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|debut= [[Chapter 25]]
|debut= [[Chapter 25]]
|anime debut = [[Episode 8]]
|anime debut = [[Episode 8]]
}}{{Nihongo|Tape|テープ|Tēpu}} is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Hanta Sero]].
{{Nihongo|Tape|テープ|Tēpu}} is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Hanta Sero]].

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Tape (テープ Tēpu?) is a Quirk used by Hanta Sero.


Tape allows Hanta to eject adhesive tape from openings located on both of his elbows.

File:Eijiro and Hanata battle trial.png

A blockade built entirely from Hanta's Tape.

Hanta's elbows look and function like tape dispensers, from where he can fire lengths of tape that stick to anything he aims at. The amount of tape Hanta is able to generate in a single instance isn't unlimited, but it's still plentiful enough for him to successfully utilize for various offensive, defensive and movement purposes, making his Quirk surprisingly versatile.

The tapes are strong enough to immobilize opponents, hold large structures together and support Hanta's own weight. Once a strand of tape is released from Hanta's elbows, he has the choice of either cutting it off with his hands to allow new strands to be fired or leaving it intact for him to move around whatever he caught.

Despite their unusual toughness, Hanta's tapes are not unbreakable. If Hanta over-ejects tape, he will suffer from dry skin.


Hanta using Tape to capture several foes at once.

Hanta primarily uses his tape to bind targets from afar, restraining them from action by knotting his tape around their bodies. He prefers to remain at a safe distance while firing large amounts of tape at his opponents with impressive accuracy.

Hanta has shown the ability to shoot multiple strands of tape at once, as well as produce double-sided tape (which sticks to both sides). Hanta frequently uses Tape for mobility, by attaching them to surfaces and then either using those for swinging around the air or pulling himself towards the attachment points. Furthermore, by spreading tape around a room or pathway, Hanta can easily create traps and blockades for enemies.

Minoru using a piece of tape as a protective mask.

Hanta may also take bits of his tape for more conventional uses, like sticking one object to another. Allies are able to use stray pieces of tape for their own advantage, even if Hanta finds himself unable to act. Those pieces are solid enough to act as improvised, but functional masks by simply sticking them over the mouth area, helping one avoid breathing in hazardous substances and smells.

Tape works well in combination with other Quirks too, like Zero Gravity, which allows strings of tape to be attached to floating objects in order to create an unique trap.

Super Moves

  • Barricade Tape (バリケードテープ Barikēdo Tēpu?): Hanta covers his surroundings with tape in order to protect himself and others from enemy attacks.


  • Like several other Quirks, Tape has its own signature sound effect: "SWISH".


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