Tamao Oguro (雄黒 珠緒 Oguro Tamao?) is the daughter of Knuckleduster and the former host of Kuin Hachisuka.[1]


Before she became the host of Kuin Hachisuka, she had long hair.

As Kuin's host, she has short hair with bangs that cover one of her eyes. She wears an eyepatch over where her left eye used to be.

After being freed and sometime after being admitted in the hospital, her hair grew out and put in a ponytail.



Due her being under the influence of Kuin Hacisuka, very little of her personality has been shown, though snippets were seen in flashbacks from her father.

Originally she seemed to be a relatively normal girl, if a little confrontational with her father, being frustrated with his refusal to allow her to be a musician. This seemingly caused her to develop a slightly rebellious side, going against his wishes and spending time with other rebel like individuals as an act of defiance.

During the moments when her mind was able to regain some control from Kuin she showed anger towards her father, shouting at him, indicating she, at least in part, still held resentment towards him. However, she seems to have mostly gotten over this anger, though she does still long for her father's full attention. 


Prior to having been possessed by Kuin, Tamao had wanted to become a musician, but her father refused to support her decision. This had cause their relationship to further sour, and lead to her leaving her home.


Knuckleduster manages to get her swarm to leave his daughter's body by stopping his daughter's heart. He then extracts the queen bee (Kuin) from her eye. He calls back the swarm with a pheromone & bomb combination device, which explodes, killing the queen bee and the swarm. Knuckleduster manages to resuscitate his daughter and save her.



When she was under the control of Kuin, Tamao shared the same Quirk as her, but she loses it once Kuin is removed from her body. It is unknown if she has a Quirk of her own.


  • Tamao's kanji in her name is "珠"(lit.gem, jewel) and "緒"(lit.cord, strap, thong).


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