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* Like several other Quirks, Hardening has its own signature sound effect: "SWISH".
* Like several other Quirks, Tape has its own signature sound effect: "SWISH".

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Tape (テープ Tēpu?) is a Quirk used by Hanta Sero.


Tape allows Hanta to eject adhesive tape from openings located on both of his elbows.

Hanta's elbows look and function like tape dispensers, from where he can fire lengths of tape that stick to anything he aims at.

The tapes are strong enough to immobilize opponents and support Hanta's own weight. Once released, Hanta can either retract his tape back inside his arms or cut it off with his own hands.

If Hanta over-ejects tape, he will suffer dry skin.


Hanta primarily uses his tape to bind targets, restraining them from action. He prefers to remain at a safe distance while firing large amounts of tape at his opponents. Hanta also has the option of hurling away those he captures.

Hanta has shown the ability to shoot multiple strands of tape at once, as well as produce double-sided tape. Allies can make use of stray pieces of tape for their own advantage, even if Hanta finds himself unable to act.

Hanta frequently uses Tape for mobility, by attaching them to surfaces and then either using those for swinging around the air or pulling himself towards the attachment points. Furthermore, by spreading tape around a room or pathway, Hanta can easily create traps and blockades for enemies.


  • Like several other Quirks, Tape has its own signature sound effect: "SWISH".


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