Special Prison For Villain Criminals - Tartarus ( (ヴィラン) 犯罪者持殊収監施設タルタロス Viran Hanzai-sha Ji Koto Shūkan Shisetsu Tarutarosu?) is a prison located far away from civilization, where Villains are imprisoned and interrogated under the highest security standards possible.


Tartarus Prison

Side view of Tarturus Prison.

The high-security prison appears to be located on an island, surrounded by giant walls. The only access to the prison is a bridge with the entrance guarded by two or more guards that check every vehicle going in.

Sensors are continuously monitoring the vital functions of prisoners, reacting to even the slightest sign of unusual behavior or attempt to activate a Quirk.[1]


Not much is known about the history of the prison yet.

After the Hosu Incident, the villain Stain was sent to Tartarus.

After the Kamino Incident, the villain All For One was sent to Tartarus. All Might later went to meet him within the prison to discuss unresolved matters between the two.


The prisoners are criminals for whom the death penalty is not enough.[2] They are kept underground, watched by a multitude of sensors and guards in a big, clean white room. For a certain time limit, the villains may receive visitors. There have been at least 1,541 prisoners in Tartarus.[3] Known prisoners include:

Tartarus Prisoners


  • In Greek Mythology, Tartarus is a dungeon in the underworld where the worst sinners are forever kept to be tortured for their evil deeds.
    • The manga and anime incorrectly say that it was the name of the god the ruled it but this is wrong, the god's name was Hades and he ruled all three afterlifes. This mistake was corrected in the dub.


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