Takeshita (竹下 Takeshita?) is a Pro Hero and former classmate of Danjuro Tobita.[1] His first and only appearance occurs in Danjuro Tobita's flashback, as Danjuro recounts his path to villainy.


Takeshita has spiky hair and appears to be of average build. He sports some stubble and a faint mustache.

Takeshita's hero costume includes two half-bamboo stalks over his ears, fingerless gloves, and two bamboo stalks crossed over his back. His jacket has a cuff of fur and shoulder pads. He appears to be wearing a dark top of some sort underneath his jacket.


Takeshita seems to be friendly, as seen when he greeted civilians politely.


Not much about Takeshita is known, except that he was the classmate of Danjuro Tobita. He did well in his class and was accepted into an agency. Not too long after, he became an independent Pro Hero and seemed to be well known.

He met a 22-year-old Danjuro and the latter told him they went to school together and were in the same class, but Takeshita did not recognize him. This event left Danjuro traumatized as he believed himself too insignificant to be remembered and set him on the path of becoming a villain.[1]


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