Tamashiro (玉城 Tamashiro?) is a student from Masegaki Primary School.


Tamashiro is a small boy with dark marks around his eyes. He has sharp, pointed teeth. His hair is light and messy.


Tamashiro has a boisterous and somewhat rebellious personality, though aspires to become a hero. Though stand-offish, he has a playful side and is willing to help others out. He also has pride and enthusiasm in the strength and speed of his Quirk.


Remedial Course Arc

Tamashiro and his class were used as a test for Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Inasa Yoarashi, and Camie Utsushimi during their second try for a Hero License, since they failed their first exam due to being unable to socialize properly (aside from Camie).

As Gang Orca announced their trial, Tamashiro and his classmates came rushing into the hall. Tamashiro joined in with his fellow classmates in punching a distracted Inasa.[1] After that, he is seen kicking around Katsuki's gauntlet despite Katsuki's shouts of warning about the danger of what Tamashiro is doing, stopping when his friend shows him a ball. Later, when Inasa asks which of them wants to be a hero when they grow up, Tamashiro puts up is hand. While the wannabe heroes deliberate about how to handle the kids, Tamashiro states that he knows what's going from his parents, understanding that the kids are better than them, causing him and his classmates to start using their quirks against the team.[2] He uses his Binging Balls to tear off the right side of Katsuki's mask, gloating at how strong and quick his quirk is. Once Katsuki, Shoto, Inasa, and Camie combine their quirks to win over the kids, Tamashiro is seen enjoying himself on the slide Shoto created, while his peers question why him and few others get all the fun.[3] After the test is over, Tamashiro states that his quirk is useful for the clean up, which Shoto tells him he would be great at urban disaster rescue efforts, which pleases Tamashiro. At the end of the day, he joins with his classmates to thank the heroes.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Binging Ball: This Quirk allows Tamashiro to create small floating black orbs with mouths. The balls can eat through substances, such as ice. This Quirk has been described as being good for cleaning and has the potential to be useful in disaster rescue.


  • Tamashiro's name contains the kanji for "ball" (玉) and "castle" (城), referring to his Quirk.


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