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|anime debut = [[Episode 8]]
|anime debut = [[Episode 8]]
'''Tape''' is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Hanta Sero]].
{{Nihongo|Tape|テープ|Tēpu}} is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Hanta Sero]].

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Tape (テープ Tēpu?) is a Quirk used by Hanta Sero.


This Quirk allows Hanta to eject cellophane tape-like material from openings located on both his elbows.

The released tape can be either cut off or retracted back inside his arms.[1] Hanta has also shown the ability to fire multiple strands of tape at once as well as producing double-sided tape.

The tapes are strong enough to immobilize opponents and support Hanta's own weight, allowing him to even travel through the air by swinging around on them. The cut off tapes can also be used as tools by other people.

If Hanta over-ejects tape, he will suffer dry skin.


  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 25

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