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Tatami Nakagame Hero Costume.png|Hero Costume
Tatami Nakagame Hero Costume.png|Hero Costume
Tatami Nakagame.png|Student Uniform
Tatami Nakagame manga.png|Student Uniform

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Tatami Nakagame (中瓶 (なかがめ) (たたみ) Nakagame Tatami?) is a second year student at Ketsubutsu Academy High School.


Tatami is an average-sized teenager girl, with blonde hair that is oddly spiky behind her ears and bangs that lie over the right side of her face. She also wears blue fish-shaped earrings and has sharp teeth.


Tatami is a follower of Class 1-A, having witnessed them on TV. She is particularly fond of Shoto Todoroki having asked for his autograph.[1]


Hero License Exam Arc



Telescopic: Tatami is able to retract her own body parts into herself, similar to a turtle.


  • Naka "中" means "inside", game "瓶" means "bottle" could be used as a homonym for kame meaning turtle. tatami "畳" means "folding up".
  • Tatami was called a "fangirl" by Itejiro Toteki. This may mean that she is a fangirl, or he was just speculating based on her actions.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 103 (p. 5).
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