Tamaki Amajiki

Fat Gum Squad
Fat Gum employed Tamaki Amajiki for his internship and has since worked together with him. The relationship between the two can be deemed as friendly, though Tamaki seems to perceive their work relationship a little more negatively, particularly when they discuss his fragile mentality.[1]

As he has worked with Tamaki personally, Taishiro sees a lot of potential in Tamaki, praising his abilities to be above most pro heroes. However, he also understands Tamaki's flaws and weaknesses and is shown to be concerned for Tamaki when he is placed under a lot of pressure. Nevertheless, he demonstrates a great deal of confidence in Tamaki despite his hesitation, as shown when he allowed Tamaki to face off against three villains on his own.[2]

Eijiro Kirishima

Taishiro employed Eijiro Kirishima through Tamaki's recommendation. Taishiro sees a great deal of potential in Eijiro and praises his prowess. After the battle against Rappa and Tengai, Taishiro admits that he underestimated Eijiro and acknowledges his manly heart.[3]

Pro Heroes

Sir Nighteye

The two pro heroes are acquainted with one another and recognize each other's abilities. However, Fat Gum's overly emotional personality conflicts with Sir Nighteye's calculative nature. Fat Gum does not approve of Nighteye's calculating methods, as seen during their meeting regarding Eri and the Shie Hassaikai.


Monika Kaniyashiki

Fat Gum and Monika
Fat Gum met Agent Monika while helping Naomasa fight Trigger's traffic, and they immediately got along because of their similar personalities and their taste for humor. Sometimes, Monika's prankster personality makes him doubt whether she is joking or serious, although he acknowledges that her quirky charms also help her a lot during missions.

Monika calls him affectionately Fat Yan.[4][5]


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