|"our"|達}} and {{Nihongo|"line"|行}}, and his last name contains {{Nihongo|"always"|常}} and {{Nihongo|"slide"|滑}}.
*Tatsuyuki's favorite things are reading.
*Tatsuyuki's favorite thing is reading.

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Tatsuyuki Tokoname ( (とこ ) (なめ) (たつ) (ゆき) Tokoname Tatsuyuki?), also known as Slidin' Go (スライディン・ゴー Suraidin Gō?) is a Pro Hero and a member of the Meta Liberation Army.


Slidin' Go

Slidin' Go in the manga.

Tatsuyuki is a reasonably tall, well-built man, possessing defined muscles and wide shoulders. He has a small, black eyes and a circular nose, as well as a prominently large, square jaw, and his mouth is notably high up on his face as a result.

His hero costume consists of a purple, skin-tight bodysuit with black arrow-like markings across his chest, around his waist, and down the centre of his thighs. His knee-high boots share this theme, as they have arrow-shaped cavities down their shafts, and he also wears a matching black mask over the top of his head and eyes. On his hands, he wears elbow-length green gloves with golden scale patterns around the edges, and he also sports a short green scarf-like cape around his neck, a golden disc on the left of it to connect two aiguillettes around his torso. He completes his outfit with a thick black belt with a large buckle, five green circles and a golden rectangle set into the centre of it.


Tatsuyuki has an affable and chipper personality. He gives a hug to Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo while praising them for beating their first villains, before offering to clean up the mess of the fight.[1]

However, it is not known if that is really his true personality or just a façade, since he is a member of the Meta Liberation Army, which indicates that he is a follower of Destro's ideals, according to which the free use of Quirks is a basic human right.[2]


Meta Liberation Army Arc

Following Katsuki and Shoto's Hero Debut, All Might gets Slidin' Go to help mop up the incident. Slidin' Go instantly recognizes Katsuki Bakugo as the bad boy of U.A. High School. He's surprised to see the boys defeated all the villains and even collected evidence against the villains.

Slidin' Go salutes

Slidin' Go's true allegiance.

Slidin' Go commends the boys with a hug and claims they'll be top Pro Heroes for sure. One of the villains' support item crumbles and Slidin' Go plays it off as black market items are cheap duds.[1]

When the League of Villains arrives in Deika City, they're taken by surprise when Slidin' Go arrives to escort them. He leads them into the city, claiming he's going to take them to the commander of the Meta Liberation Army. Spinner doesn't recognize him as a Pro Hero and Tomura Shigaraki realizes the city is basically a ghost town.

Slidin' Go solutes using the signature pledge of the liberation army. He says Deika isn't usually his jurisdiction but the day of the Revival Celebration is an exception.[2]



Unnamed Sliding Quirk: Tatsuyuki has a Quirk that allows him to smoothly slide across surfaces without resistance, increasing his speed.[1]


  • Tatsuyuki's first name is composed of the kanji for "our" (?) and "line" (?), and his last name contains "always" (?) and "slide" (?).
  • Tatsuyuki's favorite thing is reading.


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