Stress (ストレス Sutoresu?) is the Meta Ability used by Rikiya Yotsubashi.


Rikiya's Meta Ability grants him the ability to convert stress, anger and fear into raw power.

Rikiya Yotsubashi angry

Rikiya's anger manifesting.

The higher the degree of stress, the larger and tougher the user can make parts of their body. The sheer power gained from this ability is represented by black markings that spread to the enhanced areas of the user's body.[1]

Any limb can be enhanced at will, or the user's entire body can be improved all at once. A lone finger was enough to destroy a Double of Twice and single hulking arm annihilated several League of Villains clones with a single swing.[2]

Rikiya can adjust the percentage of "Liberation" in his Quirk as a measure for his overall enhancements. 80% transforms Re-Destro into a powerful, black, hulking monster that far outclassed Tomura Shigaraki's physicality. [3]


Re-Destro has mastered his powerful Meta Ability thanks in part to the burden of the history of Meta Liberation and the responsibility to build a liberated future. This repressed stress has resulted in Rikiya's male pattern baldness and his tendency to be over-emotional.

Re-Destro counterattacks

Re-Destro's overwhelming strength in his enhanced form.

Stress is generally used to reinforce Re-Destro's body with black markings. This grants him superhuman strength and speed while increasing the overall mass of his body. Re-Destro utilizes his stress according to the strength of his opponent. He only needed to use a single finger to destroy one of Twice's Doubles, but resorted to transforming his entire body to take on Tomura.

Re-Destro uses the strength of his hulking form to overwhelm his opponents with brute force. In this form, he possesses incredible strength that perfectly counters Tomura's Decay Quirk. Re-Destro can pummel the disintegrating ground with a single strike and crush Tomura's fingers with just a pinch of his own fingers.[1]

While using 80% Liberation to increase his enhancements, Re-Destro monstrous form can even attack with the black stress energy. He was able to strike Tomura with a hand full of stress that sent the latter flying across the battlefield. [3]

Super Moves

  • 80% Liberation (解放 80% Kaihō 80-Pāsento?): Re-Destro increases his body's bulk considerably and coats himself in darkness by releasing 80% of his stockpiled stress.
    • Stress Output Burden (ストレスアウトプット () () (カイ) Sutoresu Autoputto Fukakai?): A move in which Re-Destro focuses the energy from his stress and strikes his opponent with it.
  • Stress: 100% (ストレス 100% Sutoresu Hyaku Pāsento?): Re-Destro increases the power of his Meta Ability to its limit, further increasing his mass and strength. He is also able to discharge large waves of raw, black energy from both hands at once.


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