Super Regeneration ( (ちょう) (さい) (せい) Chōsaisei?) is the Quirk used by the Black Nomu, Hood, a Special Bomber, and All For One, who had stolen the Quirk from an unknown person.


Super Regeneration has the ability to regenerate any sort of injuries on the user's body, such as missing limbs, at incredible speeds.[1]


The drawbacks of Super Regeneration have been displayed by different users.

All For One once stole this Quirk in the past, and tried to use it to heal himself from the heavy damage he sustained from his first battle with All Might, but the Super Regeneration Quirk had little to no effect because his body had already cicatrized those injuries.[2] This implies that Super Regeneration can't heal injuries that are already in a state of regeneration.

When the U.S.J. Nomu was defeated by All Might, Katsuki Bakugo surmised that the Symbol of Peace punched Nomu faster than it could regenerate.

During the Hosu Incident, Endeavor engaged the Eyeless Nomu, and after witnessing its ability to regenerate, the Flame Hero cauterized the wound before it could completely heal itself, rendering the Super Regeneration Quirk ineffective.[3]

When Endeavor battled against Hood, he used his Super Move, "Prominence Burn", to overwhelm the High-End Nomu's regenerative abilities, before Hood removed its head in order to regenerate a new body.[4]


  • In both the original and vigilante series, Super Regeneration is the Quirk that has the most users besides One For All.


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