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00:55, April 24, 2016Moonfish color.png (file)150 KBDarkErigor (Moonfish in color. Going to be using it on his page. )
02:08, April 20, 2016Muscular attacked by water.png (file)201 KBDarkErigor (Muscular attacked by Kouta's Quirk. Using it on his page. )
01:19, April 20, 2016Muscular survives.png (file)337 KBDarkErigor (Muscular survives Izuku's 100%. Going to be using it on page. )
00:51, April 20, 2016Muscular impeded.png (file)405 KBDarkErigor (Muscular impeded by Izuku. Going to be using it on his page. )
17:36, April 18, 2016Gas User victorious.png (file)245 KBDarkErigor (The Gas User after starting his attack on the training camp. Going to be using it on his page. )
21:24, April 17, 2016Moonfish attacks.png (file)314 KBDarkErigor (Picture of Moonfish attacking Katsuki and Shouto. Going to use it on his article as part of my referencing campaign. )
21:04, April 17, 2016Moonfish dodges.png (file)339 KBDarkErigor (An image of Moonfish dodging Shouto's attack. Figured I could use this on his article for presentation and good collaboration with the edits I am currently making. )

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